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4,5 sur 5 étoiles
4,5 sur 5 étoiles
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le 30 juillet 2001
I absolutely loved this book! It's different from Harry Potter but just as good. Yes, I admit I had to look up some new vocabulary that Artemis and the other characters used, but I didn't mind.
The book is about this master genius boy who is a criminal but he is also the protaganist (the good guy) in this book. He, like anybody, wants gold. He figures out that fairies, who live underground, have a plethora (a lot) of gold. I won't say anymore because it might give it away, but let's just say he gets caught up in some stuff that he wasn't really expecting. The fairies use magic to try and defeat him.
I think the age group for this book is 9-14. The vocabulary is a little difficult and there are a few profanities.
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le 16 février 2011
Gold Star Award Winner!

I've been trying to find a new series to hold me over until the next HARRY POTTER book--and I've finally found it. Meet Artemis Fowl the Second, a twelve-year-old genius who doesn't want to go to school, is worried about his mother's fragile mental health, is preoccupied with his father coming back from the dead, and who is determined to add to his family's coffers by any means possible. In a word, Artemis is an evil genius, and you just can't help but love him. Or hate him. Or love to hate him. Or hate to love him. Or...well, you get the picture.

Artemis, along with his bodyguard/manservant/butler ironically named, of all things, Butler, Artemis sets out on his greatest, and most ambitious, scheme to date--discover the secrets of the fairy world, and relieve some of said fairies of their precious gold. After all, they have plenty to spare, and since Artemis Fowl the First lost a vast majority of their fortune, the Fowl family needs to pad the coffers.

So off Artemis sets on a world jaunt to discover the secrets of the fairies, and his ambitions and delusions finally pay off--he meets an alcoholic sprite who, in exchange for the return of her magic, lets Artemis get a good look at her Book. The Book, you see, contains all the mandates, rules, and regulations (along with a slew of secrets) of the fairy world--and now Artemis Fowl is able to hatch his nefarious scheme.

Artemis discovers that the fairies must adhere to very specific rituals to renew their powers, so along with Butler, he sets out on a stakeout to catch himself a fairy. Hoping, of course, that he can hold said fairy for ransom in exchange for some gold.

What Artemis didn't include in his calculations, however, was Captain Holly Short. A member of the LEPrecon Unit, Holly, although a small sprite, is very human looking--and can be extremely wily and dangerous. As Artemis implements his evil plan, Holly uses her military style background to hatch her own plan of escape. The results are both disastrous and hilarious.

I read ARTEMIS FOWL in one sitting. Once you get started on this story of the human world of the Mud People mixing with that of the magical beings who live below ground, you just can't stop! The magical quality of the book is that it is all too believable and so much fun! You envy Artemis his brilliance and at the same time you can't believe how undeniably evil he is. You pity him, and you despise him, yet you adore him. As for Holly Short, you love the fairy, admire her tenacity, yet hope at the same time that she spares the lives of Artemis, Butler, and Butler's sister, Juliet. I have to admit that I truly loved Foaly, the centaur in charge of computers and technical equipment. Actually, I loved all the characters of ARTEMIS FOWL, and can't wait to read the next book! Pick up a copy today!

Reviewed by: Jennifer Wardrip, aka "The Genius"
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le 13 juillet 2013
Most books I read that are for young adults are based around pure violence, for example the alex rider books. That series had a lot of fight scenes on it. But this it's fantastic, cunning yet Action-packed. I think it is such a marvellous adventure, because without all the fighting, more the espionage and the intelligence of really adds up!

Spoiler alert

I absolutely loved the whole plot, I think it was a fantastic idea to instead of just put humans (aka: the mud people) they added fairies and other magical creatures. My favourite part in the book was towards the end when the LEprecon send the dwarf into fowl manor to retrieve information on how fowl knows so much about the fairies.
If you've never read this Artemis fowl I highly recommend it!
Be warned, stay away from the adolescent criminal, ARTEMIS FOWL!
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le 30 juillet 2001
'Artemis Fowl' shares much in common with Rowling's Harry Potter books. They both take place in a universe much like our own, but with a dash of magic thrown in.
Both books are aimed at a younger audience but have hints of darkness in them. In the Harry Potter books, Harry and the gang are on the lookout for evil sorcerors and magical creatures. In '...Fowl' the main character is a deceptive and evil plotter. Hardly a role model.
But '..Fowl' is an enjoyable book. I suspect that, like the Harry Potter books, it will coerce youngsters who are non-readers into reading. It has the requisite amounts of fantastic creatures and excitement that should keep readers up well past their bedtimes.
However, my praise isn't wholehearted. One of the major plot points of the book is the kidnap of a female police officer. Another significant scene involves flatulence. There's a lot of violence in the book. No characters are killed, but there are several scenes with hitting. Most intriguingly, and in one of my favorite lines, there's a scene where a character says 'Moriarty, Holmes, they both like the same with the flesh scorched off their skulls'. Now I like this kind of humor, but I question whether it's appropriate in a book aimed at children.
'Artemis Fowl' is a charming engaging fantasy that will delight readers and is a relatively quick read (particularly in comparison to the huge Harry Potter tomes). I look forward to the alluded-to sequels.
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le 1 septembre 2003
Voici un roman qui donne accès à une littérature palpitante et facile aux enfants, à partir de 8 ans. Les jeunes lecteurs les moins assidus à la lecture se trouveront entraînés malgré eux dans les aventures inattendues de ce garçon surdoué. Impossible de leur faire lever le nez de ce roman plein de rebondissements, adieu consoles de jeux, télévision et autres détrousseurs d'imagination de nos enfants, ce roman permet par son approche simple et bien écrite de les plonger dans un monde imaginaire qui leur redonnera le goût de la création et de l'imaginaire.
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le 20 août 2002
Ce livre est vraiment exceptionnel. C'est le premier livre que je lis qui combine toute la fée-aimable, comme des lutins et des trolls, avec notre ère. Et il que tous les bruits rectifient ainsi, tout ce que l'information il donne sur des fées. Il peut très facilement inciter quelqu'un à croire en fées, leur donnant assez d'arguments pour leur existence. Il est toujours juste un roman, et pas un livre de non-fiction, et c'est la partie exchiting de lui. Je l'aime du début à la finition.
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le 5 mars 2016
le livre est en anglais et c'est pour ça que je l'ai commandé, les délais de livraison ont étés respectés et il est arrivé en bon état donc rien à redire
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le 21 janvier 2014
Passionnant pas seulement pour des ados, éxiste aussi en français. Le lecteur plonge dans un univers des elfes et trolls et toute la téchnique modérne.
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le 14 septembre 2015
A must-read for an English learner.

Very interesting for an English learner, but a bit chalenging. The audiobook is the perfect companion.
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le 15 janvier 2008
Artemis, du haut de ses douze ans, l'emporte sur tous par l'intelligence. Rusé, calculateur mais aussi cupide ... Et oui, le héros de cette saga fantastique - dans les deux sens du mot - est un hors-la-loi ! Loin des héros traditionnels qui défendent des valeurs humaines bien louables, Artemis défend avant tout ... son compte en banque ! Mais, bien qu'il se réfuse à l'avouer, Artemis a peut-être plus de coeur qu'il n'y paraît ...

Eoin Colfer, a su renouveler le genre très à la mode de l'héroic fantasy pour sortir de clichés et nous présenter une galerie de personnages plus décapants les uns que les autres. Un coktail palpitant de suspense, d'action, d'humour, de bonne humeur, d'émotion aussi ; un coktail qui se boit sans modération !
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