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le 11 mai 2017
Assez déçue par cette trilogie, qui pourtant avait de bons commentaires sur amazon. Les personnages sont plats et agaçants, l'intrigue pas vraiment originale. Dommage.
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le 14 décembre 2013
I was so excited to find one of my favorite series of the year collected in this wonderful box set. If you haven't read Brandt Legg's paranormal trilogy yet, I'll break it down for you:

OUTVIEW (Book 1)

The book that kicks it off is a corker. I loved it even more the second time around. On reflection my initial review (from 10/16) could have said a whole lot more (I didn't know what a ride I was in for!). Here it is:

Really cool story about a 16-yr old boy plagued by nightmarish visions in which he is transported to violent moments in history. The characterizations are smart and the writing overall is very polished and slick.


A great second installment. This book continues the adventures of Nate and Yangchen and the story of the Movement. The book is about young adults but can be enjoyed by all ages. It neatly intersects sci-fi, adventure and paranormal and is a very well-written and compelling story. Brandt Legg has improved on his impressive debut and should only continue to flourish as an author.


I have been eagerly awaiting this book since falling in love with Outview and Outin. I am happy to report that Outmove, book three in this exciting trilogy, does not disappoint! Book 3 starts off fast and the relentless pace continues until the unexpected climax. Hero Nate becomes the leader of the revolutionary movement against the dark forces of Omnia and this makes for an exciting plot. I was blown away by many of the plot twists and reversals. If you haven't read this trilogy, you are in for a treat.
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le 30 janvier 2014
Having read all three books in this trilogy I can definitely recommend them to people who like fast-action and enjoy a sense of danger and fantasy.
The main character is called Nate and when we are first introduced to him he is at a loss to explain the strange dreams he has been experiencing in which he always seems to die.
With his father and brother dead and feeling abandoned by his mother, Nate despairs of having anyone he can confide in or trust.
But as Nate begins to trust in friendships which begin to help him understand his destiny, the reader enters the world of Outview where Nate is able to travel through time to where he wears other incarnations and fights against danger and evil in his search for truth and goodness.
There is not a dull moment in this trilogy which will keep you on the edge of your seat with the realistically human characters who are not afraid to show their weaknesses or emotions.
Terrific stuff!
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le 6 décembre 2013
This trilogy is absolutely fantastic! As you follow Nate, the protagonist, on his quest to discover secrets of the past and avoid Lightyear, you will be immersed into an exciting and thrilling adventure: there's time travel, loss of friends, decisions that can make a difference between life and death, love, and action-packed scenes. All those elements add up to fantastic books, but that's what's visible on the surface, on the level of plot.

These books are much deeper than the surface plot as they books make the readers think about many philosophical concepts but present them in a very accessible way. One such concept is that of awareness. Brandt Legg makes us question our own lives and consider how aware we really are of our surroundings, of others, and of ourselves - and that's a great issue to ponder for a person of any age, teenagers included. Many ideas in his books and the eloquent way that the author expresses them feel like pearls of ancient wisdom in the modern world, and that's incredibly appealing.

The nature of creativity, spiritual understanding of the world, material advancement vs. preservation of old traditions, reincarnation, free will, the nature of fear and overcoming fear to reach goals - all these are issues that Nate has to deal with as he pursues his quest. As a reader, you will be right there with him, and you will emerge a wiser person.

I adore Brandt Legg's use of language. He is a writer and a photographer, so his keen power of observation doesn't come as a surprise. But it still delights. The language is precise and descriptive without being overly wordy. Here are just a couple of my favorite phrases: "the jumble of yellow cabs" (in Manhattan), "the joys of Dreams Lake helped disperse the morning's traumas," or "time was attacking us from many sides."

What I love about Brandt Legg's books is the deeper level of thinking and deeper issues that he invites us to explore, all in a very easy-to-read and entertaining way. "What if?" and other hypothetical questions are always fun ones to ponder, and you will have plenty of opportunities to do that when you read his books. What are the best ways to drive innovation? What societal structures are most conducive to innovative thinking? How does money affect societies? What could the alchemists really accomplish? And why didn't JP Morgan board the Titanic, like he was supposed to? And this is just a quick little sampling of the kinds of things this trilogy will make you think about. What a fantastic journey! Highly recommended.
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le 6 juillet 2014
I can’t wait for the movies
The Inner Movement
Brandt Legg

I’m so glad I didn’t discover this series until after all three books, Outview, Outin and Outmove had already been written. I don’t think I could have waited to see how Nate’s story was going to end in the time it would have taken Mr. Legg to finish writing the last two.

I’m not certain I understand enough about the complex subjects in The Inner Movement series to do justification in reviewing them, so I’ll just say I love the emotional connection between Nate, his friends, family and the people he comes to love during his journeys to save mankind from itself. While the subject matter can at sometimes be complex, the feelings in these stories are not. We all know how it feels to be afraid, to love someone, and what we would do to save those we love.

Nate is a teenager when his struggle between good and evil begins, but he accepts his fate and we have the privilege of going along with him in the warm, safety of our homes.

I fully expect Outview, Outin and Outmove to be made into movies. The action alone would be worth the wait
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le 4 décembre 2013
This trilogy is a fascinating blend of coming of age, dystopian fantasy, philosophy, science ficti0n and thrilling action and has the potential to become a classic such as the Celestine Prophecy or Conversations with God - only the book is more entertaining.
This trilogy has much more to offer than the coming of age part and the action.
Disguised in the shape of fantasy and science fiction elements in this novel I recognise many modern spiritual, esoteric and supernatural concepts, explained to the youngsters by more experienced ones, giving the small picture a wider dimension.
Re-incarnation, psychic powers and astral travel, to name a few, are integral part of the story and influence the personal development and growth of our protagonists.

