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le 11 octobre 2013
This book absolutely blew my mind...!
As a visual artist, voracious reader, and sometime writer, I had just about given up on finding intelligent writing outside of aesthetics or philosophy texts such as those of Susan Sontag. And those books tend to be rather dry... Yawn!... put you to sleep tomes. The kind of academic book you only read if you must, to be approached with fear and trepidation. And here is a writer who combines personal story with perceptive artistic critique - Wow! - and her writing is interesting, amusing and accessible to boot.

This is truly a first in the history of writing about contemporary art. Believe me, you don't need to have studied Art History to understand "Living, Thinking, Looking." If you've ever been to a contemporary art museum and pondered the meaning of some of the wild artworks there, Siri's essays are a behind the scenes peek at the ideas at work, combined with glimpses of her personal struggles. For me, a book to keep and treasure. If thinking about art appeals to you - Trust me - you will love it!
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le 11 avril 2013
With a academic clinical and personal clinical background in psychology and psychoanalysis acquired with some difficulty because of the profusion of vocabularies involved, this book impressed me by its clarity.
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