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Stella Carrier "luckywoman2078" (Hyattsville, Maryland)

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5.0 étoiles sur 5 Relocation Primer, 4 décembre 2015
I must preface this book review of Making The Move;How to Transform Relocation Into A Creative Life Transition by Cathy Goodwin, PH.D. by making it clear that I intend to stay in the area for at least the next 6-8 months at a minimum and would put in proper notice If I had to leave my current job due to moving out of the metropolitan Washington D.C. area (I had to address this because rumors would have flew otherwise). It is ironic because I have been recently pondering when I may have to move away from an area that I love to an area that my husband and I are both fine with when the song Jump by Madonna randomly came on an internet radio that I was listening to. There have been other unexpected occurrences, but I must get into the good parts of this book;
Chapter 3-Will I Still Be Me; Making The Right Decision (starts on page 39)-Goodwin touches on the reality of being prepared to express your identity in different ways when you relocate. The author also shares an example of someone who may have enjoyed the Saturday morning farmer market in a certain Area And has to get use to one not being in their new area or the dilemma of being Able to find a painting class after relocating when it could have been much easier in the previous area. Ideas on how to be an urban Anthropologist in your planned Area to relocate Are Also discussed. Goodwin Also touches on the potential reality on pages 50-51 of relocating when you already have a built in employment paper identity and the identity of moving without a job or business. She also touches on the potential positives of a person being open to change.
Chapter 7-Are We Settled Yet-Integration Phase Starts on page 113-Information is covered on what to potentially expect 6 months after a relocation and that a longer timeframe is needed to get use to a new city. Goodwin also goes into how others see the world differently and/or want to help others after relocation. The three wishes exercise on page 119 covers a fun tool where A person playfully pretends that A genie is going to grant them 3 wishes but they have to stay in their newly relocated Area for At least 6 months, page 120 features An exercise on imagining what you would want to do if you Are healthy but only have six months to live (I Admit that my mind draws A blank on this one so I may lean towards what I would do if I knew that I only had 5-6 years left to live), And page 120 also features A cool exercise on setting goals.

Chapter 10-Were More Than the Sum of Our Identities starts on page 155; Goodwin candidly touches on how an individual or a family group may also give up the positive benefits of their family reputation if they move. The author gave an example of the Harrison family who enjoyed the benefit in their small Vermont town of gaining a reputation as athletes. As a result, all four children who were on sports teams from grade school through high school enjoyed the positive benefit of getting selected for sports teams. “Bill”, the father of the family had to unexpectedly move the rest of the family with him to the Midwest for a job. The author stated that the family liked the new city they moved to but one of the kids-Ed- noticed that it was more competitive to get into school sports when he was turned down for varsity. The author also takes on Family Paper identity where members of a family may have had an easier time getting jobs in a certain area because of the family name and then have to start all over when the move to a new area. The author then tackled the honest reality of long distance couples and long distance marriages sometimes out of necessity with the example of Helen who teaches Medieval French literature and her husband Leonard who teaches Near Eastern Studies. Helen moved to Jacksonville while her husband stayed behind in Tennessee. The author also admits that it must be accepted that each family member may cope with the move differently. From this chapter, a person can deduce that relocation may obviously be hard on a family or individual who has benefited in a certain area in ways of job opportunities and other areas based on their family name and/or if they are popular or a family favorite (i.e. family golden sheep). Obviously, relocation may be less painful for family members/an individual who has not benefited positive or negatively from their family name (in ways of job opportunities) and relocation is obviously also easier for someone who is not the golden sheep (family favorite) of their family.
There is so much more included in Making the Big Move by Cathy Goodwin, PH.D. which is A good book to have because there is still scare information online on the spiritual , psychological, as well as practical concerns that a person must consider when relocating from an area they love (especially if the intended area that they are moving to is also enjoyable in multiple ways but not the same as the area that a person is moving away from). In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’m fortunate to be able to say that I get paid in an amount that leaves me more prosperous than I originally thought just A year Ago despite being taxed around twenty five percent of my income and I at least am guaranteed a certain number of hours at my job each week (I’m well aware that not every hourly employee has that luxury). Additionally, despite a rumor I’ve picked up that is circulating about me, my husband and I have both sworn off accumulating any more personal debt during our lifetimes since 2013 and quite some weeks before I became hired and employed in my current job. I admit that I temporarily relapsed on my word in 2015 when I decided that I was going to try take on a student loan for a class that would improve my financial worth both At my current job And in the competitive private sector. However, I knew that I had to swear off even further student loans (educational debt) for my current lifetime when I noticed people in my life who did not even go to college and shrewdly projected themselves and their hard work to a much higher financial net worth. Obviously, if I ever go back to school I’m only going to enroll if I have the money to pay for the class upfront, but this book Making The Big Move by Cathy Goodwin is very healing for me because she addresses the steps A person goes through whether they have to consider relocation for financial reasons due to moving where there is a lower cost of living And/or A myriad of reasons that have to do with other practical concerns (their chosen career goals may be trickier to accomplish in their current place of residence or being required to relocate and other reasons).

