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Noël vegan
Noël vegan
par Marie Laforet
Edition : Relié
Prix : EUR 12,00

5.0 étoiles sur 5 Excellent !, 4 mai 2016
Achat vérifié(De quoi s'agit-il ?)
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Noël vegan (Relié)
Excellent petit livre de recettes vegan, certaines sont devenues des classiques chez moi, comme souvent avec les recettes de Marie Laforêt. Évidemment, il y a du soja (c'est vegan, fallait s'y attendre) et les ingrédients ne sont pas du tout difficiles à trouver pour peu qu'on ait un magasin bio proche - voire internet pour ceux qui n'en auraient pas :)

Enemy Red (Mark of Lycos Book 1) (English Edition)
Enemy Red (Mark of Lycos Book 1) (English Edition)
Prix : EUR 0,99

4.0 étoiles sur 5 A nice hot little read !, 31 mars 2016
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Enemy Red (Mark of Lycos Book 1) (English Edition) (Format Kindle)
My rate : 3.5

I chose to read this novella after seeing the author's name and it was a nice hot little read that didn't disappoint.

Marie Harte can build a world and characters with a few sentences, which is very good when you're reading a 55 pages long story ! The atmosphere was original compared to other shifter stories I read previously and the characters, though not that deep, were diverse and likeable enough. Well, except for Mikhail and his creatures, of course.

The story flowed easily, my only regret is that it was so short, there was matter enough for something longer - plus I didn't expect the way it ended (I like being surprised in a good way !).

Maybe the rest of the series will develop this universe some more ?... I'll be happy to read about it.

Hearts Out of Time (English Edition)
Hearts Out of Time (English Edition)
Prix : EUR 3,99

5.0 étoiles sur 5 What a ride !, 28 janvier 2016
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Hearts Out of Time (English Edition) (Format Kindle)
Wow, what a ride ! I devoured this in one sitting !

Right from the start, you jump into action. Tracy’s father, a genius inventor, has been kidnapped and Tracy has to step not just into the past, but into another dimension in the past, to find out who the abductor is and what it is exactly he wants. Until now, she was your average normal young woman and this world she discovers is quite different : vampires and vampire hunters, gunslingers, robot hounds of hell and so on.

She is welcomed there by Garrett, a man whom her father trusts completely. Garrett is an uptight British gentleman, handsome but with the ability to ruffle her feathers. He is part of “The circle”, people who work with Tracy’s father : Jack and his train reminded me of The wild, wild West (I was a huge fan of the show with Robert Conrad when I was a kid) ; Weedon and White Fur were quite likeable characters ; the badass heroin was Jessica, the vampire huntress, and not Tracy – who at one point is referred to with an adjective which made me roar with laughter !

The romance part is between Tracy and Garrett, but the investigation takes a big place. At one point, I thought I knew who the abductor was, only to be proven wrong – it’s not the first time it happens to me with this author, and I appreciate that very much.

This book is part of a trilogy, so you must expect all the threads of the plot not to be solved here. I can’t wait to lay my hands on the next instalment : romance, banter, action, suspense, betrayal, weird robots and otherworldly creatures, you don’t get bored for a single moment.

In a Bad Way (Bad Boys of the Bay Book 4) (English Edition)
In a Bad Way (Bad Boys of the Bay Book 4) (English Edition)
Prix : EUR 3,64

5.0 étoiles sur 5 Steamy romantic suspense !, 26 janvier 2016
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : In a Bad Way (Bad Boys of the Bay Book 4) (English Edition) (Format Kindle)
Wow, what a ride ! This book kept me on my toes until the very end. It’s part of a series but can be read as a standalone (but seriously, grab the others !).

I loved both main characters, with a deep preference for Izzy, however. She is the strongest woman I’ve read about recently. Strong not only in the way that she can stand her own (she does kickboxing), but also, she’s capable of facing her feelings or a dangerous situation, be afraid and still go on. She’s honest, straightforward and brave.

