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Un régal ce livre, même si la profondeur psychologique du héros, Harry Bosch ne se révèle pas autant que dans "Black Echo". Michael Connelly appartient aux écrivains talentueux du genre thriller. Une bonne vision de la société américaine (Californie).
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le 8 février 2014
Michael Connelly’s books are police procedurals and should be required reading at police academies. They are about how cops should think and work with the means they have. But they also show how or why a nasty canteen culture, external temptations, plain stupidity and indifference, or poor reasoning, tunnel vision and personal ambition too often yield poor to mediocre results. Which in turn leads to innumerable unsolved murder cases.
Hieronymus (Harry) Bosch (HB) had retired three years before after 25 years service and began a career as a private eye (“The Narrows”) when he is suddenly asked back by his former employer, the Los Angeles PD. A lot has changed there following a number of painful scandals. A new Chief of Police, imported from New York, has been appointed. A new elite unit has been established with the sole task, and with the aid of the latest DNA-, ballistic- and computer techniques, to solve old murder cases before the deadline for persecution expires. The new Chief refuses to refer to them as ‘cold cases’. HB shares his opinion and begins to believe he is entering a more wholesome working environment than the one he left 3 years ago, esp. when he is rejoined with his old partner Kizmin Riders (KR).
But the appointment of the pensioned and soloist HB with his unconventional working style and methods to such a nice position inevitably also causes disappointment on the LAPD work floor... HB’s first morning back at the office teaches him once more, just like 30 years before as a “tunnel rat” during the Vietnam war, that he is not a little cog or wheel within an organization, but that he has to fight his own wars. The first file HB and KR are given on the morning of the first day of Harry’s miraculous return to the LAPD concerns the murder of a 16-year old girl in 1988.
Enough said, this should be sufficient information for aficionados of crime novels to want to read this excellent book. Michael Connelly is quite simply the best in this genre.
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le 25 novembre 2012
Polar qu'on ne lache pas avant la fin, passionnant.
Avec, en personnage central, Harry Bosch, désormais détective dans le service des affaires non résolues.
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