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4,4 sur 5 étoiles
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le 23 septembre 2011
About three years ago, Mia and Adam went their separate ways - Mia off to Julliard and Adam off to live the life of a rock star.

Adam is about to start a European tour with Shooting Star. Since heading off on his own, he has attempted to push aside the emotions he still feels for Mia. Doing so has created a whole new set of problems. Adam is becoming cut off from his fellow band members, and the resulting pressure is becoming more than he can take. His days are filled with annoying interviews, meetings, and rehearsals that he only manages to get through with the help of prescription drugs and cigarettes. His equally famous girlfriend constantly berates him about living with a ghost from his past.

In New York City for a brief interview before leaving for the tour, Adam has an angry outburst due to questions from a nosy interviewer. Knowing he won't be popular, he takes off, avoiding his flight and, hopefully, the anger of his manager. His thoughts are filled with Mia, and when he stumbles across her name on the marquee for a Youth Concert series, he asks if any tickets remain. Fate intervenes and he finds himself sitting in the concert hall watching her perform.

After the concert he plans to slink back to his hotel and attempt to make up for his earlier bad behavior by contacting his manager. But on his way out of the concert hall, Adam is approached by an usher, asking him to follow him to Mia's dressing room.

What follows is a twenty-four-hour period of emotional ups and downs as both Adam and Mia confront the demons surrounding their complicated relationship. Adam relives the terrible months of watching Mia struggle to recover from the accident that killed her parents and her little brother. He knows he is the reason why Mia left. He had prayed for her recovery and promised he would let her go if that was what she wanted. For three lonely years, he has lived with the fact that that must have been her desire.

Can Adam and Mia forgive each other and themselves before each must leave to fulfill separate responsibilities on opposite sides of the world?

Author Gayle Forman takes readers back into the lives of Mia and Adam in her sequel to IF I STAY. With the focus more on Adam and his heartbreak both during and after Mia's family tragedy, Forman broadens the heartbreaking story in an emotional yet realistic direction. She explores the impact of death and separation as two people strive to overcome pain and connect with futures that satisfy them both.

Reviewed by: Sally Kruger, aka "Readingjunky"
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Une suite digne de la première partie "If I stay"... Tout aussi bien écrit et prenant, même davantage. Les deux protagonistes sont plus que jamais attachants, surtout Adam qui tente de survivre à sa rupture dans le star système qui, finalement, lui pèse. La réussite et la gloire ne sont pas grand chose quand on ne peut plus aimer. Comme disait Lamartine "Un seul être vous manque et tout est dépeuplé"...
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le 17 septembre 2014
After reading the first book, I really wanted to know what was coming after it, and I just loved this sequel.
The reading was easy and fluid, the emotions and the words used were just breathtaking. After every chapter I wanted to know what was happening next, I couldn't stop, the suspense was so well managed that I've read the book in just few hours.
A must read
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le 20 janvier 2016
Je ne suis pas bilingue, mais ce livre est très facile à lire en anglais.
J'ai bien aimé le premier tome, sans plus. Ce deuxième tome, écrit du point de vue d'Adam, est selon moi bien plus intéressant.
Je recommande sans hésiter !
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le 12 juin 2016
J'ai acheté ce livre en relié pour avoir la couverture originale même si le prix est quand même légèrement plus cher qu'en broché. Facile à lire en anglais ! Reçu à temps. Je recommande !
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le 15 décembre 2011
Un livre court, mais une fois commencé, impossible de s'arrêter! L'écriture est fluide, dynamique, efficace. A lire et à relire!
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le 4 mai 2015
Suite de If I stay, je n'avais pas été entièrement conquise par le précédent mais la suite est mieux. Je le recommande.
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