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le 16 février 2011
I didn't discover the delight that is the ARTEMIS FOWL series until a week ago, when I read ARTEMIS FOWL in one day. So, of course, I had to pick up a copy of THE ARCTIC INCIDENT right away, to see if it was as good as the first. It definitely is, and in my own humble opinion, I think I liked it even better than the first book. There are points throughout the book where Artemis, now thirteen, shows a softer, more vulnerable side that I truly enjoyed. Don't get me wrong, he's still an evil genius, but he's an evil genius with heart, and you can't help but love him.

Now that Angeline Fowl is out of her depression, thanks to some fairy magic from Captain Holly Short, she's sent Artemis back to Saint Bartelby's School for Young Gentlemen in Ireland. Artemis is having quite a large amount of fun flummoxing the school's counselor, Dr. Po, when he gets an urgent message from Butler, his bodyguard/butler/majordomo--it seems that Artemis Fowl the First is alive, being held for ransom by the Russian Mafiya.

Young Artemis, of course, immediately sets out to devise a scheme to rescue his father. It's been almost two years since Artemis Senior was last heard from, and his son is most eager to bring him home. Before he can work out a devious scheme, though, he's visited by none other than Captain Short and her superior, Commander Root, and brought down to Haven City and into Police Plaza. It seems the goblin triad, the B'Wa Kell, have a human counterpart aiding in their smuggling, and Artemis the Second is, quite justly I believe, suspected of being that human.

The fairies soon realize, however, that this time Artemis Fowl isn't the bad guy in this problem. But now they'd like Artemis and Butler's help in figuring out who is behind the alliance between the goblins and the Mud Men--and Artemis is quite willing to help them out, in exchange for the fairies help in rescuing his father.

What follows is an action-packed story of good versus evil below ground, with deceptions, backstabbing, and revenge taking center stage. As Holly, Root, Butler, and Artemis race to save Haven City from being destroyed, some of the same characters from the first book make appearances--Foaly, Mulch Diggums, Cudgeon, and Captain Trouble. There's also a new foe in THE ARCTIC INCIDENT, Opal Koboi, to be dealt with.

I highly recommend the ARTEMIS FOWL series to anyone and everyone. Highly enjoyable, thoroughly entertaining, and not soon forgotten.

Reviewed by: Jennifer Wardrip, aka "The Genius"
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le 13 août 2002
I liked this book. It is a bit slower than the first but it is a delightful story. It is filled with love and determination. In the beginning Artemis Fowl receives an email that says his father was alive and that he was being held for ransom. Artemis's dad had supposedly died when his boat crashed. Before Artemis can leave to save his father, a fairy captured him. The year before Artemis had stolen 15 million dollars worth of gold from the fairies. Artemis ended up helping the fairies. He did this so the fairies would help him save his father. Find out of Artemis can save his father, read Artemis Fowl The Arctic Adventure
Also recommended: THE PRICE OF IMMORTALITY, by C.M. whitlock is an awesome story.
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le 25 juillet 2013
As I've told you the first artemis fowl is cunning and ingenious. The second book is no different, action packed fights, cunning espionage and more devious plots (not only by artemis.) I absolutely loved that quite a lot of the characters from the first book reaper in this one.
Highly recommended. Tremendous
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le 26 avril 2002
La fin du premier volume, nous laissait esperer de futures retrouvailles entre Artemis Fowl et les fees, le second tome ne nous decoit pas. Artemis est de retour mais aussi tous les autres personnages dont il avait la connaissance precedemment dans un univers plus fascinant que jamais.
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le 14 mars 2006
ce livre est génial
je le conseille à tout le monde. croyez-moi, vous ne serait pas déçu !avis de grande lectrice.
eoin colfer veuillez continuez cette trilogie svp.
ce serait dommage de casser un si grand succés !!!
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