It took a woman like her to stand up to Flynn. They both come from very different backgrounds, have important issues created by their respective pasts. Yet it took Flynn a longer time to overcome his prejudices than Izzy. I wanted to shake him sometimes, but I could understand why he reacted like he did. And Karin Tabke knows how to write a fine piece of sexy cop !
“He’s a bully, and a strippist !”
“Strippist ?”
“Yeah.” She hiccuped. “Like a racist except he’s prejudiced against strippers.”

The only (slight) drawback I found in this book was that the “penis” word was used a lot, lol ! That said, the raw passion and chemistry between those two was explosive. You might want to read this book near a freezer, a cold shower or your significant other – they may come in handy. And the suspense plot became more captivating as I read along.

As a conclusion : you must grab this book ! If you missed it, you’d miss on a wonderful heroin, a passion that would set your reader/book aflame, a suspense that will make you gasp and a novel you won’t be able to put down.

Escape from Witchwood Hollow (English Edition)
Escape from Witchwood Hollow (English Edition)
Prix : EUR 4,99

4.0 étoiles sur 5 4 creepy wood stars, 10 novembre 2015
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Escape from Witchwood Hollow (English Edition) (Format Kindle)
At the beginning, I thought this novel would rate a 3 but it finally reached a solid 4 ! It took me some time to adapt to Honoria, I first thought she despised the country too much and cared too much about fashion. But she's just a teenager, her dead parents's bodies were never found and she could never have real closure, she feels lost and adrift. Somehow, she grew on me : she's a nice girl, the traces of history she finds in her new town let her imagine how the people who lived there before her must have hoped, felt and loved instead of being just images from the past.

She tries to adapt to this different life. And a different kind of life it is : far from the pragmatism of New York, she dives into folklore and a wood haunted by a witch - those who wander into the woods are never seen again. What better distraction is there to forget reality than to dive into paranormal and find out about the witch ? We are told about Witchwood Hollow through the alternate experiences of 3 different girls, Elizabeth (1600s), Albertine (1850s) and finally Honoria (2001). At first, we don't really see the link between them - except the woods - but the plot finally pieces everything back together with a twist. So there's a bit of history as well as paranormal.

I expected a different ending to the novel, but I was happily surprised, which is very good ! I would love to read more from this author. 4 creepy woods stars !

Quote :
"Damsel in distress," she muttered, her mother's favorite curse. Regular cursing made some people look down on a person, but imaginative cursing made a person feel better and those around smile."

Survivors: Secrets (English Edition)
Survivors: Secrets (English Edition)
Prix : EUR 3,56

5.0 étoiles sur 5 5 kickass stars !, 10 novembre 2015
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Survivors: Secrets (English Edition) (Format Kindle)
This novel takes place in a future England that has been devastated by the Divines. Several years ago, a medicine was invented that was supposed to cure cancer and other terminal diseases and rejuvenate the old, all this by altering human DNA. Scientists wanted to create stronger, superior human beings. That drug didn't affect everyone, but some people began to develop powers. These extraordinary powers new to ordinary humans led to power fights, then the destruction of the world that now looks like a gigantic desert with a few buildings emerging here and there.

The Divines have taken over what's left of the world, and have stuck to the cities where some humans live under their rules ; other human groups are living as outsiders, such as Lacey and her group of survivors. They aren't totally independant, they have to pay a monthly fee to the most powerful Divine around, Lucan. They also have to deal with the nearby drug dealers gang led by "Plumber", who wants to expand his territory.

This novel was a very good surprise. It jumped straight into action from the very beginning, was fast paced and filled with twists and turns that kept me on my toes. The plot made me think about the tv-show Heroes where the heroes would have gone bad. Tanya made me think (a little) of Helena from Orphan Black (see quote below). The characters were good, believable, with evil guys you'll love to hate. There was banter and humor, a heroin who's a loud mouth kickass. There are a few editing mistakes, but nothing really important.

The story ends on a cliffhanger, but I really can't wait to read the rest and - hopefully - I will have the pleasure of seeing the sadistic aura-eater taken down (with pain, preferably) !
5 kickass stars, highly recommended !

Quote :

"Sane is no fun", Katya shot.

