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English speakers living in France and using Amazon.fr

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Publié le 12 févr. 12 07:46:04 GMT+01:00
Dernière modification par l'auteur le 13 févr. 12 08:32:33 GMT+01:00
Today's offre eclair looks very interesting - however - I think this would be a book I would prefer to have in hardback or paperback but the price is prohibitive for me.

Publié le 12 févr. 12 11:56:54 GMT+01:00
caro63 dit:
I agree with you Anne - would like this book but the illustrations maps photos etc will be so disappointing that I'm giving it a miss - I would have loved the illustrated history one -can't remember the title just now 2000 years of history through 50 objects or something to that effect but without colour and large pictures I think it would have been such a disappointment!
Still I'm pleased with the offers so far have bought many but always moan when there's one I've already read/bought in book form (like yesterdays -really love john irving!)I'm waiting for the first "hunger" book to appear -I'm sure if I order it it will be 0.99 the next day!

Publié le 13 févr. 12 09:02:14 GMT+01:00
Hello Caro, yes I bought the John Irving, looks good. I have never read any of his books before so looking forward to trying it. This is one good thing about the book of the day, if you don't like it at least you have not spent a lot of money on it. What are the "hunger" books?

En réponse à un message antérieur du 13 févr. 12 10:32:09 GMT+01:00
caro63 dit:
Hi Anne - "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins - this series seem to be a big hit in the UK and I'd like to see what all the fuss is about!
I"ve joined the Goodreads site recently - there was a message here for english readers in France (don't know if you saw it below) and I thought I'd try it as I'm always interested in finding out what people are reading /what they've read this year how they liked a book I'm interested in etc - not enough feedback on the Amazon.fr site so I'm always switching over to Amazon uk or US to see how a book rated there - I love going through reading lists to see what people have read and enjoyed especially when they have loved the same books as I have.


I agree for 1 ¤ no regrets but I do checck first a little - I shall be spending 30 ¤ a month otherwise and have books to read until I'm 90! (hope they keep this up for ever - was worried it would stop end of Januarry so was pleased it didn't! BTW do you get a message on your kindle for the special offer or do you have to use your computer? I got 1 message at the beginning but no more after.
I'm sure you'll enjoyJoh Irving and wannt to buy his others -I've loved them all ever since World according to Garp!
I've bought today's special - always love a good "whodunnit" !

Publié le 13 févr. 12 14:53:46 GMT+01:00
Hello Caro, thanks for the reminder about the goodreads site had every intention of visiting when it was last mentioned then was sidetracked and forgot about it. Talking about sidetracked just bought the DVD The Return of Martin Guerre starring Gerard Depardieu, only went onto the uk site to look at classic old french films, put loads onto my wish list as an aide memoire. I resisted today's special as am really putting the brakes on now as so many books to read as you say it will take until we are 90. lol. I do my research via my laptop as can have uk and fr windows open so switch between the two all the time, so no I do not get offres on my kindle, I get them on my Amazon kindle home page on the laptop.
I am sure Amazon will continue with special offers of the day, can you imagine the amount of revenue generated by such a sales pitch - genius!! who can resist - not me normally!! Will check out goodreads later - thanks for the reminder.

Publié le 13 févr. 12 18:25:15 GMT+01:00
Jodie Foster remade that movie with Richard Gere - it's called Sommersby

Publié le 14 févr. 12 07:18:25 GMT+01:00
Julie dit:
Hi Anne, thanks for the tip on searching for books, I will try that. I only got my Kindle at Christmas and so far have 173 books on it. I really must stop buying for a while. The trouble is I get so excited (memo to self, must get out more!) about books, I worry that I will miss out on a good one.

En réponse à un message antérieur du 14 févr. 12 07:39:07 GMT+01:00
Hello CB, yes I remember the film Sommersby, I enjoyed it and always meant to see the french original.

En réponse à un message antérieur du 14 févr. 12 07:45:16 GMT+01:00
Hello Julie, I think we all seem to be unable to resist books - I buy on the one click and think oh dear I did it again!! Can easily resist today's offre eclair as have no interest whatsoever in vampire novels!! Had to smile when you say you have 173 books on your kindle - that is going it some!!

Publié le 14 févr. 12 07:55:41 GMT+01:00
I think I have 80 something, but then I downloaded a large amount of sci-fi and fantasy books (35, I think) from the Baen website (cheaper than amazon)

Publié le 14 févr. 12 08:09:08 GMT+01:00
Dernière modification par l'auteur le 14 févr. 12 08:13:02 GMT+01:00
Caro, I checked out Hunger Games and must say the reviews are amazing. I was surprised to see the trilogy on kindle for just under 14Euros so good value also. Interesting!!!

Publié le 14 févr. 12 10:03:02 GMT+01:00
caro63 dit:
I'm not usually interested at all in vampires (exception made for the Sookie Stackhouse series now True Blood -but I've never seen theTV series - afraid of being disappointed- which I found really humouress and page turning - have had to read the whole series and loved them all! )- but I don't see that today's special is about vampires ? seems more greek mythology based modern love story with a bit of supernatural - demi-gods? have been looking at the reviews and it's go 4.5 stars from 86 reviews so can't be that bad! I like a light read after (or in the middle of ) more "intellectual" stuff! (am reading "Bad Science" at the moment and it's really interesting!) I will give the French offre éclair a miss though as witches and demonic spirits are a bit too much for me.

