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Ten1 Pogo Sketch Stylet pour MacBook Pro/iPad/iPod/iPhone avec avec Inklet Software Argent

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  • Description du produit: Ten1 - Pogo Sketch
  • Type de produit: Stylet avec Inklet Software
  • Compatibilité: MacBook Pro/iPad/iPod/iPhone
  • Couleur: Argent

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Stylet pour MacBook Pro, iPad, iPod et iPhone incluant un code de déverrouillage Inklet, logiciel permettant l'utilisation du touchpad des MacBook Pro comme une simple tablette graphique.

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HASH(0x9a354b34) étoiles sur 5 Misleading demos, poor software 29 octobre 2011
Par ForAllThereExists - Publié sur
Achat vérifié
I will review pogo sketch and then inklet.
Pogo sketch (3.5 stars):

+Alumnium portion of the pen feels sturdy
+Loop ring on back end to tie it to something makes it less likely that you'll lose it
+The clip doesn't serve me much use, but if you use pocket protectors or clip this to your shirt, then +1 for you?

-You would have to have very small slender fingers for this to feel like a pen. The pen is just far too skinny and short. If you have long fingers, you might lose grasp of it every now and then.
-The material used to make the tip of the pen feels It's like styrofoam, but a little softer. It starts to morph after you apply pressure to it after just a short amount of time.
-As with many tablet pens, it has very little weight to it and somehow it makes it feel very uncomfortable. This slender, lightweight design might make sense for the ipad or iphone, but even if you're on the go with your laptop, it's not like there won't be extra room for a larger stylus in your backpack or laptop case.

Overall, I wouldn't get it nor would I recommend it. If anything, I would advise even considering it.

Inklet (1 star):

I purchased Inklet to replace my Wacom Bamboo Tablet. Though I have a large desk, I have papers and books and dual monitors that take up quite a bit of space. Having a tablet meant having another item taking up space. I watched the demos and thought it might be worth a shot, so I did some research. I read reviews and some authors even claimed this was Wacom's worst nightmare. (Until they improve their software, believe me, it's far from it.) And here I am, dissapointed, and writing a review so that others won't fall into the same trap as I did. (PLEASE READ THE CONS.)

+can control it through the menu bar. Those of you who are Mac App Store addicts know that users often request accessing the app through the menu bar.
+easy to figure out
+can adjust work space/ writing area (see below)
+pressure sensitivity works
+if somehow writing didn't involve lifting the pen or pencil, this thing would work beautifully. I will admit, the lines are actually smoother than my Wacom tablet* (see below).

-Does *NOT* allow any sort of mouse mode as with Bamboo tablets. It only works through mapping the trackpad to the monitor. So even though they advertise that you can use it to take notes, using this thing to write is PAINSTAKING. Initially, I wanted to use it to comment on PDF's, but as soon as you lift the stylus off the trackpad, it disconnects from the cursor, so when you start writing again, everything is crooked. Believe me, it's much harder than you think to write with this. I even tried writing in cursive only, but again it disconnects. So if you continue to write, your words are almost always in a different position.
-I also draw with my bamboo tablet (as a hobby, not professionally), and it's definitely not as easy.
-Though you can adjust the work space, the proportions are fixed. So if you wanted it to be taller or flatter, you're SOL. You can't adjust it because they have it map to thse trackpad.


1. DON'T GET IT (regardless of whether you intend to write or draw with it).
2. If you're strapped for cash and really need a tablet. Consider getting the Bamboo Connect. Some sites sell it for as low as $65 w/ no tax and free shipping. Vistablet makes a decent and affordable pen tablet too.
3. This would be a solid upgrade if they made the pogo sketch feel more like a pen or pencil and then upgraded the software so that you could have a mouse mode and adjust your work space to different dimensions.
4. Overall: 2 stars.
5. Thank me.
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HASH(0x9a0c2558) étoiles sur 5 Great for the iPad & Magic Trackpad 18 mai 2011
Par Paul Scott - Publié sur
Achat vérifié
This is a great device to use both on your iPad and your Magic Trackpad. While Steve Job's doesn't approve of the use of a stylus it is still nice to have something in your hands when you have to sign your name or draw something. Drawing directly with your fingers just doesn't feel the same. I carry my PogoStylus in my pocket and when I am at the Apple Store and need to sign a receipt I break out the PogoStylus and sign away. The one drawback is I wish it was the length of a standard pen to improve the feel in my hand. Also the inklet software could still use some work. It still feels a little awkward to use on the Mac. I would love to have handwriting recognition on the Mac and iPad when I need to take fast notes and a keyboard just isn't handy.
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HASH(0x9a0982ac) étoiles sur 5 Pogo Sketch is great, Inklet needed patch to work well 11 juillet 2011
Par David L. - Publié sur
Achat vérifié
I recently switched to a Magic Trackpad as my only mouse-like input device on my iMac. I found that the only time I missed a real mouse was when I was drawing or painting in Photoshop. I got this bundle to help with that.