Dr. Orgasm
Dr. Orgasm
par Wol-vriey
Edition : Broché
Prix : EUR 13,86

4.0 étoiles sur 5 An imaginative tale, 3 novembre 2015
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Dr. Orgasm (Broché)
This is not really sci-fi, this story takes place in an alternate reality. In this country, people are threatened by the "Communists", an army of vaguely human soldiers whose only tasks are killing and raping. Their leader, Florence Rigid, states that : "I don't hate sex. I hate men using sex to dominate women. Orgasm makes a woman weak, makes her a slave to men. If women never came, they'd rule over men." so, she undertakes eliminating orgasm from the surface of the country by killing, raping or torturing people in various ways.

After their city has been destroyed by the Communists, a group of people try to find Dr Orgasm, Florence Rigid's opponent. This starts out like a catastrophe movie, a whole city erased from the map and a dangerous trip to freedom.

What I really liked here is the creativity of this world building. The story was well told, the details kept surprising me, there were lots of action and well-defined/diverse characters. I also appreciated that one of the characters was a handsome, muscled guy who suffered of a small penis complex - you don't see that often ! And I learned something about polycoria, I didn't know that existed.

I must warn you if you decide to read this, that the heat level I gave the book has nothing to do with BDSM or orgies and the likes, more to do with torture, rape and gore. Part 3 was especially descriptive in that regard, but the author wrote a clear warning at the beginning and if you decide to skip it, you can keep reading part 4 without compromising the whole understanding of the story. I tried to read it but honestly, I couldn't stomach it all - thinking that this kind of things might be happening in the real world as I read...

However, I liked reading this because this world really was something. I have a soft spot for the greenhouses especially. There was maybe too much violence for my taste, but my main regret was that the ending was too quick compared to the length of the novel. On the other hand, there was a high level of tolerance for all kinds of loves/sexualities that really was open minded and there was some welcome humor here and there.

All in all, a good surprise !

Vegan Zombie Apocalypse (English Edition)
Vegan Zombie Apocalypse (English Edition)
Prix : EUR 2,99

4.0 étoiles sur 5 You've never seen zombies like these !, 3 novembre 2015
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Vegan Zombie Apocalypse (English Edition) (Format Kindle)
You've never read zombies like these before, lol !

I'm vegan, so vegan zombies ? The title certainly caught my attention ! How could zombies be vegan ? Well, they eat potatoes only, "All undead persons were allergic to meat". "If human meat was poison to zombies, human brains were worse. Zombie flesh litterally exploded on the slightest contact with brains." Those potatoes are cultivated on human "cows" : yes, implanted into their flesh. Those humancows are part of vegfarms, taken care of until the potatoes are riped : then they are harvested and the humancows die. The only vegetables mentioned in the novel are those potatoes that I wouldn't touch with a ten feet pole !

What I like with Wol-Vriey's novels so far (this is my second), is that he has a lot, and I mean a lot, of imagination ! Those potatoes are not your usual potatoes, as well as zombies are not your usual zombies. When you happen to see "normal" zombies claiming for "braiiiiins", it's not exactly what you would be expecting, lol ! There are necros in there, too, with disgusting habits : they revere zombies but eat them, turn them into clothes, into sex slaves, beds, bricks to build walls - well : they live with them stricto sensu. That's where the 5 "heat" rate makes sense : there are not orgies at every pages, far from it, the rate is merely there to remind you that zombies smell bad, are decaying, have maggots, and there is sex with zombies : yuck ! And wait until you read about the sponge rats and the condom-worm !

The story begins with Soil, a humancow who dreams of escaping the farm. Humancows are allowed to dream of that, but they never have the guts to turn it into a plan of action. Except Soil is not your usual humancow... There is action, bouts of humor, yuckiness, fights for powers, transformations and even... zombie angels ! Entertaining, inventive, the perfect Halloween read !

"I am Superzombie," he said. "Stronger than your urge to puke at the sight of meat, faster than your death by brain contamination. (...) I am the defender of truth, justice and the modern zombie way of life."

