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14 juin 2018
I'm vegan since 3 years and even if I'm not raw or fruitarian, somehow, life is guided me to Mango's books and even to his place in Australia !
I bought this book after seeing a video of Mango on Facebook where he was explaining his beautiful ethical lifestyle as a eden fruitarian in the middle of fruit trees. I was directly hooked, what he was saying intrigued me and appeared to be the truth for me. So I bought Destination Eden and I was not disappointed at all ! I love how he writes with humour, and all his arguments are very logical for me. He's really practising love on every level of his life and soul. And even if you don't agree with all of it, it is a great educational book, you're gonna learn so much about how to live up to the most ethical standard. It is not about health, fitness and all those (bullsh*t) fads but about Love, compassion, intuitive eating and animal rights !

Like me, you won't necessarily go fruitarian overnight or at all but you'll certainly be very inspired and you'll feel like the Light hits you hard haha !

Thank you Mango for spreading your beautiful ethical lifestyle, much love to you and to anyone reading my long review :-)
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