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4,3 sur 5 étoiles
4,3 sur 5 étoiles
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le 15 mars 2013
I must say I that one of my dear friends recommended this book to me which I why I purchased it without even reading any reviews of it. I was expecting a 5 / 5, but it was missing the part that everyday people like me, and maybe you, could relate to. It did give you some good ideas of books to read, it did tell a real story about a mother and her son at the end of her life, when they both real alot while waiting at the Dr's office, etc. and discussed the books they were reading, but somehow I was expecting this to be a more "everyman's" book, and was disappointed here.
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le 17 juillet 2015
I have had this book for a while now. and it is always not far from me. I get back to it often, as I read the books that I had missed on the list recommended by the author. This book really helped me get over the death of my own mother, it is excellent therapy, and worked for me. The book has become a close friend, even a new member of my family. Home is where this book is.
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le 28 juillet 2013
The book is a chronicle of the last two years of life of the author's mother, Marie Anne Schwelbe, marked by her fight against an incurable pancreatic cancer.
The story is woven through the books mother and son decide to read together during this period, forming an uncommon two-people book club.
The spark is definitely captivating, specially for all the other bookworms out there, and Marie Anne's death definitely needs respect.
Nevertheless, the result is discontinuous, literary speaking. In some chapters, the book presented and Marie Anne's life seem really to merge, with each of them enlightening the other. In many others, the books mentioned stay out of the story and mother and son's conversations about them are easy to forget.
Marie Anne's portrait is without shadows: self-oblivious, always ready to minimize the multiple inconveniences of her cancer, always attentive to the people around her and willing to do something for them and for the "big causes" she supports (e.g. her activities as a member of the Women's Refugee Commission). We almost do not have any insight in her deep personal struggle against the disease.
Overall, the book is pleasant to read, specially if you have already read many of the books mentioned (there is a list of all of them at the end of the book, so you may check): you will gain the pleasure to meet again some old friends. At the same time it is not a memorable book. I think it would have benefited from being much shorter.
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le 8 août 2013
Deeply moving - I recommend this book to bibliophiles, those working for world literacy or with refugees or have a terminally ill loved one. Definitely struck a bell with me that talking about a book - or thru a book's theme - is easier than dealing with certain issues which are very difficult. The final message which fired my enthusiasm is the lasting change the author's mother made in countless people's life.
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