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le 22 juin 2014
I've read the whole Rose Gardner series so far (and I'm looking forward to the next book, out in 2 days!) and prefer to comment the whole series. I'd give a 3.5-star rating if it existed, not just 3, because I really like it as a whole despite some elements that seem odd/incoherent to me. Here goes.

There are interesting character developments throughout the books, not just Rose but others too. But in my opinion, some of them are not totally realistic. First, falling deeply in love so quickly (within days, practically) seems a bit unrealistic for me, but hey, it might happen...SPOILER: I'm no expert but getting over a horrible breakup in barely a month and swooning over someone else so quickly just doesn't seem believable to me. If I was the author, I would have given it more time. Also, in 30.5 excuses, Jonah is pictured as this kinda fake guy who makes Rose very uncomfortable, and he is so transformed in the next books that it's hard to believe he's the same person, and they become close friends. I'm half expecting sth new and unpleasant to pop up regarding him. The way Violet changes is also a bit odd for me, she goes from this loving sister to quite a bitch at times, I hope this gets more coherent in the next book(s).

Another point that kinda bothers me is the timeline: it seems quite incoherent that Mason (and his mom) went through what they went through only months before Mason enters the picture, and the way Mason and Joe interact, it's all written like all the big drama had happened waaayy in the past, not a few months ago, so it's not really credible.

I also personally see some discrepancies/incoherent elements throughout the series. Such as Rose's birth date that changes (from Oct 8 to Nov 8), the colour of Mason's eyes (from blue to hazel/green), on one page Mason is standing in the kitchen and on the next he's going to the kitchen (in 31.5 regrets), at one point Rose is in a specific bedroom and then suddenly goes to the nursery next to another bedroom but the way it's written gives the impression that the nursery is next to the first bedroom.
SPOILER: And we never knew what Rhonda was referring to in two of Rose's visions when she told Jonah that they have/he has (in the 2nd vision) work to do, this seems odd since he knew nothing about what Rhonda was up to. This is a plot flop for me.

I'd totally fall for Mason, but he seems too perfect. Sure, there are mistakes in his past, but the way he's pictured now is too idealistic. Having said that, I hope Rose stays with him!! And that the author doesn't write any ugly version of them braking up or something.

What I don't get is why Rose is so often fighting tears or crying, she is a strong person on the whole, all this crying seems a bit exaggerated.

SPOILER: I felt sorry for Joe, but I didn't like the path he took, (we'll see what he's like in the next book), he seemed quite weak and needing to grow up instead of wallowing in his mysery and sleeping with his ex; also, all the schemes by his parents seemed exaggerated. Again, I'm no expert but could rich influential people really stage the stuff they staged and never get caught?

Some might find useful to know that in 31.5 regrets, the author goes a notch higher with the lovemaking. If in the previous books she didn't get a lot into who did what to whom and how, then here there's more, just once, and it's not trashy. SPOILER: it was pictured in a way that can really make the reader feel the emotions of the characters, and I liked the way Mason and Rose danced around each other until they gave in; I just wonder whether it hadn't more to do with lust, at least from Rose's side.

A word about the novella: I was disappointed that more than half was a repetition of the previous book. Such a rip-off. There could have been more new stuff in it.

Also, the books need more editing!! I didn't count the missing and misspelt words, but it was quite annoying. Especially in 31.5 regrets.

All in all, I like the series, I hope the author keeps writing, the books are easy to read and the plots quite interesting (although some things are really predictable and easy to guess, at least for me), although 31.5 regrets was a bit repetitive at points, there was not much plot development before the last quarter of the book.
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le 8 mai 2016
Not as good as the other I hav e read and not as exciting. This one is so mu ch more of a romantic novel with a héroïne who seems to be forever either in tears or holding them back. Pity. Hope the follow on are better.
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