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3,4 sur 5 étoiles
3,4 sur 5 étoiles
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le 25 mars 2012
Vous aimez Feymann? Lissez alors ce livre... Penrose va encore plus loin au niveau de la comprension réelle et approfondie des concepts en Physique et des outils mathématiques requis.
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le 22 mai 2014
It is really an encycopledia of both Mathematics and Physics. The author succeeded in doing a great synthesis of modern physics at the classical, quantum and cosmological levels by stressing on the mathematical tools which helped to realise this synthesis. Penrose also emphasized the many conceptual ideas and difficulties which arose in the physics of this century and he indicates path which could help in solving many problems. It is one of the great intellectual achievements of this century.
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le 16 janvier 2006
lire ce livre c'est un peu comme effectuer un pélerinage: il faut du temps et beaucoup de persévérance et être de plus un croyant. Je veux dire par là qu'il faut croire en ce peuvent nous dire les mathématiques et la physique. Car ici Penrose ne cède pas à la facilité. Je ne voudrais pas être décourageant mais il est juste de dire que pour comprendre quelque peu les ultimes chapitres de ce monument il faut avoir lu, de manière attentive, les 16 premiers chapitres de survols mathématiques. Et ce n'est pas si facile, cela aide d'avoir dèrière soi une formation mathématique conséquente (au minimum une licence). Mais une fois cet écueil passé le panorama que nous brosse Penrose de la physique fondamentale de ce début du XXIeme siecle est époustouflant et je n'ai certainement pas regretté le temps passé avec Penrose sur cette longue route vers la réalité ultime qui se cache peut-être au delà des particules élémentaires et de la théorie de la relativité générale. Les étonnants paradoxes de la mécanique quantique sont aussi très brillament exposés. Penrose ne cache pas ses opinions, il tient en peu d'estime les théories des supercordes et il donne des arguments solides pour étayer son opinion (personnellemnt je le trouve un peu trop sévère) mais cela ne l'empêche pas de concéder que sa théorie des twisteurs, très fascinante pour un marhématicien comme moi, n'est pas non plus vraiment plus proche de ce que sera la future théorie de la gravitation quantique. Bref celui qui a le courage d'affronter les mille pages de cet ouvrage ne le regrettera certainement pas.
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le 11 avril 2016
The road to reality tells the intriguing story of the laws of universe and of the scientists discovering them. It is quite readable with its 1035 pages if you are really interested in the workings of universe and in the physics that has given it, its current shape.
It is a timely in the sense that we read every day of new discoveries: the boson of Higgs, gravitational waves and ever so many more that receive only little public attention. The road to reality explains a lot of the underlying reasoning that make those discoveries possible.
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le 26 décembre 2014
I bought this book after having read somewhere that in it Penrose talked about the "reality of the Platonic world", and I wanted to get possible new insights, and because Penrose is a respected mathematician.
The book purports to cover all of mathematics (from integers, the theorem of Pythagore, to Fourier decomposition, manifolds, fibre bundles, etc.) and all of physics (Newtonian, Lagrangian, Quantum physics, big bang, supersymmetry, strings, etc.) It is over a thousand pages long.
Unfortunately Penrose is extremely verbose.
It starts with a discussion about a friend of his mother who couldn't understand how to simplify fractions, and what _is_ the fraction 3/8? It develops the "idea" that fractions may or may not exist.
The part on the Platonic world boils down to the observation that there are three worlds: that of the mind, that of pure Platonic ideas, and the physical world. We are already page 24.
There are the unavoidable Escher pictures.
Open it randomly, say at Lagrangian mechanics. After three confusing sentences which do not really introduce the subject the writings become heavy, tedious and obscure. Penrose (whose understanding of the subject is not questioned) addresses not so much the reader as himself, mostly to tell himself how smart he is. He makes complicated a beautiful subject.
I gave up reading sequentially. The book will become a reference manual when I need to look something up -- if it turns out to be useful.
With few exceptions, the best books I read are accessible, luminous and short.
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le 20 octobre 2014
Ich glaube es kommt leicht zu Missverständnissen,, dies ist kein populärwissenschaftliches Werk a la Hawkins.Das ist komplexe Mathematik auf sehr hohem Niveau.Penrose ist in Formeln verliebt und gehört zu denen die glauben dass man damit zu den Grundlagen des Seins vorstossen kann.Den transzendalen Aspekt der Welt streift er nur vorsichtig , in Andeutungen, vielleicht aus Angst vor den Hohepriestern seiner Zunft? Trotzdem: Komplet und beindruckend.
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le 4 février 2013
If, as advertised, this book is aimed at neophytes in mathematics and in physics, then something has gone terribly wrong in the editing world.

To approximate the size of the problem, let's have a look at the bibliography : Penrose lists about 150 maths references which amount to something like 40,000 pages and sets himself the goal of condensing those in a mere 400-page exposition ! Thereby failing at giving anything more than a mix of indigestible statements and formulae.

Granted, my approximation could be found unfair to Penrose since no one really has to read all those books/abstracts, and one should instead praise Penrose for such a performance but hey, performance for whom ? Not Penrose's peers, professional mathematicians : they don't need the stuff. Not the neophytes : they won't cope with it. As for the population of readers in-between those two extremes, it's going to be a recurring and a dramatic choice : either a lot of research via other sources with the associated headaches, or a forced, unpleasant and defeating skipping of the numerous, necessary but cryptic paragraphs/sections... Then, who's finally left ? A trifling few...

It comes as a surprise that Penrose could have ever thought that such a strategy would produce anything else than a disaster, and a disaster it is : again, what you get is an offer to fetch in your maths library for a comprehensive treatment of whatever concept that Penrose is merely stating in words, formulae or some esoteric figures... And that, only if you're already familiar with those concepts : what about the poor neophyte ?

The second part, physics, although less indigestible, requires either to constantly flip the pages back and forth or simply decide to skip some truly horrific sections -- culminating at chapter 33 about Penrose's beloved twistors -- i.e. a trade-off between detailed understanding and comprehensive overview...

All in all, it seems that Penrose's hidden agenda was to show (to his peers) that he's the greatest mathematician & physicist on planet earth, and I'm not even sure whether he'd be happy by my quoting only planet earth...

What a difference between that repulsive book and the wonderful "The Emperor's new mind", a zest of which is unfortunately found only in the last chapter of this tortuous road to reality !!!
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le 17 juin 2011
Ce texte est réservé aux passionnés dotés d'un bagage solide
en mathématiques, ou d'une appréhension très ferme de cette
matière. Néanmoins, il se veut exhaustif. Il faut être vraiment
très patient et passionné pour en venir à bout, à mon niveau
universitaire moyen.
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