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le 22 février 2012
Etant une folle de pâtisseries de tout genre et essayant tout ce qui me passe sous la dois dire que ce livre est une pure merveille!!!
Si vous êtes gourmands et quand même assez pro en cuisine il vous faut l'acheter!!!
Superbes et alléchantes images,jolies histoires de famille et recettes bien authentiques!!
Un immense plaisir et des songes de douceur à n'en plus finir....alors craquez vite!!!!!!
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le 7 décembre 2012
Ce livre est tres bien presenté avec des belles photos. Les recettes sont bien expliques, claires et facile à suivre, Le resultat ressemble exactement à la photo et c'est très bon !
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le 17 décembre 2010
My love of British baking started early on when as a teenager I was lucky enough to spend some holidays in England for the first time. Cornwall it was and I discovered the delights of cream teas with clotted cream and wonderful scones as well as apple pies with custard or rich gorgeous ice cream. Very exotic at the time for a French teenager and whenever someone cracked a joke about how bad English food was, I would defend it with all my heart going on and on about how wonderful your cakes (and your fish and chips to that matter) were. My communication skills developing little by little I then went on to meet real people some of whom were kind enough to give me their recipes for more and more British and Irish baking treats which I avidly collected and tried over the years. A recipe is so much better when it is passed on by a real person...
I saw this book at a bookstore some time ago and although I already have quite a few baking books, I just couldn't resist buying it. What is to be found here is a great collection of traditional recipes we have all tried or heard of one day or another, a lot of techniques and useful hints to succeed in our baking but above it all a lot of recipes (about a third?) which have been passed on by "real people" with their personal little tweaks and tricks. Absolutely wonderful! I really feel like I have extended my network of baking friends and treasured recipes. There are so many great ideas I can't wait to try here that I am all excited like a teenager again.
The instructions to make the cakes are precise and detailed, we made a 'Death by Chocolate' cake and chocolate shortcake last week-end -we did not have the ingredients for anything more daring unfortunately- and they were delicious, perfect texture too, all finished by Monday... Jasminder's parrot cake and the apple pie with cheddar crust were wonderful too.
The book also features savoury recipes which look enticing but sorry to say, I have a sweet tooth and what really gave me a buzz was the fascinating choice of interesting sweet recipes on offer here.
Now the proof of the pudding is in the eating and once you own the book you will find it difficult to resist all these temptations...
One more remark, people who watched the programme on BBC2 might regret that all the recipes from the contestants are not included here but in spite of that it really is a wonderful book of baking, I do not think anybody can be disappointed with it.
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le 8 juillet 2013
This is exactly what I was looking for.
This is really good book to get to know more about english cooking style.
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