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Alors... attention il y a des spoilers sur les tomes précédents !

Avec la mort de Mona le lecteur peu averti pouvait penser que nos menteuses étaient sorties d'affaire... Que nenni !! Un nouvel A remplace l'ancien alors que la vie des filles connait de nouveaux rebondissements... bien éloignés de la série.

Hanna : vit désormais avec son père,Isabel et la peste de Kate... Son petit ami est Lucas (oui oui, le looser de la série, exit Caleb qui n'existe pas) et a bien du mal à se remettre de la trahison de Mona ( oui, dans les livres, les filles ne sont TOUJOURS pas proches). Elle doit faire face à la redoutable Kate... J'ai bien aimé ce tome qui donnait un peu de profondeur à Hanna

Emily : n'est plus avec Maya et on sent toujours son affection pour Ali... Sauf qu'Emily se cherche sinon il ne lui arrive pas grand chose de passionnant, comme d'hab

Aria : s'est enfin réconciliée avec sa mère tandis que Merédith, la nouvelle chérie de son papa est enceinte ! Elle va aussi faire une rencontre très très perturbante (et ça ça m'a bien plu)

Spencer : entretien toujours des relations délicates avec sa soeur. Elle est quand même au centre de l'histoire avec une grosse révélation qui n'a rien à voir avec la série ^^ Ici idem, exit Toby qui est mort depuis longtemps... mais elle n'est pas seule pour autant !

Sur le fond l'histoire est toujours aussi passionnante et on suit avec plaisir les aventures des filles d'autant plus que la scission avec la série est bien consommée ! La fin est excellente (même si elle ressemble à celle de la série) et nous envoie encore sur des fausses pistes !

Les plus : toujours des complots et des situations difficiles pour notre 4 menteuses, des problématiques beaucoup plus poussées et profondes que dans la série. Le personnage d'Hanna qui commence à devenir un peu plus interessant.

Les moins : toujours l'omniprésence des marques ( j'ai l'impression de lire un magazine entrecoupé de pub), le personnage d'Emily qui ne me convainc pas

En bref : Divertissant et bien foutu ! J'adhère à 100% et je suis particulièrement pressée de connaitre la suite pour Aria ...

Ma note : 8/10
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le 29 mai 2010
This review is from: Pretty Little Liars #5: Wicked (Paperback)
Hang on to your hats and glasses because you are going to take a VERY bumpy ride through Rosewood, Pennsylvania on Philadephia's Main Line!

Alison DiLaurentis, 13, was a bright leader of a girls' clique. The members of said clique were more like satellites than actual friends as Alison's approval tended to give her peers a social leg up. She has been discovered murdered some 4 years after the summer she completed 7th grade in Rosewood Day, a private school on Philadephia's Main Line. These girls drop designer names the way some folks drop names when they want to impress others.

Spencer Hastings, along with the other satellites discovers she has good reason to want to dim the sun around which she revolves. She sputters at the drop of a designer hat. In an earlier installment, readers learn that she has had a history of blackouts. Her older sister, Melissa, favored to the point of excess and indulgence treats her like dog droppings. To make matters worse, the Hastings have ostracized Spencer for plagiarizing her sister's paper and almost accepting the Golden Orchid Award even after Spencer came clean and said she was going to turn herself in. They told her to accept the award so as not to tarnish the family's pristine reputation, but once she confessed they continued to treat her like dirt. They have a history of ostracizing her, as readers of the earlier installments well know. They wouldn't even invite her to eat dinner with them nor allow her to help in planning a fund raiser for her own school which was being held in her own home! To make matters worse, her grandmother does not include her in the will. The old bag stipulated that only "natural born grandchildren" stood to inherit from her vast fortune. That raises the question - is Spencer adopted or is the old bag just as unloving as her son and daughter-in-law? Remember - Spencer did describe her as not being kid friendly in an early volume.

