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The Secret (en anglais)
The Secret (en anglais)
par Rhonda Byrne
Edition : Relié
Prix : EUR 14,17

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3.0 étoiles sur 5 I am amazed at how many people are misinterpreting this book, 22 décembre 2007
Ce commentaire fait référence à cette édition : The Secret (en anglais) (Relié)
The basic premisis of it is that we only benefit from thinking positively. To dwell, to be pesimistic absolutely gets us nowhere. However, to envision what we want our lives to look like, what we want to bring into our lives in the future, achievments, goals, people, is all a very good thing. I strongly believe that you have to practice on a daily basis, positive thinking. However, having said this, that does not directly translate into our being able to successfully dictate the direction of our life at all times. It does not mean that nothing bad will happen, we all have obstacles in our lives and it is only through these where we find the most growth. Sometimes thinking positively means making the most out of something bad, to always extract good no matter what the circumstances are. To resist, pain, hurt, loss, sadness, bad things gets us nowhere. To embrace and welcome obstacles when they appear is making something positive occur from a negative event. By doing so, you go directly through the event rather than bypassing it, in the end this is how you grow, blossom, flourish and only from these harder events do we remain real! Skip it and read Tino Georgiou's Masterpiece--The Fates. A much better read for the buck.

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