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5,0 sur 5 étoiles
5,0 sur 5 étoiles
Beat Candida Through Diet: A Complete Dietary Programme for Suffers of Candidiasis
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le 24 janvier 2011
This is a very interesting book which shows that Candida can be at the root of a lot of health problems. I don't think that I will be doing the diet because I find it quite difficult. Eating vegetables with meat and fish would be ok, eating carbo hydrates with vegetables alone not really! Food combining in this way maybe makes sense but so far I don't think that I will be trying it out. I have made a lot of changes to my diet but so far it was more adapting my way of eating to a healthier one, not changing it completely. I know that you only have to follow the diet for a few months but still enjoying our food is a big part of who we are! But.... for those who dare more than I do there is a lot of information, tips and recipes. Too bad that there is no index (only for the recipes)..... Still there are a lot of addresses for those living in the UK (which is not my case so I wish the author would have included more Internet links). But this is a handy book wherever you live because although you won't be able to use the addresses to find what you need, you can always read the information contained in it and find addresses near you on the Internet.

You have questionnaires where you can asess the severity of your symptoms, practical information about what to eat and what to avoid (even if you don't follow the diet strictly), information about supplements.... The advice to eat little and often I don't agree with because then you body is permanently trying to digest food which doesn't actually seem to be a good thing. Also the use of the microwave I don't agree with because it can be quite dangerous. As far as not buying farmed salmon I wish I could comply but at least here in France I have never, ever seen wild salmon being sold in the shops (too bad they take the choice away from us....). But for the rest this is a well balanced, well written book I would recommend to anybody who thinks Candida might be the source of their problems or if you have health problems which don't react to whatever treatments you tried, which was my case! Too bad Candida is not an accepted problem in allopathic medicine because if it was a lot of suffering could be prevented and a lot of wasted time and money too!
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