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zodiac-f5 Polaris P280 à pression Polaris

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  • Robot nettoyeur Polaris 280. Fonctionne à l'aide d'un surpresseur. Simple et efficace. Dim. bassin maxi : 14 x7m. Aspiration de tous les types de débris. Vanne de recul anti-blocage

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Robot nettoyeur Polaris 280. Fonctionne à l'aide d'un surpresseur. Simple et efficace. Dim. bassin maxi : 14 x7m. Aspiration de tous les types de débris. Vanne de recul anti-blocage

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4.0 étoiles sur 5 Very good cleaner, It works well, poolman review 4 février 2012
Par Mrdgvb1 - Publié sur
First, you must have a separate pump plumbed in for the Polaris cleaner or you cannot install this cleaner. It needs it's own pump to work off the pressure (return) side of the pool verse the suction (skimmer/side port) side.

I have several customers with these cleaners installed (Two with Polaris 180 models which means that after 15 years they are still working fine) and all work off the same principal. The Polaris pump sends high pressure to the line the Polaris is attached to spinning the wheels and moving the cleaner. Every few minutes the Backup valve activates and reverses the cleaner (prevents it from getting stuck in one area).

These cleaners work well if they are set up correctly. Here are some troubleshooting tips:

Hose length is important. Too much hose and the cleaner will not work properly.

The Back-up Valve must be installed 14-20 inches from the cleaner and the water opening (where water shoots out of) must be facing the cleaner and not away from it. These valves tend to fail often. To know if it is working properly, lift it out of the water when the Polaris is running. If water is continuously shooting out and never stops, it has failed and you need a new one, otherwise the Polaris will not run.

The Quick Disconnect that attaches the Polaris to the wall also has an adjustment on it, make sure it is not all the way open or there will not be enough pressure. They tend to crack under the pressure so check it periodically to see if water is shooting out of it from a crack.

Sometimes when you clean the filter, some element will enter the Polaris return line. Simply disconnect the wall connector and clean out the small debris basket (looks like a Thimble).

If you find the Polaris on it's side in the bottom of the pool, the rear float has probably failed and is full of water. Simply remove it and install a new one. These are the most common problems you will have.

If the cleaner starts and runs for a few seconds then stops, then runs again and stops; check the skimmer basket & pump basket for debris (possibly low water too), if pool does not run the Polaris will not either since it works off the return water pressure.

If the Polaris hose is tangled and doesn't seem to unwind, just add a Swivel to the hose by cutting the hose with a blade, and inserting a swivel with 2 nuts to hold it in. Make sure the arrow on the swivel is pointed towards the Polaris and don't add a swivel within 10 FT of the Polaris (otherwise it will do 360 all day).

The manufacturer recommends Polaris Tail Sweep Pro Accessory if the Polaris tail is shooting water out of the pool. This will keep it from shooting out onto the deck.

This would be a five star cleaner if not for a separate pump running when it is cleaning, not a very energy efficient set up even if you only need to run it 2 hours a day. With all that said, the cleaner should give you many years of great service. The parts do wear out (although I have several units that I haven't had to rebuild in 5 plus years), most commonly the rubber Tires and the wheel bearings. The other parts seem to last a very long time. A very good cleaner.
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2.0 étoiles sur 5 Polaris isn't what it used to be anymore 5 avril 2015
Par M. Dugas - Publié sur
Achat vérifié
I bought this sweep because I had owned an earlier version of it which had functioned reliably for well over 10 years. I replaced that older 380 with a Polaris 280, which lasted less than a year in service, and never functioned properly when it was in the pool. So, with one good Polaris experience (the original 380) and one poor Polaris experience (the replacement 280) under my belt, I gave them another chance, and bought this 380.

When it runs, it works well, but it has a bad habit of locking the wheels, which requires me to remove it from the pools and manually push the wheels into rotation again. After that, it may function well for a few minutes or a few days, but never as reliably as its forebearer.

After a few sessions of breaking the wheels free by hand, I disassembled it to see why it was locking (something the first 380 NEVER did in the many years that I owned it). Firstly, I noticed that the scroll housing which covers the impeller wheel is held in place by a single screw, a method which does not bode well for reliability.