Publié le 14 févr. 12 12:55:23 GMT+01:00
We have 2 "offres éclair" today:
- one in French, La fille du soleil noir, tome 1 : Esprits impurs (Bit-Lit), which looks indeed like a vampire story.
- one in English, STARCROSSED, indeed a modern love story based on Greek mythology.

Like Anne, I'm not much into vampire stories, so won't take the French title.
But wondering if I won't give a try to the English title. Any positive feedback about it?

Publié le 14 févr. 12 16:23:17 GMT+01:00
caro63 dit:
Hi la note bleue
I got the impression it was more supernatural fantasy : witches and demons etc rather than vampires:didn't see any mention of the blood-sucking brigade mentioned in the blurb - although there may be some around inside the book!-
I have bought the English offer "Starcrossed" (Greek mythology cum present day love)
as it seemed to have reasonable reviews in Amazon uk - as I said more than 4 stars (86 reviews) so I thought I'd give it a chance! Just checked the Goodreads site and 77% of over 7000 ratings gave it 4 or 5 stars out of 5 so I guess it could be a love it or hate it (rather like Marmite!)book - maybe the 7000 were all into fantasy but I can do fantasy so long as it's readable!
Any one out there read it already? Would be good if we could have day by day warnings about the special one day offers from readers who have loved/hated the books !
I will do so if they happen to be ones I 've read - maybe someone could start a new thread on the book of the day offers?

Publié le 14 févr. 12 17:39:21 GMT+01:00
Hi Caro!

Re the French Offre Eclair:
According to the product description of its English version, Unclean Spirits: Black Sun's Daughter: Book One (Black Suns Daughter 1), the book is packed with "supernatural riders - demons, vampires, werewolves and all sorts of other nasty parasites". Definitely not my cup of tea... ;-))

Re the English Offre Eclair:
Thank you very much for the info, I'll give it a try!

Re the thread dedicated to the Offres Eclair:
If I remember well, Charline started a dedicated thread - but looks like it's kind of brain-dead right now...

Publié le 14 févr. 12 17:47:47 GMT+01:00
Here is Charline's thread:

En réponse à un message antérieur du 14 févr. 12 18:06:59 GMT+01:00
caro63 dit:
Thanks for the info !- problem is it"s in French so probably not being followed by the majority of the English speaking community over here buying English books- I get the impression most of us are reading the english threads!

Publié le 14 févr. 12 18:27:24 GMT+01:00
Yep, you're right. And if we start speaking French for French Offres Eclair and English for English Offres Eclair, the thread will probably become quite messy...
Feel free then to start a thread named "Offres Eclair for English Speakers" - or whatever title you want.

Publié le 15 févr. 12 06:12:21 GMT+01:00
Julie dit:
I am not normally in to vampire stories either, but I did enjoy "Interview with a Vampire" when it came out years ago.
I did buy "Starcrossed" when it was on special offer, but it might be a while before I get round to reading it! Thats the trouble now, I have so many books on my Kindle, that when I finish one, I am spoilt for choice! I am reading Jodie Picoults "Handle with Care" at the moment, it is about a family dealing with a younger sibling with brittle bone disease. Its not too bad, but she keeps putting recipes in! I enjoyed her book "Change of heart", but she is like other authors that keep churnung books out, they all become the same old, same old. Shame really.

Publié le 15 févr. 12 09:11:05 GMT+01:00
Hello La Note Bleue, Julie, Caro, Sorry to have introduced the confusion re the offres eclair, I was mixing up the two offres. I do read all the french threads on this site which are of interest to me, as well as the english ones. In fact, by the by, I think some of them are direct translations of topics from the other amazon sites, or vice versa, as one sees exactly the same "problems" being discussed here!! I rather like the randomness of this thread though, it keeps the interest here and the thread going - so many of them die out, it is nice that this one is still going.

Publié le 15 févr. 12 09:21:47 GMT+01:00
caro63 dit:
Hi all!
Today's special : Snow Crash : 65% gave it 4 or 5 stars ; average 3.75 stars from 64700 ratings on Goodreads : I'll give it a try thanks for the info MystereK

Publié le 15 févr. 12 11:11:26 GMT+01:00
Just been looking at freebie recommendations on the uk site and came across something which looks very interesting. Why We Raise Belgian Horses by Kathryn Judson - I had a little read via the look inside facility on the uk site, then transferred to fr site and immediately downloaded it.

Publié le 15 févr. 12 12:22:07 GMT+01:00
Another interesting freebie River in the Sea by Tina Boscha about a young Freisland girl living during the occupation WW2

Publié le 15 févr. 12 15:25:34 GMT+01:00
Another freebie That Bear ate my Pants by Tony James Slater written by a young man who went to work in an animal rescue centre in South America -I read the sample and it seems very promising.

Publié le 15 févr. 12 21:12:14 GMT+01:00
Julie dit:
Changing the subject slightly (!) its my birthday today and I received Amazon gift vouchers from my son and from a friend. I decided to treat myself to a proper Kindle cover. I ordered the Marware Atlas. I let you all know what I think of it when it arrives.
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