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le 13 juin 2012
I intended to read this book for quite a while, so when I finally ordered it I was quite excited! I haven't yet finished reading it but I can already say that it didn't live up to my expectations, not in the least! To be honest I find it quite boring and that is the reason why it is taking me a lot longer to read it! I have read a bit less than half but till now it seems to me that the author is only trying to fill pages, going around, around and around and never quite getting to the subject. I am very interested in the subject of genetic manipulation but this is not a book I would advise to anybody. I won't say that there isn't any useful information but so far not really on genetic manipulation. As far as the role of the US in World War II I would advise you to read Nazi Nexus: America's Corporate Connections to Hitler's Holocaustrather than this book.

The author also seems to be very negative as far as population control goes but I see it differently! Of course I wouldn't advocate going around sterilizing people against their will or killing people but letting the population grow like it is growing now will lead to disaster! A few decades ago a big effort was made in the Western world to teach people that less children meant a better life and they achieved their goal without too much effort. What did they do then? Turn things around and decide that after all they needed a lot of children to pay for the social security of the elderly (as if they hadn't paid for their retirement themselves...). And on the top of that most countries imported a lot of foreigners. So now we live in countries where nature is rapidly disappearing, along with quality of life. People who maybe shouldn't have any children because they are not able to look after them are having babies like there is no tomorrow. Even gay couples and infertile people are all of a sudden producing great amounts of children. In countries like Holland there is a debate going on whether a mother who has been in trouble for not being able to look after the children she has should be allowed to have more. Yes, I am pro sexual education that teaches people to stop putting more children in this world than they can care for! And so much for eugenics... first they wanted a super race, now we allow anybody into our countries so much so that one day white people will be wiped out. And the fact that we help people with health problems, sometimes life threatening illnesses, to reproduce and keep very ill babies alive creates a very weak generation, many of whom won't be able to have children either (it is known now that at least boys whose fathers are infertile will often be infertile as well!). So... I clearly don't think that population control is only a thing invented by the US in order to keep all the resources to themselves (anyway, for a long time they haven't been working on reducing population anywhere, not even in their own country because they too import just anybody)!

That said I am still interested in reading more about GM foods because I think we should avoid them like the pest so any suggestion will be highly appreciated (the idea that seeds terminate themselves in order to make farmers buy more from big companies is very creepy too)! A book I very much enjoyed and which provided me with a wealth of information was John Humphry's Great Food Gamble. If I change my mind till the end of the book I will add an update but I doubt it.....
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