Stargate [Director's Cut]
Stargate [Director's Cut]
DVD ~ Kurt Russell

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5.0 étoiles sur 5 First Seen Stargate When I Was Around 15 years old, 4 décembre 2015
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Stargate [Director's Cut] (Blu-ray)
The Stargate movie features Kurt Russell As U.S. Airforce Colonel Jack O’Neil, James Spader As Archaeologist And linguist Dr. Daniel Jackson, Jaye Davidson as Ra, Alexis Cruz As Skaara, Mili Avital As Shauri, Eric Avari As Kasuf,And Viveca LAndfors As Dr. Catherine Langford etc.. The character of Dr. Daniel Jackson is helping Jack O’Neil and other members of his groups towards a mission that they unexpectedly find trouble at first returning back to their preferred destination. What complicates matters is that the group ends up having little choice to help a group of people who are enslaved by a charismatic but evil ruler. One of the members unexpectedly develops romantic feelings for one of the locals which indirectly shape multiple plots of the movie.

Sweet Dreams Movie [Import USA Zone 1]
Sweet Dreams Movie [Import USA Zone 1]
DVD ~ Sarah Heinke
Prix : EUR 9,67

5.0 étoiles sur 5 Dream Preservation/Building, 4 décembre 2015
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Sweet Dreams Movie [Import USA Zone 1] (DVD)
Strawberry Shortcake-The Sweet Dreams movie centers on the characters of Strawberry Shortcake and her friends as they journey to a colorful and distinct dreamland world to help save their dreams. I also enjoyed the positive tie-in to the movies theme as a writer with the themes of what a character can accomplish with the power of self-belief/having faith in their own abilities.

That Power by Will.I.Am Feat. Justin Bieber (2013) Audio CD
That Power by Will.I.Am Feat. Justin Bieber (2013) Audio CD

5.0 étoiles sur 5 Music Power, 4 décembre 2015
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : That Power by Will.I.Am Feat. Justin Bieber (2013) Audio CD (CD)
That power by Will.i.am feat, Justin Bieber is a memorable Eurodance song. The lyrics contain the positive imagery of metaphorically flying in life. The music collaboration also works because of the carefully timed beats with the that power song by Will.i.am feat. Justin Bieber.

The Best Of Survivor by SURVIVOR (2006-06-06)
The Best Of Survivor by SURVIVOR (2006-06-06)

5.0 étoiles sur 5 Classic Rock of Survivor, 4 décembre 2015
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : The Best Of Survivor by SURVIVOR (2006-06-06) (CD)
The Best of Survivor by Survivor contains some innovative and classic rock tunes with such well known hits such as Eye of the Tiger and High On You. There are also some other multiple hits on The Best of Survivor that may not have gotten as much radio airplay in certain parts of the U.S. yet are still dazzling to listen to such as Burning Heart, Is This Love, The Moment of Truth (from the Karate Kid soundtrack etc.).

