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le 8 avril 2014
The book is so well written, it reads like a hot knife going through butter.
Nicely gradually builded up story line.
Although it's about one person, it surprisingly has different angles of continuing the story, this variety makes you want to read it non stop. I was especially moved by the main character, how wise she is for her age...
I recommend this book to everybody beginning as of the age of 15/16
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le 29 mai 2013
This book is one of many he has written and I find it difficult to put any of them down. Well worth buying and I want to fill my bookshelves with them so I can read them again and again.
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le 17 mars 2011
For those who enjoyed the Alchemist and thought Paulo couln'd do any better, well here's another truly gem about love and sex and love in between... Really amazing Senhor Coelho !
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le 1 novembre 2013
An autobiographical trip story by Paulo Coelho on his way to meet his angel, very powerful. Great if you believe in angels, and twice as great if you also are about to handle a big crisis in your life !! ;-)
Une personne a trouvé cela utile
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le 22 mai 2014
Attention! En cette version, vous avez intérêt à avoir des lunettes de vision à portée de main.Les caractères sont vraiment très riquiquis.
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le 13 octobre 2013
This is the only inspirational book we need. If I read the book one year ago, I could move on earlier.
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le 5 mars 2013
It was my first Paulo Coelho and i wasn't disappointed. The story is simple but attractive. Love is at its core.
The reading is very enjoyable and for english students, the level of English is not too difficult.
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le 28 avril 2012
Pas vraiment interessant, ce n'est pas un roman mais seulement des conseils page par page pour affronter les obstacles que l'on peut rencontrer dans la vie. Ce n'est pas ce a quoi je m'attendais.
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le 22 juillet 2011
Bonnes leçons de vie dans lesquelles on peut tous se retrouver. Livre qui laisse à méditer à la Paulo Coelho!
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