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3,5 sur 5 étoiles
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le 7 décembre 2015
Having DEVOURED several of Lewis's masterpieces, such as Mere Christianity, the Great Divorce and the Screwtape Letters, I was most eager to finally learn the first-hand account of how a former atheist could become such a pinnacle of Christian apologetics. Sadly, this book busies itself with everything BUT that question, or perhaps goes about answering it by taking the longest, most serpentine detour imaginable. One is left slogging through every tiresome detail of Lewis's upbringing - which can indeed be interesting or entertaining at times, but more often than not feels totally beside the point. His college shenanigans, with all the fraternity-type hazing and whatnot, are particularly irritating, as are his constant references to authors, philosophies and classic works that no one but the most highly educated are familiar with. I found myself saying, "Who cares? Get on with it already!" on more than one occasion, and even put the book back on the bookshelf twice. I only finally forced myself to finish it out of principle and because I thought that maybe, just maybe the ENDING would be good. Well, Lewis's actual conversion is only covered in the last few pages of Surprised by Joy, and sadly, all the rich theology that we find in his other books never has the time to appear here. Also, JRR Tolkien, who supposedly had a profound influence on Lewis's spirituality, is hardly even mentioned. Overall, I was very disappointed by this book, but I must not be the intended audience! I continue to greatly cherish all of his other works.
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le 24 août 2012
ce livre est de grande qualité littéraire et d'un style original, pour un écrit autobiographique, avec pas mal d'humour. super !
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