Aria Montgomery had been having an affair with her English teacher, Ezra Fitz. Her theme song is Van Halen's "Hot For Teacher." Back in town after a 3-year stay in Iceland, Aria reluctantly re-enters Rosewood Day School and the consequences of her father's infidelity. Aria's mother re-admits her into the house upon learning Aria knew about the affair even before the family left for Iceland. Aria, who has always had a thing for older men accepts her mother's invitation to an art show where she meets an attractive older man who turns out to be one of the artists. Some interesting plot twists later, Aria is literally fighting him off. He could be a statutory rapist. Sadly, Aria feels she cannot blow the whistle on him as she fears being ousted from the house once again. She carries her Icelandic yak-fur bag like Linus does his security blanket. Her brother Mike, some 2-years younger thinks the artist is the greatest thing since his on-going passion, lacrosse. He remains on the fence post regarding familial alliances.

Emily Fields, a reknowned swimmer has finally become open about her sexual orientation. She has broken up with her partner, Maya, who is now living in the DeLaurentis house. Her irate parents shipped her off to her unloving aunt and uncle in Iowa in an early installment. Luckily, she meets a very kind boy named Isaac at a church social and in time enjoys a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship with Isaac. She also discovers her own bisexuality at this time.

Hanna - a former fat girl now a bulimic femme fatale has survived a lot. In an earlier installment, she was run over by a car; discovered what "fake friending" means and learns that popularity is as shifting as the shadows that stalk her and the other 3 girls. Her ulta-kind (or to use a word that crops up a lot in this book, "uber") boyfriend, Lucas stands by her side until she makes an accusation with devastating repercussions. Her own father all but ousts her from the family as well and his favoritism towards his stepdaughter to be, Kate is sickening. Kate is sneaky and conniving and Hanna has to be on high alert around her at all times.

Someone else is making the girls remain on high alert. The mysterious A who has been shadowing them ever since Alison's death is back in town and A is adept at finding out the girls' darkest secrets and deepest fears. A sends them mysterious text messages and e-mails and another casualty falls into this story as well. Hang on to your hats and glasses - once you enter Rosewood, you can't leave until you find out the fate of the Pretty Little Liars and the mysterious A! Rosewood, Pennsylvania is like the Hotel California of Eagles' fame - you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave. In fact, that 1976 Eagles' classic could be the theme song for this outwardly idyllic Main Line town.
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le 27 août 2011
Ian Thomas is in jail awaiting trial and the girls are able to relax and return to their lives. Or can they??? Just when the reader thought that the mystery of A has been solved at the end of UNBELIEVABLE, more bizarre events await the girls of Rosewood.

Hanna, Spencer, Emily, and Aria slowly try to settle back into their normal lives. Hanna is working through the trauma of learning that her best friend tried to kill her. She tries to live with her soon-to-be step-sister, Kate, and build up new friendships at school. Spencer is dealing with the cold shoulder she is receiving from her family. And through her grandmother's will, Spencer has just learned that she might be adopted. Aria has ventured to an art exhibit on her own, only to learn that the guy she was maybe flirting with was the artist himself. And finally Emily has met a boy. A boy that sends tingles through her.

The four girls still meet to discuss their grief and pull themselves together for the trial that is about to begin. But when Ian is released on bail to attend to his dying mother, the mysterious text messages start again.

Each girl receives messages that are more haunting than the ones before Ian was arrested. Now, the sender seems to be stalking them. The messages are sent at the most inopportune times, and some even come with photos attached; photos that were taken mere moments before the text arrived.

As the trial looms nearer, the girls are again thrust together trying to piece together the life that was Alison DiLaurentis. In WICKED, the reader gets a glimpse of the past and how the five girls initially became friends. The story hints at the Time Capsule and the flag pieces that bring the girls together.

In WICKED, Ms. Shepard brings the reader even deeper into the intrigue that is Rosewood. Told in alternating voices by each of the girls, the pieces of the puzzle slowly start to come together.

The wonderful thing about the PRETTY LITTLE LIARS series is that Ms. Shepard is able to lead the reader down one path, only to leave the ending wide open and wandering off in a different direction. With the shocking ending of WICKED, the reader will be waiting anxiously for the next installment, KILLER, due out in June 2009.

Reviewed by: Jaglvr
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le 4 mai 2013
Next PLL book... whAt's going on on this one ? The following book of Pretty Litlle Liars... We will know one day
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