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le 28 août 2011
Mandy had her life mapped out and the one she was living right now wasn't too shabby. She had great friends and a pretty hot boyfriend. Well, only until he screwed up their relationship, so scratch that--not a great boyfriend. Everything else seemed normal, even when Nicolette Bennington, Nicki or Naughty Nic as some called her, didn't come to school. Nicki always skipped school or pulled pranks, but not the ones that hurt others. But when news came that Nicki didn't come to school that day since she was murdered, the whole school and town was in shock. In such a small town, no one believed that a murder could happen.

Even though Mandy hardly knew Nicki, she still seemed connected to her in more ways then one. Before she knows it, she starts seeing images of someone, quite possible Nicki's killer, The Witchman. Of course Mandy thinks she's just seeing things.

Not only that but now Mandy's ex-boyfriend, Dale, wants to mend their relationship since he knows that he messed up and is really sorry about what happened. But can Mandy ever take him back, especially when there is Kyle, the guy who came out of nowhere and started talking to Mandy on the Internet? The guy that Mandy is starting to like but is always busy when Mandy wants to meet up. Is there more to Kyle then what Mandy thinks?

LURKER is the first book in the WICKED DEAD series told by Anne, one of four ghosts who sit around and tell scary stories. The storyline reminds me of the time when kids would go to each others houses for sleepovers and tell scary stories. Except this story isn't your typical scary story, it seems real, and the fact that some of the things that happen could happen in real life is what makes it even creepier--well, except for a certain part. Twilight Zone inspired, LURKER is a great start to the WICKED DEAD series and I cannot wait to read the next book.

Reviewed by: Randstostipher "tallnlankyrn" Nguyen
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