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le 16 août 2011
Angela Morrison's TAKEN BY STORM is a romance with heart - a tale of love, not lust.

Leesie is a good Mormon girl, living by her faith and following the rules of her church in all realms of her life. Even though kids at school think of her as a prude and call her the "Ice Queen," Leesie is proud to be Mormon. From the official bathroom graffiti tally, Leesie is deemed by her male classmates to have the best behind in school. However, even the most persistent of the boys know that there is no hope of ever getting with her.

When Michael Walden arrives in Leesie's small town, barely surviving a tragic scuba diving storm that killed both of his parents, everyone is intrigued. Anti-social and enveloped in his own post-traumatic stress, Leesie is the only person that Michael will open up to. The two may seem to be an unlikely match, innocent Leesie and disturbed Michael, but each offers the other priceless comfort and care.

As their relationship progresses, Leesie learns what love means for the first time, exploring the boundaries of her Mormon beliefs and bending her strict rules to the point of breaking. It is not easy to hold back when she experiences a snowballing passion unlike anything she has ever imagined.

Meanwhile, Michael longs to return to the scuba diving that is in his blood while overcoming the pain of his parents' sudden death. His relationship with Leesie is especially valuable at this vulnerable time, in spite of the self-imposed boundaries of her Mormon faith.

Can Michael and Leesie's love blossom despite their differences in background?

TAKEN BY STORM is never preachy, but a genuine and heartfelt struggle of faith. Morrison portrays teenage romance from an unusually elegant perspective. The importance of physicality in a relationship is never denied, but Morrison shows that teenagers are capable of rising above carnal temptation to appreciate a more spiritual and emotional side of love.

Morrison's experience with scuba diving and her Mormon upbringing add a very personal and realistic element to her story. Like fellow Mormon author Stephenie Meyer, Morrison approaches the theme of romance from a rare angle, shying away from the crass and blunt. Fans of Meyer's TWILIGHT will enjoy this non-vampiric tale with similar romantic chords.

Reviewed by: Amber Gibson
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