The Inklet software allows you to define a region on your screen. Moving the Pogo Sketch over the trackpad moves the cursor over that region, and applying pressure allows you to paint or draw. The smaller you make the region, the less the cursor moves on the screen for the same motion on the trackpad. This allows you to get very fine control.

The problem is that the Inklet software seems very flakey. It often stops responding, and I have to lift the Pogo Sketch off the trackpad and put it down again to get it to draw. You can configure Inklet to start and stop drawing using either pen pressure or the space bar. I got much better results using the space bar, but I still ran into intermittent failures to respond.

The developer warns that pressure sensitivity doesn't work well on the Magic Trackpad, so I tried using it on a friend's brand new Macbook Air. We ran into the same intermittent failures to respond. Using pressure to control Photoshop's brush attributes does work much better on the Macbook than with the Magic Trackpad. With the Magic Trackpad, I recommend turning pressure sensitivity off.

The Pogo Sketch works great on the Magic Trackpad, with or without Inklet. I can paint or draw better on the Magic Trackpad (without Inklet) than I can using a mouse. It is possible to get finer control over the cursor without Inklet, just by temporarily setting the tracking speed to "slow" in the Trackpad System Preferences.

Update: July 15, 2011

I complained about the intermittent failures to respond to Ten One Design support, and to my pleasant surprise they gave me a patch that solved the problem. So I am increasing my rating to 4 stars. The fix was to enter the following command into the Mac terminal:
defaults write com.tenonedesign.Inklet strokeFingerThreshold -float 0.63
then close and restart Inklet.

They claimed this is only needed on some Macs. So only do this if you run into the problem. Or else email Ten One Design if you have the problem. Hopefully a future version of Inklet will eliminate the need for this patch.
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HASH(0x9a0931c8) étoiles sur 5 I guess i deserved it... 7 mars 2012
Par Ben - Publié sur
Achat vérifié
The stylus pen's response does not register half the time unless you really press on the trackpad. The inklet software didn't turn on even though I met all the specifications the program required. A complete waste of my money. It's better to save up an extra $30-40 and just buy a tablet. The company hasn't even responded to my inquiry for the past 2-3 weeks.

The reviews and advertisement videos for this is a completely misleading over-hyped product seller.
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HASH(0x9a09aa2c) étoiles sur 5 Frustrating 28 juillet 2011
Par Kadee - Publié sur
Achat vérifié
I ordered this with the Apple Magic Trackpad in the hopes that I could replace my corded trackball and Wacom tablet with a nice wireless solution. I'm coming from an extensive Wacom background so that may be why trying to switch over was immediately frustrating. The pen moves the cursor too slowly (changing the tracking speed doesn't help) and I keep having to pick it up again to move further. I tried editing a few photos in Photoshop and I just felt like an Oaf. I kept stumbling around the program, intermittently selecting options I didn't mean to select. When I was trying to draw a stroke my desktop would flip to the dashboard or shut off my program, open a window, etc. I set the Inklet region to be my entire screen and that still didn't help with the slow tracking and having to pick up to move the cursor past a certain point; I set it to be the region I'm working on and I find it to be an extra step I never had with Wacom in addition to still having trouble moving the cursor freely. I like to zoom into photos and then use my stylus to edit but with this pen I have to set up a region, then if I want to zoom or move I have to reset the region. This one isn't working for me I think I'll be sending it back and getting the Wacom wireless Intuos. I do LOVE the Magic Trackpad it's so smooth and responsive, it does work intuitively which makes it a pleasure to use and soothing compared to this Inklet Pen.
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