Then I noticed that the hose fitting which secured the input hose to the single jet plenum in the venturi tube was covered in a thick gob of what looks like white silastic; the two hose connectors leading to the two-jet plenum on the other side of the venturi tube are correctly fastened with no sealer in sight.

I sent pictures to the Zodiac support man who answered my telephone inquiry, and asked him why a brand-new Polaris (sold by Amazon Direct, by the way) should look like it had been patched before it was sold, rather than have the (probable) leaking parts replaced before the piece shipped out.

After he saw the photos that I sent to him, he replied, and I quote:

"I talked with my Lead Tech. and he stated that all the cleaners are coming out of the factory that way now. I apologize for it looking that way but it should not affect your cleaner. As far as the one screw holding that plastic together has been tested and we have not had any known problems with the design."

In my opinion, Polaris is de-contenting their designs, which is a euphemism for cheapening them, and I sincerely suggest that buyers of their equipment think carefully before committing to the purchase of these pieces of equipment, because they are singularly expensive ab initio.

As for me, I've bought my last Polaris/Zodiac product.
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3.0 étoiles sur 5 Works Well if you understand it's limitations and set your expectations accordingly 22 mai 2011
Par Amazon Customer - Publié sur
Achat vérifié
I live in Texas and don't close my pool up for the Winter, the Polaris 360 runs 365 days a year for about 10 hours a day. I just installed my "2nd" Polaris 360 because I've reached the point where the previous 360 is in need of yearly significant maintenance ($100 or more). I am at the point after 10 years that my previous 360 needed a new body, a factory rebuild kit, and hose wall connection. When I considered the cost of those parts alone, I have over 1/2 the cost of a new one and the new one comes with a new bag + pressure hose + back up value etc. When I considered looking forward over the next few years, I'd have to add other parts, I figured the "sum of the whole was less than the sum of the parts."

Now some more comments. I also have been a previous owner of Polaris 280 sweep that used a booster pump. They clearly work better, but you have now added another expensive item, the booster pump, that adds expense by having another electrical hog running and will eventually need repair work. This is why I didn't choose a booster pump driven sweep on my 2nd pool.

I am also a owner of a Aquabot Turbo that I used about 8 times a year because it takes more attention. It is effective in picking up items, so after every 6-8 hour run I find I must pull it out of the pool and clean the bag. The Polaris will run for 1/2 a week without requiring attention to the bag (but it's not as effective). I also have found if I don't take the Aguabot out of the pool and allow the cord to "dry out" the cord tends to be more likely to be tangled up in the rollers on the Aguabot (I think the foam might get water logged but this is based on my experience) I use it mostly in the Spring to help prepare my pool for the swimming season It does a good job at just over the 2x the expense of a Polaris 360. And if the bag is kept fairly clean, it will climb and scrub right up to the coping (yes, partially out of the water).

So why a 360? It does a decent job of keeping the water sediment stirred up for the filtration system to remove and vacuuming the items like sand, stones, sticks and leaves off the pool bottom. It does have a hard time climbing walls, and thus I've never had success with it climbing the stairs or very far up the walls. Little to no added electrical cost is a plus for me. The down side is of course the parts as they wear out. Locally the pool supply stores provide the labor for free if you buy the parts (Leslie's is one example). I learned that when the feed hose starts to go, you can just repair the failed section, but you are likely going to discover over the course of the season that each section starts failing, so to remove frustration, I'd suggest replacing the hose at once.

So over 10 years, I did one factory rebuild kit in the 5th year, probably 1 bag a year, 3 to 4 tail sweep scrubbers every year, about 8 tail wear rings, 1 back up valve in year 9, a new feeder hose with swivels at year 6 and a few other miscellaneous parts. Last season I noticed the neck on my 360 had lost a piece where the bag clips on, so if I wanted to "repair" it was about $60 for a new body. I do notice that when kids swim, they rarely remove it from the pool and thus are often tempted to stand on it. Understanding that this pool sweep is sitting in chemically treated water and running 10 hours each day, it's bound to wear out and need maintenance. I think if your expectations keep this in mind, you'd probably be happy with it.

