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English speakers living in France and using Amazon.fr

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En réponse à un message antérieur du 22 janv. 12 10:12:04 GMT+01:00
sue dit:
I bought my Kindle, a few months ago. I am also an English speaker living in France, Seine et Marne. I think your funny! Wineglass, oh oh..

Publié le 25 janv. 12 10:19:28 GMT+01:00
Today's offer at 0.99 looks interesting, Sorbonne Confidential. I nearly always buy the day's offer unless it is vampire book!! Worked out I will spend almost Euros 360 in a year - good marketing on Amazon's part - you hardly notice it, lol

En réponse à un message antérieur du 26 janv. 12 18:59:17 GMT+01:00
Julie dit:
I am trying to restrict my buying of the offer, but it is sooooo hard!
Sue, how are you getting on with your Kindle, are you an addict too? Have you tried the trick with the wineglass yet?!! Making dinner is also fun, So many things you can do with one hand and still read!

En réponse à un message antérieur du 26 janv. 12 19:16:42 GMT+01:00
sue dit:
Hi Julie,
To be honest I have not seen my Kindle for some time now, my husband took it over. First there was a BIG fuss about me buying it without telling him first, then here he sits right this minute in front of me reading fro m it.
He asked for the password for Amazon, and got rid of the one click...No BIGGIE, we ladies know how to get what we want under any circumstances. Why do men always have write their password down somewhere? Might as well get a tattoo, hehehe because its always the same. LOL!

Publié le 27 janv. 12 12:49:23 GMT+01:00
just buy another then you can share books (we have three for two people)

En réponse à un message antérieur du 27 janv. 12 16:42:49 GMT+01:00
sue dit:
SHARE BOOKS? Is that legal? Tell me how to do it. I have an English speaking Polish girlfriend, and she said it was illegal, at least in Poland, don't know about France. Is this suppose to be secret?
I would put my head on the block that all three or four of you all won't like what I have in my Kindle. I have mostly schizophrenic bio, memoirs, and other mental desease that close to the above, take a hint, yes I am.
Have a nice weekend, of course reading from your kindle...

En réponse à un message antérieur du 27 janv. 12 18:16:27 GMT+01:00
caro63 dit:
Hi Sue
apparently you can legally share or rather 'lend' a book but only for 2 weeks (during which time you of course cannot read it) I have not yet tried but maybe there will soon be a club for sharing on this forum! Maybe someone out there who has done so can fill us in on details - can you lend a book more than once to different people ?

Publié le 27 janv. 12 22:23:16 GMT+01:00
Dernière modification par l'auteur le 27 janv. 12 22:24:06 GMT+01:00
two kindles on the same amazon account will share books bought by this account. Nothing illegal. Very convenient in a family of readers where books are shared.

En réponse à un message antérieur du 28 janv. 12 08:37:33 GMT+01:00
Julie dit:
Sharing sounds good to me! I have just bought the 0.99cts offer of the day. Jeffrey Archers "Prisoner of birth". I do like him, there is usually a good twist to the tale in his books.
Sue, get another Kindle or get rid of the husband, only joking!!

Publié le 28 janv. 12 22:44:34 GMT+01:00
I've heard of one family where there were 18 kindles registered to an account - only six could have access to the same book, but yes, they could share

and I meant you and your husband could share books (or maybe a few of them at least)

Publié le 6 févr. 12 00:19:12 GMT+01:00
[Supprimé par Amazon le 20 févr. 12 13:44:31 GMT+01:00]

Publié le 6 févr. 12 12:27:14 GMT+01:00
The English-language Kindle selection on Amazon.Fr is pretty limited. So frustrating in fact that I'm considering switching my Kindle account to Amazon.com (i.e. the USA).
Apparently this is feasible for those of us in France.
But one has to wonder why an account with Amazon.UK or buying from that site is not allowed.

To respond to the original post may I propose: SPOOK's GOLD (English Edition)
Yes, written by me....shameless plug.
Set in France during June 1944.

Publié le 6 févr. 12 13:20:06 GMT+01:00
Andrew, you can source any book in English (and many other languages) via amazon france. The method I use is convoluted I know, but, the results are worth it!! On my laptop I open a window for amazon uk and in another window amazon france. I research books on the uk site, freebies and others recommended by contributors to the english site discussion forum, (a valuable source of information on all things kindle), or titles of books I have heard about from other sources, or by authors I am interested in, then into the search box on amazon france kindle page, livres en anglias, enter the title or author and purchase or download them via my account page, one click whispernet. Sounds complicated I know but after a while one gets it down to a fine art, lol, then the problem is not finding enough books but knowing when to stop!!

Publié le 6 févr. 12 13:37:31 GMT+01:00
Dernière modification par l'auteur le 6 févr. 12 13:41:13 GMT+01:00
Perhaps I'm missing something....

There may be restrictions or delays to push the book out to non-UK/USA sites.