Pitbull Starring In Rebelution by Pitbull (2009) Audio CD
Pitbull Starring In Rebelution by Pitbull (2009) Audio CD

5.0 étoiles sur 5 Fun Summer 2009 Club Theme, 4 décembre 2015
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Pitbull Starring In Rebelution by Pitbull (2009) Audio CD (CD)
Rebelution by Pitbull impressively combines club and dance music in one music collection. I admit that I’m previously familiar with multiple songs on this collection from the summer of 2009 when I was living in Orlando Florida with the innovative music tunes of Hotel Room Service, I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) (they received decent radio airplay). I’m familiar with Krazy (feat Lil Jon) from early spring 2009 when I was still living in Norfolk, Virginia. However, Rebelution by Pitbull is still great to enjoy even for those who may not have yet heard of Pitbull because of the medley of club, dance, and electronic tunes that Pitbull includes on Rebelution.

Doctor Strange [DVD] [Region 2] (IMPORT) (Pas de version française)
Doctor Strange [DVD] [Region 2] (IMPORT) (Pas de version française)
DVD ~ Bryce Johnson
Proposé par DVDMAX-FR
Prix : EUR 10,04

5.0 étoiles sur 5 Distinct Film, 4 décembre 2015
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Doctor Strange [DVD] [Region 2] (IMPORT) (Pas de version française) (DVD)
I admit that I found out about this film of Dr. Strange; Sorcerer Supreme from my personalized Amazon account recommendations. I’m glad to have been introduced to this movie because of the innovative plot around the archetype of Dr. Strange. In the 2007 animated version of Dr. Strange Sorcerer Supreme a gifted doctor’s life is turned upside down after a car crash. He ends becoming spiritually changed when he seeks out unconventional methods to heal. I also enjoyed the unique way that the movie illustrated how sometimes our destinies can be even bigger than a person imagines. A hidden clue to this is shown when the Dr. Strange character is shown a group of children who are experiencing unexplained visions affecting their mind.

Greatest Hits by Blink 182 (2005-11-01)
Greatest Hits by Blink 182 (2005-11-01)

5.0 étoiles sur 5 Strong late 90’s rock, 4 décembre 2015
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Greatest Hits by Blink 182 (2005-11-01) (CD)
Greatest Hits by Blink 182 contains impressive rock tunes that bring out the group’s musical spirit such as All The Small Things and The Rock Show. This is also a perfect compilation to listen to when you are getting ready to go out.

Year of the Gentleman
Year of the Gentleman
Prix : EUR 7,39

5.0 étoiles sur 5 Sunny Side of Neyo, 4 décembre 2015
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Year of the Gentleman (CD)
I admit that I first heard of Neyo’s music back around 2006/2007 with being previously familiar with some of his songs from 2006/2007 and the summer of 2009/2010. The reason; I was living in Mayport, Florida (Feb. 2005-Feb. 2008) and Orlando Florida (April 2009 to May 2010) during these times and Neyo’s music received heavy radio play (which I didn’t mind because many of his songs are good). Anyhow, Year of The Gentleman by Neyo has multiple superb hits on this collection that masterfully blend dance, pop, & R&B rhythms with Closer, She Got Her Own (feat. Fabolous) and Miss Independent. I’m lucky in the fact that my husband unconditionally loves me and intends to stay married to me for life even though I’m still in the process of embodying the qualities that Neyo mentions in Miss Independent. For instance, my spouse saw that I was seriously trying to pick up some extra cash when I was trying to come in on one of my off days from work (three days ago) and he saw that I was truly bummed out when my request was politely turned down. However, he was extra affectionate towards me after he noticed that I truly did try. The connection to Miss Independent by Neyo; my husband actually likes to be needed at times, but even he is positively receptive when he notices my attempts to legally bring in more money. Year of the Gentleman is perfect for those who enjoy dance/R&B mixes and/or are familiar with his songs Sexy Love and Champagne Life (due to the music vibe of Champagne Life being musically similar to Year of the Gentleman by Neyo).

Prix : EUR 1,29

5.0 étoiles sur 5 Heard This Romantic Song from Pandora, 4 décembre 2015
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Touchness (Téléchargement MP3)
Touchness by Enigma is one of these sensual electronic/chillout songs that are in a similar vein as Sadeness but the difference is that the singer of the song is more direct with their feelings. What also makes this tune outstanding is the carefully placed electronic/classic music blend that is carefully blended with the lyrics.

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