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Starcraft Le Jeu de Plateau

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1 neuf à partir de EUR 593,49
  • Age minimum: 12 ans
  • descriptif produit: starcraft ,starcraft ,incarnez les terrans ou les voraces zergs ou encore les mystérieux protoss et partez à la conquête de la galaxie.,avec plus de deux cents figurines,starcraft est un jeu de plateau magnifique avec des mécanismes de jeu totalement originaux. vous contrôlerez l'une des six factions du jeu et combattrez sur différents monde,tout en nouant des alliances,en récoltant des ressources,et en bâtissant des unités.,les trois races différentes fournissent des unités spécifiques,des capacités spéciales,et des styles de jeu variés. les zerg peuvent submerger leurs ennemis,les protoss ont des boucliers arrêtant les invasions ennemies,les terrans ont à leur disposition des missiles nucléaires ! ,,,,,

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Poids de l'article3 Kg
Dimensions du produit (L x l x h)10,8 x 59,1 x 29,8 cm
Recommandation d'âge du fabricant :12 ans et plus
Langue(s)Français published, Anglais original, Anglais
Référence fabricantSC01
Nombre de joueurs2-6
Produit à monter soi-mêmeNon
Batterie(s) / Pile(s) requise(s) Non
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Matière principaleCarton, Plastique
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Description du produit

Starcraft Le Jeu de Plateau

- Age minimum: 12 ans
- descriptif produit: starcraft ,starcraft ,incarnez les terrans ou les voraces zergs ou encore les mystérieux protoss et partez à la conquête de la galaxie.,avec plus de deux cents figurines,starcraft est un jeu de plateau magnifique avec des mécanismes de jeu totalement originaux. vous contrôlerez l'une des six factions du jeu et combattrez sur différents monde,tout en nouant des alliances,en récoltant des ressources,et en bâtissant des unités.,les trois races différentes fournissent d...

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5.0 étoiles sur 5 A PC Game Well Translated to Tactile Format 28 mars 2011
Par Josh - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Jouet Achat vérifié
I have been playing the PC game since Brood War came out in 98' and have been enjoying the series ever since. The board game is a very good translation from computer to a tactile gaming experience, but it has it's new twists as well.

First, the rules themselves are simple enough. Plan and lay orders, execute orders, battle, regroup, loose/gain territory and resources. The complexity comes in the different options and the many ways the truck load of cardboard and plastic bits interact with the game. Half the rule book is explaining the purpose of each component, card and unit, rather than the actual intricacies of the rules.

So, how does it measure up to the PC game? Well first off, you can pretty much use the same unit tactics and technology as in the PC game. You can tech up to Carriers with increased Interceptor Capacity, or rush with a swarm of Zerglings. Most of the upgrades are there, and base and economic management are just as important as a good group of units. While abstracted, the game plays out much like the PC game in many respects.

The differences lay in two major mechanics. The order system, and the capture-and-hold Conquest Points win conditions. I believe the order mechanic does a really nice job in simulating player actions or "clicks" in the PC game. However, a good part of the games strategy lies in the placement of orders such as blocking orders, order timing, placement, and which orders you choose (you only get 4 a turn).
Second, the Conquest Point system turns the game into more of a capture and hold style of game, rather than a total, all out slug fest. This has some draw backs (such as the feeling of satisfaction as you completely destroy your opponent), but it also adds a bit more long term strategy. It becomes more about timing, organization and unit combos rather than just building a ton of units and throwing them at your buddy. It also keeps the game aggressive, and there are not many situations for turtling to be successful.

So, some strong poitns of the game:
* The order system is awesome and adds a large layer of strategic depth to the game in it's self.
* The card based combat is a lot more skill based and predictable than chucking a fist full of dice only to loose an awesome group of units to a bad roll. It also allows for the technology and abilities to be better integrated into the game.
* The game feels huge, like an entire campaign, rather than a skirmish.
* Components are of good quality. The cards are made with good stock, the cardboard bits and planets are super thick, and the plastic is kind of soft (so no brittle plastic) but also well detailed. My game came with all the air miniatures unmounted from their plastic stands. While this will take a minute to assemble, no minis were broken.
* The game is easily modified for lighter or heavier games. You can "edit" out a lot of things to make the game a bit easier for beginners such as taking out event cards, technologies, buildings, and race-specific win conditions.
* Lastly, the game plays in about 3 hours, but feels like 1. Every phase of every turn you make important choices, develop some new technologies, gain new ground and build new units/buildings. Never a dull moment.

