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Contenu rédigé par Hugo C. Saldias
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Commentaires écrits par
Hugo C. Saldias (Denver,Co USA)

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Oeuvres Pour Orgue (Orgelwerke-Organ Works)
Oeuvres Pour Orgue (Orgelwerke-Organ Works)
Prix : EUR 21,96

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5.0 étoiles sur 5 UNIVERSALITY OF BACH AND HIS PASSACAGLIA, 21 juin 2013
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Oeuvres Pour Orgue (Orgelwerke-Organ Works) (CD)
Le commentaire ecrit par L'aigle:
L'AIGLE likes the interpretation of Mr Richter and makes a good description of the results,that tells that he knows
the subject he is writing about. But what he says about Mr Fagius makes think the opposit:that he does not know the
universality of Bach and of the Passacaglia. First of all Mr Fagius is a scholar and winner of the BACH-LEIPZIG organ competition,recorded his complete works on several CDs. A person that has studied for many years Bach and his
works can not be judge in such a way. Because after all:How come L"AIGLE has not recorded any Bach CD at all? And how come he is not a winner in any organ competition? This shows some ignorance respect Bach works.Let us clarify:
The Passacaglia as well as the 6 Sonatas were written for pedal cembalo and instruction "in house" of Bach's sons.
One of them says that these works are a bridge between the organ and the pedal cembalo( a cembalo with 32 notes to be played by the feet).Second there are different approches to Bach organ woks and all of them could be correct on an equal basis,specially if comes form high regarded players or professors.This vision of the interpretation of the Passacaglia of Mr Fagius is the one for cembalo (not organ).There are other authorities in Bach that see this piece the same way: Mr Anthony Newman for example,plays the pedal cembalo and plays this piece in an organ just the way
Mr Fagius does.And let us think of registation as courses of a meal.Not all menues are the same, chicken,beef,meet.
And read about Karl Joseph Riepp( the organbuilder from Ottobeuren) that compares the registrations and stops with food of different kinds. I tell you this so you do not think I am inventing these paraleles of food and organ stops.
So we must hear Bach open minded considering who is playing and give respect to the artist that has worked so hard.

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