Example: 'Swimming Home' by Deborah Levy (one of several excellent books issued by the 'indie' publishing house And Other Stories that I would like to read).
It is available in Kindle on Amazon UK. It is not available in Kindle on Amazon Fr. (either searching by title or author) There is only the 'voting' option on the page for the hard-copy book: 'Dites-le à l'éditeur : J'aimerais lire ce livre sur Kindle ! '

But there remains a huge selection of older books that are available in e-copy on other Amazon's, but not on Fr.

Fully agree with you about knowing when to stop :-)

Publié le 7 févr. 12 08:19:16 GMT+01:00
Hi Andrew, yes you are right - I did a search for Deborah Levy, Swimming Home and it is not available. Perhaps I should amend my original statement of being able to source "any" book to "I have been lucky and always found what I have been looking for"! As you say if we click J'aimerais lire ce livre sur Kindle, on any book we cannot find available for Kindle, it may produce the desired result.

En réponse à un message antérieur du 7 févr. 12 10:58:44 GMT+01:00
Limited? 928,760 books in english is limited?

go here and then search (it's also available from the drop down menu as Ebooks en langues étrangères then select Ebooks en anglais:

Boutique Kindle › Ebooks Kindle › Ebooks en langues étrangères › Ebooks en anglais

and as I shop from both amazon.com and amazon.fr (one kindle registered to each - the fr one being my husband's), I can attest the the selection is almost exactly the same - I've only found one book that wasn't available on both (Steve Job's autobiography).

and yes, Anne, I do the same as you do as far as looking for books but use amazon.com instead as the descriptions are easier to read

btw, 'Swimming Home' by Deborah Levy is not available on amazon.com or at least it's not available to those of us who live in France

Publié le 7 févr. 12 12:59:23 GMT+01:00
Hello CBR, I am pleased to hear from someone who has the same search methods! I am always posting on forums when someone is having difficulty from here in France i.e. angloinfo, lost-in-france etc., my method of searching for English books from here in France and it is usually met by a deafening silence!! Happy kindling - regards Anne

Publié le 7 févr. 12 13:02:37 GMT+01:00
thanks. and I am lucky at work, as I have a two monitor set up and can keep a window in each.

the other problem is that no one seems to be reviewing books (or at least books in english) on amazon.fr and the reviews really help in making a choice

Publié le 7 févr. 12 14:38:28 GMT+01:00
CBR : perhaps it depends on what genres one is seeking or simply the delay for issue on the French site. I suspect that the latter is primarily the cause of my lack of contentment with .Fr (and your Steve Jobs example may fall into this category), although there are several older books that I've been seeking that are only available on .UK or .com (and I am frustrated at not being able to buy them).

I have also noticed the lack of reviews - perhaps a reflection of the relatively small number of sales of En books on .Fr. Perhaps also due the fact that many are read on Kindle, but it then requires the patience of the reader to go to PC and post the review from there. I only look for reviews on the .UK and .com sites due to the much larger number of reviews and opinions.

Publié le 7 févr. 12 15:00:05 GMT+01:00
you're likely going to find them unavailable if your kindle is registered as being in France there too

so far in the last week, I've found Dragonwyck by Anya Seton unavailable to me, but on the obverse side, the US people are upset that I have access to David Edding's Belgariad & Mallorean series as well as Henry Miller's Tropic of Cancer

I think that's because we (EU) get access to some UK published ebooks (Penguin and Hachette books mostly)

as far as reviews, I suspect it is a cultural/habitual thing - americans (and maybe UK residents) are accustomed to reviewing purchases online

Publié le 8 févr. 12 06:59:05 GMT+01:00
Gary, the Four-Eyed Fairy and Other Stories is a collection of 12 short stories, all previously published in US journals for only 84 Eur or 99 cents. Eight 5 star reviews in the US and UK.

Publié le 8 févr. 12 08:12:29 GMT+01:00
can we please keep the spam out of one thread?


Publié le 8 févr. 12 09:41:59 GMT+01:00
Some of the Petit Fute (sorry no accents on my keyboard) series are on offer for kindle at the moment - several interesting ones, Paris Visites thematiques etc., all around and under 2 Euros. There is even a map of Paris but it has been given bad reviews because of the unworkability of a map on kindle which I had imagined would be the case.

Publié le 9 févr. 12 19:05:38 GMT+01:00
L. JP dit:
I'm French, but I read a lot of crime/mystery ... in English.
New Pelecanos book "What it Was" available from today: 0,99 ¤.

I often buy books (and CDs) from amazon.uk, I agree that not being able to buy kindle books is a bit frustrating.

Publié le 10 févr. 12 09:01:32 GMT+01:00
Hello L.JP I checked out the Pelecanos book not my kind of thing but thanks for the information that it is only 0,99 I often find kindle books on uk site free, or very cheap, then click on to fr site to buy them and find they are often many times the price. uk have many books special for Valentine's Day at 99p but on the fr site they come up as more than 5 Euros.
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