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le 11 mars 2005
When I first picked up "The Color of Water", I never thought it would be such a moving story. In fact it is one of the most gripping and inspirational books I have read. I adore it. I read it over two years ago and still remember its first impact. The book is a combination of two profound stories coming from a white mother and her black son. It is actually about an Orthodox Jewish girl who emigrated from Poland with her family to Virginia and escapes the life she had ever known to New York, where she ended up marrying a black man and living in the black community. In all, she raises her twelve children from her two marriages and despite the odds against her and children successfully managed her family into a success story. Flawed but genuine, strong and committed she served as an inspiration for people in imperfect circumstances.
The author's voice is strong, captivating and authentic. His intelligent mind served as a perfect repertoire to make this book the compelling read that it is today. I read it again when I had finished, so as to get the complete feel of the book . This story is sweet, intimate and more. It can make you cry and still be strong. I strongly recommend this beautiful work.
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Narrators Jackson and Denaker bring this powerful story of a mixed-race child to unforgettable life. Winner of the 2013 National Book Award for Fiction McBride shares his struggle to adulthood, digressions into drugs, violence and eventual success. The Color of Water is a brilliant fresco encompassing race, meditation and perhaps above all it is a loving tribute to a mother from her son.

Growing up among 11 other siblings in an all black Brooklyn housing project McBride was well aware that his mother stood out - she was not like the others around him. If questioned about her background Ruth McBride Jordan might say she was light skinned or she was the way God had made her. Well, God had made her white, the daughter of an Orthodox rabbi she was born in Poland in 1921. Fleeing anti-Semitism her family emigrated to America and settled in a small Virginia town only to be faced with anti-Semitism once more. In her late teens Ruth left Virginia and went to New York City where she met and married a black minister. Later, she founded an all-black Baptist church in her living room. She would teach all of her children that “God is the color of water,” which she truly believed.

She would reveal nothing of her background when asked, which left McBride to trace her past on his own. What he discovered against her wishes is a profoundly moving story filled with life’s blessings and intrinsic values despite hardships and pain. The Color Of Water is a story with meaning for all.

- Gail Cooke
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