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le 9 mars 2005
While on a mission to protect the cargo of space station K-7 the crew of the enterprise is on a little R&R. The station also happens to be holding a special hybrid grain quadrotriticale that is ear marked for a planet in need. Also due to a mutual agreement visiting the station is a Klingon crew.
You think you see the pattern but just wait there is also a pitchman Cyrano Jones (Stanley Adams) that is trading in cute little fuzzy creatures known as Tribbles. As with stray cats all you have to do is feed them and love them. If you have ever started feeding stray cats then you can guess what is going to happen next.
The program is kept on a light and comic tone but has sinister implications. After you find the problem and guess who is the culprit(s) are your next task is to find a solution.
I have a few my self (oh those are cats)
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