Woo Me (The Outback Bachelor Ball Book 2) (English Edition)
Woo Me (The Outback Bachelor Ball Book 2) (English Edition)
Prix : EUR 2,99

5.0 étoiles sur 5 5 "read with a smile on my face" stars !, 20 octobre 2015
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Woo Me (The Outback Bachelor Ball Book 2) (English Edition) (Format Kindle)
“Timing is everything”
When Karina Bliss e-mailed me, offering me to review Woo me, I felt like a starstruck teenage fan contacted by one of her idols. That’s sad, considering my age, but that’s how it was. Ever since I devoured Rise at the beginning of the year, I’ve been reading my way into Zander’s written past and absolutely loving this author with each new novel I’d read.
So I started Woo me and read it quickly – thank you, insomnia. And I loved it ! I loved both main characters, Logan as much as Jen – it doesn’t happen often that I can relate to the main male character, so it’s worth stressing. Very often, men in romance are walking clichés, I can like them but not empathize with their feelings, feel them as human beings. I often relate more to the women. That’s one of the things I appreciate in Karina Bliss’s books, that and her sense of humor.
I loved Jen’s no-nonsense attitude, she’s firm yet compassionate, but is cynical when it comes to love : she believes in it for others, not for her.
“But I chose him so carefully,” she protested, straightening on the bar stool. The injustice still rankled” (…)
“Tell me something,” Logan said, cutting her off mid-outrage, “were you attracted to this guy or did he just fit the algorithms ?”
I could relate to that, I was just like her at one time, so it struck a chord with me. And I admire Jen’s strength. She learns a lot about herself during that night, and she acts upon it, takes a risk. It doesn’t happen in the blink of an eye, but when she realizes something, she goes for it, even if she’s afraid of how it might turn out. I applaude this attitude, go girl !
I loved Logan, freshly out of the army and on the lookout for a woman. He’s never been in a relationship, doesn’t know how to make it work, yet he’s ready for it, wants it and upon meeting his Cowderella, decides that whatever she may think about it, they have to at least try. And he’s really eager to reach Jen, without forcing her, you should see what length he’s ready to go to !
As a conclusion, I should say there is not much action here but who cares – only two people falling in love when they least expect it and the situation is not favorable, but I read this with a smile most of the time, or an occasional tear maybe, really loving these well-written characters and wishing them to work it out. Now I’m willing to read the rest of the series even if it was written by different authors.
Highly recommended, 5 “read with a smile on my face” stars !

The Madness of Lord Westfall
The Madness of Lord Westfall
Prix : EUR 4,03

5.0 étoiles sur 5 Highly entertaining !, 2 octobre 2015
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : The Madness of Lord Westfall (Format Kindle)
Such an entertaining read ! It has everything you can desire : a secret society, love, mystery, psychic abilities, blackmail, a magic powder, evil doctors, adventure, a trip to the madhouse… This was my very first book by Mia Marlowe but it won’t be my last, I now need to read the previous book.
Oh, by the way, this is the second book of the series, but it didn’t impair my reading.

You want me to talk about the book some more ? OK, I feel magnanimous, so let’s start with the characters.

Westfall : since he fell from a tree when he was a young boy, he’s “the universal receiver of everything rattling around in the head of others”. Quite a cacophony. He was locked away in Bedlam by his uncle (who hopes to inherit his estate) and only came out of it when he was recruted by the Order. He has a hard time learning to control his gift. He loves gardening : plants don’t think ! Yet, he’s willing to risk everything for the woman he loves. I enjoyed that he smiles a lot around Nora or when he wants to pass as a complete madman.

Nora is a young widow who has been rejected by her family after she ran off with a man who died at war. Her only means of survival was to become a courtesan. It allows her to pick her clients and to be emotionally safe, in control. Under her protection shield, Nora is a brave, tender, compassionate, likable woman.

Around them is a whole set of secondary characters of different social origins that compose the Order. There is also Lord Albermalrle, Nora’s patron and a closeted homosexual.

I guess each of the members will have their book and I’m eager to read more about them !

As a conclusion : a very entertaining read, with strong women characters (I always appreciate that), suspense, romance and a glimpse at such subjects as madness, the condition of women, homosexuality – and how these were considered during the Regency period.
Highly recommended !

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