So it's not perfect, but for me, the cost is reasonable to the benefit of not having to vacuum the pool or tend to the pool sweep as often. My summary is that it wasn't until the 4th season I started seeing maintenance becoming more than just replacing items that are expected and meant to wear out like the tail scrubber, silt bags, wear rings, etc.
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5.0 étoiles sur 5 Awesome product 23 janvier 2012
Par HLD70 - Publié sur
Achat vérifié
I got this Polaris to replace my old Polaris that just was too old to fix.
The package came with everything I need in order to just put it into pool and let it do the wonderful work it always does.
The pack came with the Polaris itself and a new hose. The hose comes with a pressure tester to make sure all is in order and the documentation helps you to determine if the robot is working in the right speed (by looking at the speed of the wheel), in the pack you have also a new wall outlet and a new thing for me was a cover for the outlet for times when the Polaris is not attached, It acts as another pool water outlet (with several hole sizes), so it can change the outlet to a jet stream outlet, and of course a new collection bag.
All in all installation took me 5 minutes with adjusting the length of the hose and testing that all is in order, my old Polaris stopped working about a month ago and the bottom of my pool had some dirt in it from recent winds and some leaves, by the next day the pool floor was 80% better and cleaner, last weekend I cleaned the collection bag and for the first time, using Polaris recommendation I didn't just empty the bag but let it dry (now I have 2 bags old and new), so clean up of the bag was super easy and the robot was working seconds after the replacement. After only 2/3 days the pool is spotless and clear again. I love this product!!!! Lots of my friends have the suction robots and they don't even come close, most of my friends had to add electric sweepers to get the level of clean I get using only this product. It climes the pool walls great and for the most part cleans every inch of the pool.
This product does not require a its own pump, and can be connected to the pool system 24/7 365 days (I am just taking it out when we are in the pool).

If your system can support this product use it!!! You will not regret it. the only point to know is that this product is not great with the pool stairs, but I have not heard of any that are! Once in a while I just manually take the Polaris and place it on the top stair (out of 3) and it just does the rest.

My old one hold up about 10 years or more (I am not sure if not longer as I got it with the house and the previous owner got it with the house as well), yes from time to time the belt needs to be replaced and sometime a seal need to be replaced but all in all I found it to be a very reliant product!!!

Oh and as for the price...i checked a lot of local (DALLAS TX)stores and the avarge at stores was higher, looking at new Polaris at Ebay did not give me better deals. amazon was the best offer I could ask for
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5.0 étoiles sur 5 Lifesaver! 9 avril 2014
Par DRGW T-2 - Publié sur
Achat vérifié
I was very tired of getting out the hose and vacuum head twice a week to clean the crap off the bottom of the pool. Our pool was not built with a booster pump in mind, so this pressure side cleaner, henceforth referred to as the "monster", was the perfect choice. Our pump is a 1HP so I had to use the restriction eyeball to provide enough pressure to run the cleaner. After that it was a matter of getting the jet on the back adjusted properly, which required a bit of trial and error. Initially I had the hose mounted to the return in the shallow end, but the monster kept getting stuck on it while riding vertically along the wall. Moving the hose to the deep end return solved that problem. We also had a floating frog chlorinator tethered to the wall with a string and the monster found that string and promptly wrapped it up around its wheels. It also would get stuck on both of the ladders (our pool doesn't have steps) and even the auto-reversing function wouldn't free it, so when the monster is going we have to keep the ladders out. Overall it was a great purchase and I don't see how anyone can go without one of these monsters!
A few things I've learned from using this:
If you have a lot of debris on the bottom of the pool, scoop it out with a net first, the bag cannot hold a lot of debris and you'll be reeling it in to clean out that bag every 5 minutes.
Clean out the bag regularly. If it gets too full of junk the monster will just roll around in circles on its side.
It will keep the sides and bottom scrubbed clean of algae, a nice bonus.
It helps greatly with dispersing chemicals and keeps powder shock from settling on the bottom and bleaching your liner.
Make sure the hose is the right length; too short and it won't clean everything, too long and it will get tangled up.
Get some extra wear parts to keep around. I recommend:
Buy an extra hose section just in case, a replacement screen for the quick connect fitting (you WILL lose it eventually), an extra bag so you can swap in a clean one while the other one is being cleaned (they are much easier to clean after drying out), and a pack of tail scrubbers, you will get about a month out of each one.
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