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le 5 mai 2004
It has been well known that Japanese imperial army has brought an unprecedented catastrophe to the world, especially to the rest of Asian countries during the WWII. Nanking massacre is particularly a disastrous tragedy in the history of the human being. During Japanese army's occupancy of Nanking, more than 300,000 civilian and Chinese P.O.W.s were brutally slaughtered and thousands of Chinese women were killed after gang rape. Unfortunately, in Japan there are still quite a few right-wing politicians and ignorant people insisting to deny these crimes and trying to distort history by claiming that Japan liberated Asian nations and Nanking massacre is being faked. How ridiculous! If you really want to know what barbaric Japanese imperial army did in Nanking during that hellish six weeks, please make every effort to get this book. The brutality shown in the book is far beyond any human imagination.
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le 14 mai 2007
C'est vraiment contraire a la realite !!
Ms. Chang's book "rape of nanking" was based on interviews of surviving victims. Since when do communists tell the truth? There were international journalist in the area, why didnt they report any atrocities at the time? The Japs had only one division- 5000 soldiers- in Nanking armed with swords and bolt-action rifles. If Imperial Japan really wanted to kill alot of Chinese, then why didnt they bring their machine guns? The population of Nanking was about 150,000 during the weeks preceding the alleged massacre. Most of the city residents fled before the Japs arrived. A field diary of a Japanese soldier revealed that the city was deserted. The book "what really happened in nanking" exposes the lies and slander in Ms. Chang's book.

cf. The Politics of Nanjing: An Impartial Investigation (Broché)
de Kitamura Minoru (Auteur)
ISBN-10: 0761835792
ISBN-13: 978-0761835790

The Alleged "Nanking Massacre": Japan's rebuttal to China's forged claims (Hardcover)
by Tadao Takemoto (Author)

What Really Happened in Nanking (Paperback)
by Tanaka Masaaki (Author)
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