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4,2 sur 5 étoiles
4,2 sur 5 étoiles
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le 22 septembre 2012
Très facile à lire en anglais. Les mots en sont même plus puissants.

L'Alchimiste est un livre qui a tout bonnement changé ma vie et ma perception de ce qui m'entoure.
L'auteur peut se perdre parfois dans des détails de la religion dans d'autres livres, mais dans celui-ci c'est beaucoup plus discret.
Le livre raconte l'histoire d'un jeune berger qui part à la recherche de sa légende personnelle. Tout le monde a légende personnelle, et ce livre vous donnera envie de partir à la recherche de la vôtre.

Je l'ai offert à de nombreuses reprises, c'est un livre qui s'offre à tous et notamment aux personnes qui partent faire de longs voyages, cela leur permet d'ouvrir les yeux sur de nouvelles perspectives.

Si vous aimez l'Alchimiste, n'hésitez pas à lire Maktub ou d'autres livres de Paulo Coelho.

Livraison rapide et bien protégée.
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le 16 août 2003
Un livre superbe.
Facile à lire, des plus poétiques.
Un conte qui vous fait rêver. Au couleur de l'Espagne,
au couleur de l'Afrique, du désert.
Un conte initiatique, que nous invite à Ecouter notre coeur
pour suivre le chemin.
C'est un ami indien de Calcutta qui me l'a conseillé,
et je le conseillerais à mon tour à beaucoup.
Je vous le recommande sans hésitation
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le 31 mars 2016
I'd been meaning to read this book for years: I like inspirational/spiritual novels and self-help books (of which I've read quite a few), and everybody I knew seemed to rave about it.
But I am sorely disappointed.
It's inferior to all the other books of that type I've read: not as touching (by far) as "The Little Prince", not as clear as "The Four Agreements", not as diverting as "The Arabian Nights", not as beautiful as "The Prophet" nor as intelligent as "The Celestine Prophecy".
The writing was bad (although I'm prepared to make allowances for translation) and the message was unclear and/or wrong: I understood it to be that you have to follow your heart to realize your dream, without giving consideration to your doubts or others. But surely, just because we want something very much doesn't make it a good thing! Haven't we all desired things that have turned out to not be in our best interest, or to be harmful to others? On the contrary it's important, I feel, to consider others and to be willing to change your dreams as you go.
Also, what happens to those who don't have a defined dream? In particular, Coelho seems to think that women have no "personal legend" as he calls it (the book is filled with lots of pretentious, nonsensical phrases that give it an "inspirational" feel but it's all empty...), although plants and minerals do!
Writing in the style of a fable does not convince me that what the author says is true or profound. In short, I got nothing from this book. Its only redeeming quality is that it's blessedly short!
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le 19 janvier 2015
There is a reason for the global success of this book. The principles are universal, thought-provoking and suitable for a wide age range.

“The Brazilian author PAULO COELHO is considered one of the most influential authors of our times. His books have sold more than 165 million copies worldwide, have been released in 170 countries and been translated into 80 languages.”
The author Paulo Coelho as we see, in today’s contemporary time, is a force of nature.

“The Alchemist was first published in the year 1988. Originally written in Portuguese by its Brazilian-born author, it has been translated into at least 56 languages as of September 2012. An allegorical novel, The Alchemist follows a young Andalusian shepherd named Santiago in his journey to Egypt, after having a recurring dream of finding treasure there.

The book is an international bestseller. According to AFP, it has sold more than 65 million copies in 56 different languages, becoming one of the best-selling books in history and setting the Guinness World Record for most translated book by a living author.”

-Those are the facts for most negative reviewers, if such a book was as horrible as they say, it never would have resonated with so many souls, making it one of the most influential and best-selling books of all time.-

Santiago’s story is ultimately relatable and it reaches out through Coelho’s pages to touches your heart in the most passionate and inspiring way. After receiving a recurring dream and waking from it both times before fully grasping what it means or obtaining key details before waking, Santiago becomes convinced it has a deeper underlying meaning and sets out to have it assessed.

He visit a spiritual woman who requests 1/10 of the “hidden treasure” when he finds it, not much information was obtained about the dream from her but he meets a stranger (an old king) after leaving who explained it for him, he then sets out on his journey as a adventurer in search of treasure after the old King, Melchizedek, tells him to sell his sheep and journey to Egypt where is treasure lies. The book is filled with many obstacles and trials, ups and downs and Santiago found himself at several instances wanting to give up but holds steadfast remembering the teachings of the old King: “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” he had taught him.

Santiago later meets the Alchemist, who takes him as his pupil, and he taught him about life, love and following your dreams and your Personal Legend: your mission in life, the thing you always wanted to do, and is the main theme of the book. Santiago is accompanied by the Alchemist towards the last lap of his journey and they overcome the greatest obstacle together, and from this Santiago learned one of the greatest secrets of life. The book is a metaphor, and a simple life and self-help manual for all who have come to see it this way. Santiago accomplishing his greatest dream is symbolic of us today, accomplishing our goals and living a truly successful life. It also has many spiritual teachings and simple life lessons for everyday living. From a simple shepherd boy to a wealthy man in the end is a story that forever reverberates with us and one we hear quite often in many rags to riches success stories, and one principle is common in all, all wealth, all success and all happy living starts with one thing, ones thinking.

The books main theme is about finding ones destiny and serves as a spiritual guide for many people today in contemporary times.

I have read and listen to the audiobook over thirty–three times in the last twenty-four months and every single time the emotion remains the same; I am entranced, impressed, entertained and deeply moved and also compelled to follow my own heart towards its dreams.

This exceptionally powerful and remarkable book catapults high above the bar of great books in its genre and one I have recommended on numerous occasions, it’s a must read, simply put, it’s a must read for all ages, any country, any religion, you must read this book.
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le 10 août 2003
This was the first Coelho book that I read and now I can't put them down. Each is full of lessons in life and gems of advice about finding and following your life path, each set out in a wonderfully enchanting story for readers from adolescence to eighty!
The story of a shepherd following his destiny, The Alchemist is said to have been a life-changing experience for many people. Whilst I'm not sure I would go that far, it certainly made me think about the choices we make and the way life pans out. Full of hope and an inspiring positive outlook, Coelho insists that destiny will always find you and if you pay attention to the signs in life, you will always find your way. A real pleasure to read.
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le 3 septembre 2015
I enjoyed reading this book.
It is a simple story about a shepherd who follows a dream, and risks everything to fulfill that dream.
Being spiritual without being religious, it is an easy read with many good lessons.
This book has sold more than 65 million copies (some people say that the book has sold already over 100 Million copies) in more than 50 different languages, becoming one of the best-selling books in history and setting the Guinness World Record for most translated book by a living author.
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le 5 mars 2013
Cela faisait tellement longtemps que j entendais parler de ce livre, si merveilleux qu'il en changeait la vie des gens!! J'ai été passablement décue. L ecriture est tres simple (Bref, du bon et vieux Paulo) et même s'il y a un fond Gnostique interessant, celui-ci n'est pas poussé. Ce n'est même pas de la philosophie alors que bien des lecteurs clament le contraire.
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le 11 août 2014
A most beautiful story, which I had to read in one go. It left me feeling very philosophical and is definitely a re-read. I thoroughly recommend this book to everyone. In fact I know some people who would do well to pay heed to the messages within.
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le 18 septembre 2015
Cette ouvrage et un magnifique voyage vers sa quête personnelle je vous le recommande il donne certaines clefs pour avancer dans la vie !!!
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le 26 mai 2014
The Alchemist is one of the best inspirational books I've ever read. It's really easy to read but very powerful at the same time.
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