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Zima Blue
Format: Broché|Modifier
Prix:11,86 €+ Livraison gratuite avec Amazon Prime

le 26 février 2013
Given that I am a great fan of both the short SF story format and of Alastair Reynolds, there was little chance that I would not enjoy this collection. Unlike the Galactic North anthology, this volume does not include any stories based within Reynolds’ superbly visualised Revelation Space universe. Instead, we’re treated to a delightful mix of stories showcasing the breadth of his imagination from near future history through deep space opera and the exploration of multiple universes to the nature of artificial intelligence. It is hard to pick a favourite from this collection, but I particularly enjoyed the mini trilogy centred on Minla’s Flowers and whilst there were, to my taste, one or two slightly unexceptional stories, I thoroughly recommend this collection to Reynolds newbies and die-hard fans alike.
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