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4,7 sur 5 étoiles
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le 23 août 2005
I got an advance copy! Which was very cool because it was signed by the authors. I must admit I cannot be an objective reviewer when it comes to this writing team, they are awesome! In Dance of Death FBI Special Agent, Aloysius Pendergast (from Brimstone, Cabinet of Curiosities) is back in action. He is up against his Evil, diabolical brother Diogenes, who is murdering Aloysius's friends, and framing the murders on Aloysius! Pendergast ends up on the run from the Feds while he tries to figure out a way to defeat his evil brother, who is always one step ahead of him.
This is typical Preston/Childs non-stop action with plenty of twists and turns. If I were to fault the book at all is it does not develop the historical/archeological/scientific plot typically found in earlier novels-which I always enjoy. New York City and the hall of the Museum of Natural History does play a role but this quickly fades in importance as the "dance of death" between the brothers plays out. The monumental struggle between the two brothers however-an epic fight between good and evil-is more than enough to carry the story. I also think the ending could have been a tad better, but it is also a great set up for the next book!
All in all this is another great Preston/Childs collaboration that fans will be pleased with (it is worth the hardback price). Oh yeah, if you like this type of thriller also check out "A Tourist in the Yucatan" Highly recommended for thriller/adventure/mystery fans!
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"All right everybody.
To me, this is one of my favorite. It's the sequel to the first of the Pendergast Trilogy named Brimstone, but far, far better and entertaining. In fact, I read it within 3 days, and it could have been 2 if I didn't have all those commitments :-).
You'll get to hate, one of the most evil foes named Diogenes.
A special treat. Go for it."
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le 14 novembre 2009
merci pour le livre que j'ai recu en bon etat et livraison rapide
je suis tres contente
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