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le 19 août 2011
Last week, I received a copy of CITY OF ASHES, book two in THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS trilogy by Cassandra Clare, for review. I was so excited because I just loved the first book, CITY OF BONES. I wanted to read more about Clary, Jace, Simon, Luke, and the rest of the Shadowhunters and their adventures. This book, as with the first one, thoroughly entertained me. With this series, Cassandra Clare will easily make herself a household name.

The story opens with Valentine summoning a demon to be at his beck and call. This demon plays against a person's worst fears. You would need a protection spell if you wanted to ward off the advances of that kind of demon. How is that for an opener?! Once again, Valentine is up to no good - no surprise there. At the end of the first book, Valentine gained control of the Mortal Cup, which can only mean trouble for....everyone. What is he up to?

The last few weeks of this new seeing and slaying life has both exhausted and exhilarated Clary. Everything was so simple before that fateful night at the club. Clary was an ordinary teenager with an affinity toward drawing and manga. Now she can see werewolves, vampires, and fairies, and sketch her own runes. Plus, her mother is in a coma and Jace, one of the Shadowhunters who annoys and attracts her at the same time, turns out to be her brother. Bad news for Clary but good news for Simon, who used it to his advantage to get even closer to Clary. She has a tough choice to make about her future. Clary can leave the Shadowhunter world behind like her mother did, or she can become one of them and work toward finding out what Valentine's plan is now that he has the Mortal Cup.

Clary is not the only one to go through personal upheaval. Jace is devastated that he is not who he thought he was. Nothing good can come out of being Valentine's son, which he learns when his "mother" returns home full of accusations. Soon he is cast out from the one place he can call home. The Inquisitor, a real peach of a lady, holds Jace's fate in her hands. Believe me, there is no love lost between his adoptive parents, his real father, and her. Needless to say, the meeting between them doesn't go well and he is sentenced to prison in the Silent City. Prison turns out to not be the safest place for Jace, as dear daddy pays him a visit there trying to get him to switch teams.

Will Jace join Valentine or remain true to the Shadowhunter's virtues? And if he stays true to his Shadowhunter's roots, will he and his cohorts be able to stop Valentine before the rest of the mortal instruments are collected?

To find out how these and many other surprises happen, pick up your copy of CITY OF ASHES.

Reviewed by: coollibrarianchick
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le 18 février 2010
L'aventure, l'intrigue, la romance tout y est dosé à souhait. On est prit par l'histoire, on évolu avec les personnages. Les méchants ne sont pas forcément les vrais méchants et les héros ne sont pas forcément des héros. Même si l'histoire est fantastique, elle est tellement humanisé qu'au bout du compte, le fantastique rejoint quelques fois la réalité.j'ai adoré. l'histoire d'amour entre les principaux personnages, vous irrite et vous égare, mais on adore ça. Les descriptions des lieux et des personnages sont un régal. A lire absolument !
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City of ashes est la suite des aventures de Clary, Jace et des Shadowhunter...

Aucune déception, bien au contraire! Ce volume est tout aussi captivant que le premier (City of bones). pas de temps morts, j'ai lu le livres en 2 jours... impossible de commencer un chapitre sans le lire jusqu'au bout.. en commencer le suivant!
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le 12 octobre 2012
City of Ashes was absolutely brilliant!
In City of Ashes the story of Clary and all the other charachters continue and it is an amazing story full of suspence, a few unexpected turns and humor...

There nothing more I can say about this book except : on to the next one!
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le 20 février 2010
Malgré qu'il soit écrit dans la langue de shakespear, l'intrigue est comprise et le gros du problème n'est toujours démélé...

The end is stupid, because Jace is a jerk ! He is foolish ! I'm glad to read this novel, it was too good.
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le 7 décembre 2013
Pour tous ceux qui aiment les histoires fantastiques (adolescentes ou pas !), le tome 2 suit le 1 avec toujours de nouveaux rebondissement et de nouvelles intrigues qui donnent envies d'aller plus loin !
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le 19 mars 2016
J'ai aimé. Un deuxième tome à la hauteur du premier qui donne envie de continuer la saga. Un style simple à lire et un univers toujours aussi interessant.
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