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4,6 sur 5 étoiles
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le 25 février 2005
I really enjoyed The Namesake, just as much as I enjoyed Interpreter of Maladies. 'The Namesake' is a very entertaining novel that sheds light on the experiences of first generation Americans, whose parents are immigrants. It is one of the very few novels that have dealt with this subject and it certainly came out at its best in doing so.
It has got all the ingredients of conflict in a person's soul, conflict in a family and conflict in a community trying to stick together in another land. In this novel, the conflict in culture between Eastern vs. Western, The Old World vs. The New World, Father vs. Son is brilliant exposed. I could easily relate to the story as someone who is caught in the same situation himself. I was certainly disappointed by certain parts of the story, but on the whole it was marvelous. I was impressed by the positive reaction to it.
The characters are marvelously depicted and made to interact with so much fluidity, tenderness and love. The setting involving India and the USA is genuine. Brilliantly told, Namesake vividly brought out a clash of two cultures and of a boy realizing his father's life. In the end, we come to understand the enormous prize immigrants pay as they abandon their ethnic or national identities in their quests to be accepted in their new countries.
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le 1 juin 2005
This book is very powerful. Regardless of any literary or scholar interpretation, the namesake can be read by a very wide scope of readers.
You can see a story of culture differences within a family, as well as its effect on the son Gogol. But there is more to the namesake, which is a very discreet protest of the countries who shamelessly ignore everything of the human beings they shelter.
In that sense the United States are no exception. I think readers with immigrant roots will see even more than I did in this book.
I personally didn't have the slightes idea of what West Bengal is, which happens to be Ashoke's and Ashima's -the parents- mother countries. So reading the namesake was just a way to open my eyes on a different culture. My advise: READ IT.
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le 18 octobre 2012
Gogol est un immigré de deuxième génération, qui part avec un handicap dans la vie. Son nom. Gogol Ganduli. Sur un facheux contretemps suivi d'un malentendu culturel, ses parents ont inscrit son sur certificat de naissance ce qui aurait dû être et rester un surnom. Ensuite, impossible de revenir en arrière. Ce nom va symboliser la difficulté pour Gogol à trouver son identité, ni Indien, ni complètement américain. Avec humour et force d'anectodes, Jhump Lahiri nous relate son enfance, adolescence et vie de jeune adulte, pris dans un clash culturel permanent. On sympathise avec la haine de l'adolescent pour des traditions qu'il juge désuètes, aussi bien qu'à l'incapacité du jeune adulte à s'en détacher totalement. Le personnage sonne juste et est drôlement attachant.
En bref, un roman subtil et agréable.
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le 9 juillet 2015
A thoughtful look a the life of an Indian woman and the experience of her family, including her children as she and her professor husband make a life in the USA. A sympathetic consideration of the challenges of growing up outside of mainstream culture in the US and an accurate portrayal of what for many it means "to be an American." Well written and highly enjoyable book.
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le 7 novembre 2014
i don't generally read from this style or genre, but decided to broaden my horizons. very good book. speaks close to home, as an immigrant, although definately not the same experience. now have desire to read some more of her books, notably the one which one pulitzer, and also learn more about indian culture and the immigrant experience abroad.
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le 1 septembre 2015
When I started reading this book , I wish I had not started this book for one reason that It is very much my life as a immigrant. It affected me so deep and just could not stop reading.
The story affected me so much, which I myself don't know until, that I cried so badly when Mr Ganguly died. The life is pretty much exactly the same as explained for a Indian Immigrant in a Western country. The psychological challenges being away from the family and confused about the western culture and childrens being half indians and half american are so exquisitely explained.
Life in India explained through a westerner's point of view are put in a funny way and may seem misunderstood from a Indian perspective, but the characterisation of Gogol is very true.
I just could not even write a review having to remember the story again which affects me even now.
I enjoyed reading someone express the life in a true manner about the life in India and in US through an eyes of an outsider.
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le 16 décembre 2013
Ce livre est assez lent sans beaucoup d'action. ll S'agit de l'histoire d'une famille et en résumé de l'importance de ses racines. J'ai aimé même si je ne sais pas dire pourquoi... Le style de l'auteur peut- être, l'histoire.. Je ne sais toujours pas, mais je recommande. Sans être une bibliographie, ni un roman à intrigue je ne saurai définir le style.
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le 6 septembre 2011
Bonne transaction avec le vendeur, satisfaite de la vente.
Livre arrivé en état moyen (déchirure de la couverture) , et directement remboursé.
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