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le 31 août 2005
This meticulously researched narrative is about a mythic tree in the Canadian Galapagos. Author John Vaillant explains how the Golden Spruce and Grant Hadwin...the immensely talented but deeply troubled frontiersman who cut it down in an act of protest against over logging were...one in a billion.
Vaillant is a majestic writer. His historical description of Canada's Northwest Coastal forest in British Columbia is superb. The author carefully details how the Northwest forests support more living tissue, by weight, than an other eco system, including the Equatorial jungle. He also reports how the Queen Charlotte Islands were the historical territory of the Haida People, who call their home Haida Gwaii. The Haida People knew the Golden Spruce was exceptional and called it "K'iid K'iyaas" for the Elder Spruce Tree.
The woodcutter has been the point man for Western civilization. Some loggers are good, considerate road builders. Others were wasteful and raped the earth. Grant Hadwin was a rugged woodcutter and road builder who detested the giant corporations that destroyed vast forests with little concern for fundamental environmental considerations. Unfortunately, he becomes mentally unglued and commits a great crime. Recommended.
Bert Ruiz
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le 2 novembre 2014
For all those who have read with much interest "into the wild", related by Jon Krakauer, or when Men and Nature encounter themselves....
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