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Free Young Adult book

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Message initial: 17 déc. 11 13:37:19 GMT+01:00
Drinking Life (Keeper of the Water Book 1) (English Edition) During the most important field hockey game of her life, Nia Ammo doesn't have to worry about the other team as much as the pair of men - clad in ancient battle armor - that suddenly attack her. Everyone else runs for their lives but Nia's instinct is to stay and fight, to protect herself and her neighbor Cassie, a girl she doesn't even really like. The entire time, she feels the eyes of a mysterious old man watching her from afar. After she fights off the soldiers, her parents move the family business across the country. But once Nia turns 18, she begins to have dreams about an unknown past life and the new guy at school might have answers for her... if she can survive long enough to get them... Drinking Life is a YA Paranormal Romance and the first book in the Keeper of the Water trilogy...

Publié le 8 mars 12 16:11:06 GMT+01:00
For readers of English books, these books are currently free:

Living by the Swamp is a delightful children's book that adults will enjoy reading too.

Young Adult selection:

Airel (The Airel Saga, Book 1)
Agartha's Castaway
Array'd In Flames
Becoming Edward - a teen romance
Matilda's House (Matilda Series)
Bonded (The Venture Books)
Redemption (Redemption Series)
Descendant: The Protector (The Descendant Series)

Publié le 18 févr. 14 01:57:56 GMT+01:00
This is enjoyable children's book is free for a few days...
The Night Creepers: (A Childrens Short Novel)
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