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4,4 sur 5 étoiles
4,4 sur 5 étoiles
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le 8 juillet 2013
C'est magnifique!! The Promise of Provence stole my heart… Katherine was such a wonderfully human and understandable character. I related to her immediately and through her story that unfolded within the pages of The Promise of Provence I was reminded of so many important lessons learned in my own life.

As I read The Promise of Provence I was reminded of Eat, Pray, Love. Let me admit first that I have yet to read Eat, Pray, Love (though I own it and intend to do so). I have only caught the film adaptation during a transatlantic flight. That being said I am not making any comparison of the authors or the novels, but just the essence of the story… to live life as if each day is your last, to savor the present and relish the moment. I remember when I saw the film of Eat, Pray, Love it was just that which stuck with me and I appreciated the film simply as a reminder that just when you feel you have reached the end of the book of your life you realize that the best chapter has yet to be written, to live in hope. It is such an important mantra to remember and one that is so easily forgotten.

I enjoyed every page of Patricia Sands’ The Promise of Provence for its rich detail of the landscape, architecture, history and especially the food of the Provence region of France. If you have ever visited or wish to visit this magical spot Sands manages to truly capture the essence of Provence in this novel. I will warn you also that reading The Promise of Provence will make you crave brie with baguette so please do yourself a favor and have these on hand before beginning the novel. Oh, and a bottle of your favorite French wine as well certainly wouldn’t hurt!

I loved the “extra” the author included in her epilogue so make sure to read the novel to the end… I look forward to hearing from Katherine in October! I encourage you all to read The Promise of Provence for a beautiful reminder of an ancient idem:

Carpe diem, quam minimum posterior credulous!
Seize the day, trusting as little as possible in tomorrow!
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le 27 mai 2015
In The Promise of Provence, Patricia Sands succeeds in capturing the spirit of a whole new generation of modern women. Katherine Price, the fifty-something protagonist of this refreshing novel, is totally devastated when her husband dumps her on their 22nd anniversary. Initially, she turns to old girlfriends to help overcome her distress. However, she is soon struck with further misfortune. Her mother suddenly dies and she looses her high power job.

Anyone of those trials alone would be enough to destabilise most normal women. Katherine, however, faces them as a life changing experience. Determined to come to terms with her grief she resorts to leaving her familiar surroundings in Toronto and venturing into territories unknown. This comes in the form of a house exchange with a couple from the Provence, a place she once fell in love with as a student. So begins the journey of discovery for this rather unworldly and deeply heartbroken heroine.

The descriptions of the Provence are indeed wonderful and the novel could, therefore, be misconstrued as a travel log. It is in some way, but it is much more than that. The fact that Katherine chooses the South of France as her escape is almost incidental. She could have landed in London or Moscow or anywhere else. What comes through in this story is that by challenging herself and leaving her familiar surroundings, Katherine discovers a strength she did not know she possessed.

What happens to Katherine during her travels is for you to find out. This is a book, which I would highly recommend to readers who enjoy food, wine, travel, romance and dogs, among other things, but are also searching for some universal truths about women.

Although most reviews seem to be from the female brigade, it might be of interest to know that a distinguish gentleman gave me the paperback of this novel. Might there be some secret male community that admires the book too?
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le 17 juin 2016
This is, by far, the best book I have read in a long time. I don't say that very often. Before I read this book I had never read a Patricia Sands book. I was given a free copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review.

I was totally engrossed in this book right from the beginning. I loved it. I laughed hysterically in some parts, and I cried in others. As the story unfolds, and I learn what's happening in Katherine's life, I come to understand her. I understand why she reacts to her circumstances, by doing certain things. The struggles Katherine goes through take her from being a totally dependant and manipulated woman, to a new, self reliant, confident woman. Katherine goes from a life, where she experiences profound sadness to overwhelming joy. I have never read such a wonderful descriptive story of how a woman can, and will, change so much, if she's given the opportunity to do so.

Katherine's new life takes her on a wonderful journey, and a future filled with joys and possibilities, beyond her wildest imagination. Her journey takes her to a land she's yearned to go back to for 22 years, a place she had been to in her youth. Wait till you read the vivid description of this country she visits. The depths Patricia Sands goes to, to make us feel like we're there, instead of just reading about it, are unbelievable. You're going to imagine you can see the countryside in your minds eye.

So, ladies, find a comfortable chair, and get ready to experience Katherine's journey. I look forward to continuing this journey, with Katherine, by reading the other two books in this series. Oh, and I suggest you start reading on your days off, because you're not going to be able to put it down once you start it.

Valerie Bargewell

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le 4 septembre 2014
Ich habe es ganz gerne gelesen, aber ich finde, es handelt sich hier eigentlich um zwei ganz verschiedene Bücher. Das eine war mir ein bisschen zu sehr in der 'rich and beautiful people' Szene verankert. Leute, die sich es einfach so nebenbei leisten können, mal eine Weile die Luxuseite der Provence anzugehen, dass ist für mich leider nicht sehr realistisch. Und ^passt überhaupt nicht zu dem zweitenBuch, die Aufarbeitung der Geschichte ihrer Mutter, die meiner Meinung nach nichts mit dem ersten Buch zu tun hat. Eher abschreckend als Sommerlektüre. Die Vorstellung vom Eintauchen in ein authentisches Provenceabenteuer wird stark durch die bedrückende Athmophäre dieser Aufarbeitung entzaubert..
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le 17 décembre 2013
I persisted with this but wondered all the while why I was finding it such hard work. It has all the ingrédients for a good read: a life-changing drama to start with, wonderful settings in Canada and Provence, an eclectic mix of characters, efficient editing, good grammar.
I think it was the stilted style which did not appeal. Trying to intermingle a romance with a travelogue just did not work for me.
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le 17 août 2015
A beautifully crafted book describing with sumptuous local colour an affair in what must be the most romantic place in the world. For me it brought back so many lovely memories of this warm and wonderful area. A delightful read. Can't wait to start Book 2.
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le 18 juillet 2016
Charming, a true summer read, takes you far away in dream world! I really can't wait for the next books!
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