I am personally quite open to some of these concepts and so I found it very easy to relate to the characters and the story - which in itself also reads like a good fantasy thriller.
"Outview (The Inner Movement)" by Brandt Legg concerns mostly two teenagers, one of them in a mental institution, and his brother in the 'real' world.
Kept apart by their mother they manage to connect and start to uncover family secrets.
Book one in the trilogy shows them coming into their own, fighting for survival and growing in their personal power and awareness.
"Outin" picks up where the first book ended. Nate, his brother and friends are still on the run from Lightyear and on their journey are helped by many helpful mystics. In this book their first escape brings them through a portal to the dimension of Outin, a magical realm.
Several mystics or sages explain Nate about the dimensions, the concept of time and many new age/ spiritual / esoteric concepts that are nowadays becoming increasingly popular and part of many people's believe system. Legg does an excellent job at explaining these concepts and uses them to bring relevance to the plot. I found these parts particularly interesting and well written, although depending on each reader's believe system some concepts will be perceived as fantasy (which also works well).

Legg is more playful in this novel with his incredibly imaginative and magic world creation. I hope many young and older readers will dive into the story and take to heart the many wise observations and rather encouraging messages that are woven into the dialogue and the character development.

"Outmove" by Brandt Legg is the third in his inspired series. The actual story takes us through time, e.g. to the time of the sinking of the Titanic, and it mostly concerns the hunt for Jadeo, a sacred box that has importance to the movement. Full of evil and inspired characters the book is not just spiritual but also great fun and very entertaining in its adventure part.
Whether you see the concepts as real or only as mythical and slightly philosophical fantasy part of the story, they lend the characters additional depth and make the story more magical.
Awareness, good and evil and wisdom are basic concepts that everyone can relate to, whether they are supernatural or instinctive.
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le 25 avril 2014
Voilà une lecture originale,parfois aux accents un peu idéalistes,voire naïfs,mais c'est palpitant,les personnages nous parlent,le suspense et l,évolution des personnages est maintenu jusq,au bout,il y a une étrangeté fascinante qui ne vous lâche pas,il faut juste passer sur des passages un peu ''jeunes adulteś',vivement recommande
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le 6 décembre 2013

An imaginative and intriguing novel which will pull you right into the pages.

Great plot twists and turns have been created which will keep you on the edge of your seat.
The characters are super in this well-paced metaphysical thriller.

Legg certainly has shown the capacity to craft a great page-turner- you will be gripped to this fantasy adventure.

Superb- well worth a look! 5*****


OUTIN (The Inner Movement)

I was give a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

After reading the superb first book by Legg- thoughts, hopes and ideas are in place for a great second novel. The second book Outin meets all expectations and reaches beyond- fantastic!

Fans of the first book in the series need to pick up this thrilling read. The story is full to the brim with adventure, mysticism and spiritual undertones. Readers will be gripped to the pages and intrigued as the tale develops.

Again, great characters with a mix of magic, suspense, fantasy and plot twists.

Highly recommended 5*****


Still in the process of reading this one but it is as great as the first two books!

A super and entertaining read. The collection is certainly worth a look.

Fabulous writing from Legg!
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le 4 décembre 2013
Three great books all in one place. A thrilling collection.


I don’t usually read YA but something about OUTVIEW drew my attention. It has an original plot that has been expertly woven. Strewn with spiritual and fantasy elements, entwined into a contemporary setting and populated with well drawn characters. OUTVIEW is an engrossing read which I would recommend to anyone, whether a YA fan or not.


After thoroughly enjoying Outview (The Inner Movement) Book 1I could't not read 'Outlin'. This is a great continuation of what's building up to be a classic fantasy series. 'Outlin' starts directly where 'Outview' left off and hurtles you along the story. Again filled with wonderful characters and great spiritual and fantasy concepts 'Outlin' leaves you gasping for air and eagerly awaiting the next thrilling installment.


The third instalment of Brandt Legg's thrilling Inner Movement trilogy doesn't disappoint. Filled with adventure and well rounded characters, "Outmove" takes us on a spiritual journey through time. A wonderful climax to a gripping trilogy as we follow the members of The Inner Movement as they battle against the evil organisation "Omnia". Beautifully written and packed with unique concepts and riveting action "Outmove" should not be missed.
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le 17 mars 2014
The young adult hero, Nate Ryder, possesses extraordinary psychic abilities that give him tremendous power as well as make him target for some truly loathsome villains. As Nate comes to grips with his supernatural powers, he realizes that his brother, Dustin’s breakdown was likely due to similar powers and that Dustin no more deserves to be stowed away in an asylum then he does. The plot starts with Nate’s determination to free his brother and thickens with the discovery that his father’s death was not due to natural causes.

The story spirals into a faced paced race to see if Nate can avoid the government’s reach long enough for his power to grow to the point where he can save his friends and family.

In addition to the thrilling plot, Brandt Legg introduces a series of rich side characters to the story, each with a fascinating story of their own. He pulls in a touch of romance and a ton of loyalty that stirs the heart. The story is filled with fear, loss, hope, reconciliation, forgiveness, and triumph and it spills over with action, action, action! I must say it was quite a ride and I couldn’t resist jumping straight into the next book. Or maybe I was having an outview!
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