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3,7 sur 5 étoiles
3,7 sur 5 étoiles
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le 6 mars 2005
This is an incredibly insightful story. With its deep and fascinating exploration of the relationship between a father and a daughter, Coetzee successfully brought out a story that is difficult to forget. The characters are rich and portray deep, though extreme emotions, rationale and impulse. Though quite understated and subtle, the writing is nevertheless rich in meaning. There is everything to learn from this book. Coetzee's writing style is superb, the setting is ingenious and the pace of the novel is fast and absorbing.

In this novel, J.M Coetzee's brilliantly tells the story of the 52 year-old David Lurie, a professor of communications at a Cape Town University, who is twice divorced and went around with the notion that having a woman is no problem. But when he realized that he is no longer alluring, he sought the convenient service of a prostitute, an arrangement that eventually came to an end, leaving him with no outlet for his virility. David Lurie finally convinced himself that an affair with a young female student was not bad after all and went for it. But then the complaint of sexual harassment turned his academic life upside down as he is fired. The unwritten rules of the society ensured that he longer found a place amongst them.

With that realization, David Lurie travels to the countryside, to a dangerous and isolated farm to write and spend some time with his daughter who ran an animal refuge and sold produce and flowers. Lucy as she is called is violated by thugs and with that, David's disgrace became complete. David suddenly finds himself re-evaluating his life, his ties to people, his relationship with his only daughter, as well as his relationships with women. In all of those, he learnt that love is two-sided, a matter of give and take. In this novel as well as Disciples of Fortune, the reader finally makes sense of the universally acknowledged fact that a man can understand who he is only when he comes to terms with his past.
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le 5 septembre 2013
L'enregistrement audio est bien et l'acteur qui lit le texte n'est pas mal. Cependant je trouve le livre un peu surfait l'histoire ne me passionne pas et du coup je ne suis pas ce que l'on pourrait qualifier d'enthousiaste.
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le 18 octobre 2014
Le produit a été vite expédié, peu cher pour le prix neuf (0,01cts contre 10€ neuf). On voit qu'il a servi mais pour le prix ce n'est pas du tout dérangeant.
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le 16 avril 2013
Disturbing but realistic book describing both family relationships and the reality of this being set in post-apartheid South Africa. Recommended reading.
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le 16 septembre 2013
I don't give poor ratings to books, so this one gets a 4 on the Amazon books, while it's a 1-star in my head. It's not because it isn't well-written, because it is. I never would have read it if not for book club making me. I truly hated this book.

Holy depressing as hell story. And the MC? Ugh. I despised him from the word go. Zero respect for women, zero respect for himself. He had no redeeming qualities that I could see. I never read books where I hate the MC, but this time I had to for book club, so I pushed through.

He started to redeem himself in the middle out of love for his daughter, and then he just blew it. Completely blew his chances at being a decent human being. What a loser, jerk, pervert, selfish, prickhead. And his reactions to his daughter's "unfortunate incident" (non-spoiler description), was totally unrealistic. Everything was unrealistic. Ridiculous.

There were a couple people in the club who liked the book, so I know it has appeal to some people. For me, though, a definite no Disgrace: A Novel, you will not be staying on my bookshelf.
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le 15 juillet 2010
différence trop importante entre le descriptif et l'etat réel du livre ( pages cornées, taches ,...)
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