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4,7 sur 5 étoiles
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le 1 mars 2009
Je suis très satisfait de ce livre, qui dévoile la carrière de ce groupe scandaleux et génial (oui j'ai 21 ans et je suis fan de Mötley Crüe), où rien n'est épargné au lecteur.
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le 26 juillet 2001
This book cracked me up! To my surprise it is VERY well documented, detailed, and designed for that matter. While reading this you quickly suck up the sensational trashy details like a supermarket tabloid, but even then there is an unexpected element of quality left over. The book goes deeper than Playmates and "Zombie Dust". By page 400, four unique personalities are clearly defined. Each band member emerges honestly out of his ice block as he recalls his own views of their goofy band's crazy career. Mick Mars is no longer the mysterious monster I grew up thinking he was. He is humble, quietly wise and talented. Vince is surprisingly down-to-earth too. His passages are the most human of the bunch and I was even left feeling somewhat sorry for the guy. (LOL!) Then there's the other two members' accounts! Tommy, who manages to hang himself on his own poorly chosen words, and Nikki, who's bitterness injects you like a bad shot of smack. Through 100+ pages of Tommy Lee's "Dude" this and "Bro" that, a crudely drawn self portrait appears of a spoiled rotten drummer-boy brat who's approaching his 40's while "popping extacy all night" and getting "Mayhem" tattooed on his stomach. I was left wondering if he cares at ALL about anything besides his ego and his penis. Some of the things he writes are just plain funny "Bro", in a dumb-as-a-stone burned out glam-rocker sort of way. I was able to take Nikki's writings more seriously and sympathetically, but he still approaches the finish line with enough spite and bitterness in him to knock out a small army. You do get the impression that, depite his smacked out brain state, he would take a bullet for his band in it's quest for Hedonistic King of the Mountain. It's almost admirable.
Yeah, I really liked this book. I even admitted to the cute girl working the bookstore where I bought it, that I used to listen to Motley Crue. She didn't laugh at me and I suspect maybe she read it as well. This book is good and it's nothing to be ashamed of liking.
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le 26 juillet 2001
Finally, I received my of "The Dirt" from Amazon and I knew from various tidbits of information from other sources that I would enjoy this read. I'm 19 years young now and was not "there" in the 80s when the Motley Crues, Poisons, and Warrants ruled the world, but I grew up on Rock-N-Roll now, and still Love and live it. Reading this book brought on the entire range of emotions, from laughter and happiness to despair and sadness. I'm sure if any member of Motley Crue walked past any one of us, that we would probably bow down... or at least be struck in awe, but guess what? They're four regular guys who had a passion. A passion for Rock music, a passion for women, a passion for drugs... mostly a passion for EXCESS. Whether it was good or bad, they were passionate. I laughed in admiration of the antics of Nikki Sixx as he was growing up, but started feeling bad as his pains and demons of his childhood were haunting him. And then, something I do not do, I started to cry when I read about Vince Neil and his struggle to cope with his daughter's death. Yes, we've all seen Behind The Music, but that misses A LOT that this book covers. Whether you are now, were then, or have always been a Motley Crue fan, buying and reading this book is sort of like a toast... to the most decadent, craziest, and to me, the greatest Rock-N-Roll band of all-time, Motley Crue. They're just like us... but they never gave in. Luckily they survived this crash course in Excess 101! I guarantee if you have any interest in Motley Crue that this book will be read in one sitting. Told from the perspectives of each Crue member, and various other influential people, the real, uncensored story finally gets revealed. Don't listen to MY words. Read it for yourself.
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le 20 août 2014
Pour tous les fans de Mötley, pour tous ceux qui aiment les biographies de groupes, pour tous ceux qui aiment lire les histoires de coulisses, et surtout, pour tous ceux qui aiment vivre dangereusement :)
Souvent, je me prends à le relire d'un trait, ou des passages, toujours avec beaucoup de plaisir :)
A ne pas manquer aussi: The Heroin Diaries :)
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le 12 octobre 2015
...their lives are nearly pitiful toward the end. To much moaning and self explanations worthy of a 5 year old child...

Neil Strauss wrote this book in a pleasant narrative way. And chapters interact to each other in an intelligent way.
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le 2 janvier 2014
Indispensable pour tous les fans de Motley Crue.
Drôle, trash, émouvant, passionnant. Une fois le livre ouvert il est difficile de le refermer tant que l'on est pas arrivé au bout!
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