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4,3 sur 5 étoiles
4,3 sur 5 étoiles
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le 3 mars 2013
Cette édition Anglaise d'octobre 2012 est très complète, c'est la dernière réalisée par Andréas avant sa mort. Cette version ou son édition Française ( l'étonnant nettoyage du foie et de la vésicule biliaire ) est sans aucun doute le meilleur livre sur la santé que j'aie pu lire. Cette technique naturelle de nettoyage du corps a changé ma vie au point que j'ai créé un site internet dédié à ce sujet:
dans ce site d'information à but non commercial je donne toutes les explications nécessaires à ceux qui veulent en savoir plus sur cette méthode de détoxification de l'organisme. J'y publie aussi les nombreux témoignages que je reçois et qui attestent des bienfaits de cette technique.

NB: Dans ce livre figurent en pages 294 à 296 les photos des mes 9ème, 13ème et 14ème nettoyage du foie telles qu'elles sont présentées dans mon site. Andréas me les avait demandées pour sa réédition 2012.
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le 29 avril 2014
This book first appeared in 1998, but has since been considerably expanded and updated.

What you will find here is a lot more than a book on how to do a liver flush. What makes it a great health book is that it uses the liver as a starting point to eventually make it the foundation of good health and then goes beyond the liver to consider the entire digestive system. In other words it doesn't stop at liver cleansing, but actually explores cleansing of the entire body, and provides thoughtful advice on foods, medication and hygiene.

The author started life as a sick child and his vulnerable condition made him pay attention very early on to various health issues. He eventually taught himself everything there is to know about health and the human body. That is how he succeeded improving his condition and was able to live a normal life thereafter. We can say health issues became an obsession for him, and this is reflected throughout the book. The book must actually be read with that perspective in mind, that it was written by someone who used to be very sick. So if you are in relatively good health you may find, like I did, that he exaggerates at times. But I can imagine that any person who is sick all the time could find in this book extremely valuable informations. In any case the informations can be used for prevention.

There is so much stuff in this book that anyone can find something to suit just about any particular condition. So take what makes sense to you and leave the rest. But don't do the same mistake I did, that is read everything about the liver flush procedure and then put the book aside. It is only when I picked up the book again to finish it that I discovered there is a lot more in this book than the liver flush itself.

In the 2012 edition there are now 464 pages. It can be quite technical at times, but never more than necessary, and the explanations are always crystal clear. The first part of the book also contains numerous illustrations, and some of them are really eye opening. If you have never done a liver flush before, these pictures will give you a pretty good idea what to expect. And expect to be amazed!
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le 3 janvier 2015
Mr. Moritz is one of these pop health experts with another all things to all people cure for everything. I find it interesting that there are a number of comments on the internet that attest to this often being more difficult and less effective than Mr. Moritz's gee-wiz enthusiasm would tell you. I did 11 liver flushes by the book's directions and am still awaiting my amazing remission of symptoms and flood of energy.

The book says that more than 9 out of 10 people feel great later that day after a flush and 100 percent feel as good or better by the next day. For the first flushes it took a couple of weeks to get back to how I felt before the flush and thereafter I recovered faster and faster. However, I don't feel more full of energy or have remission of the symptoms mentioned in the book. I also have found by word of mouth that others who have done this cure have not had results after a similar number of flushes either. I wouldn't say that the book is a lie or that the flushes did not do anything for my health. I think they have helped; however, Mr. Moritz is a promoter of a method that he sells not a doctor. This shows in his style of presentation demonstrated by the title which consists of his overenthusiasm, overselling or exaggeration of results, and his generalizing the expériences of what may or may not be the majority of those who do this program. I find it hard to believe though that he could not have known that many people were not having significant results even after a much higher number of productive flushes than the 4 or 5 he implies should begin to prove the power of his method.

I recommend the book as a general liver health primer, taken with a grain of salt, of course. According to the book's stated debunking of human causation of climate change, you will have to read the book yourself and then explain to me how if what he says is true it could be possible that people suffocate in sealed refridgerators, for example. To say that some of his information is inaccurate is not to say that all of it is because this method was not invented by him. For those curious or who find the information convincing, go ahead and try this method. You may be among the by one internet survey result half of the people who do this who experience some kind of wonder cure or significant relief. Do your homework though. As I said, Mr. Moritz did not invent this formula, He simply packaged and promoted it well. The basic method has a long history and a variety of approaches that are often more professional and more broad, taking individual différences better into account, more sober, as well as being less doctrinaire. Do some research on the history and these many variations and you may waste less time and money on approaches to liver cleansing that do not necessarily suit your circumstances or body.
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le 21 octobre 2014
Un livre fantastique pour vous permettre de comprendre la vraie nature de nos maladies. Un guide nécessaire au nettoyage de foie - je vais l'effectuer moi-même dans peu de temps.
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