Some weaknesses:
* Very slow set-up. It takes a while to set the game up the first 2 or 3 times, and may require a lot of organization prior to set-up. I suggest having the game ready to go as much as you can before anyone shows up to play. I personally have things organized in the box in such a way that players pretty much set themselves up.
* Learning curve is a bit steep, but again, it's not so much the rules, but the tons of components that the game requires to play. But I will say it again, the game can be easily toned down for beginners.
* Organization is a big problem. Once you open the box, punch everything out (which takes a while), you will either have to throw everything in a big pile in the bottom of the box (the box insert is useless once opened), or buy baggies for every type of component, or buy plastic "organizer bins" for storage. Luckily, the game box is big enough to hold 6 of these plastic bins (one for each race), as well as the planets, cards and other loose bits. But again, you have to invest some time and a few extra dollars to keep things nice. Once you do it though, it's well worth it.

Overall, it's one of my favorite board games. It's deep, complex yet has streamlined rules to counteract the complexity of the components. Every turn is rich with opinions and makes for a very satisfying experience. If your trying to justify paying so much for a board game, look at it this way:

I got the Starcraft: Brood War Expansion with the base game, bringing it to just over $100 on both games. I've played about 15-20 hours total between 7 games so far (I've had it for about 2 weeks now). This totals to about 14 dollars a game (which is about 4-5 dollars an hour).
Now, each game is different, with different races to be, different (multiple) opponent races, different maps, and so on. Also, I can safely say I will be playing at least 7 more times in the coming month or so.
Now, spend 100 dollars on movies, at about 15-20 dollars a movie (which is the average going price more new movies now-a-days). The average movie is about 1.5 hours. So you're paying about 10-15 dollars an hour to watch a movie... buy your self? Plus, the movie is the same every time you watch it.

Happy gaming!
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5.0 étoiles sur 5 Starcraft the Board Game 27 août 2012
Par Joshua - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Jouet Achat vérifié
For the actual game, game play is fun and very much like the PC game. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested. Every game is new and never the same, also every faction is unique. Yes the game is alittle rough when you first pick it up, but doesn't take long to understand the rules and find yourself looking at the rulebook less and less. The detail of the game is very nice, you can tell that Fantasy Flight took a lot of time into it. The only problem I had was the way it came in the box, it was very disorganized. You will find yourself going to walmart to buy containers and other things so it will fit neatly in the box. I've had a hard time with everything fitting in the box and have made my own, it's helped a lot and has cut down on game set up considerably. For people looking at this game it is worth the money even though it is alot for a board game, just make sure you have a group of friends to play with before you buy it and that they all like board games otherwise you find this 200$ game siting in you closet.
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4.0 étoiles sur 5 Hardcore 16 juillet 2008
Par turkishgirl4 - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Jouet Achat vérifié
It's what you'd better be if you're going to play this. It comes complete with a 48pg. full color instruction book, which you will need and may in fact need to read more than once, especially if you're new to this style of board game. If you have trouble sitting through the short game of "Monopoly" this isn't for you. I'd be more willing to put it on a level with "Risk" as far as the amount of time you invest in it and the number of pieces, but there are no dice, and it takes a little getting accustomed to. Not a game you want to get the kid (or adult) with a short attention span). As long as you're willing to put the time and love into it, it's worth it. Just remember, it's not the PC game either fanboys but when the power's out and you need your "Starcraft" fix it's got enough friendly faces to get rid of the shakes. As far as my durability score goes, all of the unit pieces are made of a rubbery plastic, but as you may know a number of the units are flying creatures and in an attempt to be super cool looking, these units are mounted on a clear acrylic base. It does look super cool, however about seven (not really a lot considering there are 180 unit pieces) came to me snapped off of their pedestals. I was a bit disappointed, but with some super glue and a bit of patient matching (it's not just a board game it's also a puzzle. Bonus!) you can hardly tell now.
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4.0 étoiles sur 5 Poor organization for transportation is the only flaw here 6 avril 2009
Par Murillo Souza - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Jouet Achat vérifié
The bad parts: Several pieces arrived broken, but were easily fixable using some super glue. Also, organizing the pieces inside the box was a bit of a nightmare; I had to buy a few boxes at local stores so that the pieces and cards wouldn't just be lying around completely mixed up and subject to more damage.
As for the good part... It's Starcraft, for crying out loud, it is unconditionally fun for any fan of the game. Heck, I had fun just unpacking the thing and taking a look at all the miniatures. Fans of board games in general will much likely have fun with this as well, since it has a rather unique gameplay and gives opportunity to much varied strategies.
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5.0 étoiles sur 5 fantastic game! hard to find and usually expensive.... 30 décembre 2014
Par Azael O. - Publié sur Amazon.com
Format: Jouet Achat vérifié
The Game is Fantastic!! Too bad its out of print and its too expensive to get nowdays.
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