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le 19 octobre 2012
Since I have my kindle I have to admit that I try several books I would probably never taken otherwise and I rarely regret it. I bought this book due to the great reviews, also on amazon.com 88 5 star reviews out of 97, but also due to the books resume on the product description. And as a result, I loved this book!

Jess Jordan has nearly been raped during her sophomore year 3 years ago, since then she suffers from PTSD, can't sleep at night without having terrible nightmares. Her overprotective parents are not trying their best, but give her the impression of being not normal. Jess's dream however is to be able to go to college, therefore she needs to find a summer internship and pretend to be normal. Gray Porter, has also applied for the internship, being in bad need for money in order to go to college himself.
Somehow he finds her "how to be normal list" and accepts her crazy idea about being her pretend boyfriend, while both take the internship and he take all the money.
He however has something to hide, something which has to do with her past. While he falls hard for her, their past is catching up.

This is a great love story. The authors description of the 2 main character is great, made probably easier by having written the chapters in the POW of one after the other, giving great insight of their fears and feelings.
All of it is nicely written, a real page turner, a young adult story with a serious background without ever being too uncomfortable.

Enjoy the read as much as I did. MBTM
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le 22 mai 2012
This book is a great love story. It is in English, but if you have studied English it is one to read. It's a love story about a girl who had a bad thing happen to her during her first year of high school. Something that still makes her sad. She has PTSD, from this night long ago, and she only wants to get better. To NOT have PTSD, to be normal, to live a normal life but her own mind betrays her and so, she thinks she will never be bettter.

The PTSD makes her not behave normally. She modifies her sleep schedule. She pushes people away and tries to keep NO emotional connections to anyone. But she does love her sister and her parents, but she has stared to lie to them and pretend that she is 'fine' and 'better'.

She wants very much to attend university, but her parents say until she is functioning normally then she can not go. So begins her plan. She plans to get a summer job, but when she arrives to the interview, there is another candidate for her job. She makes a deal with this boy (this amazing, cute and adorable boy-- a boy who needs the money) and she hires him to become her boyfriend for the summer.

The boy, at first acts kind of strange--and then you find out he's had a crush on Jess for many years. AND that he's got secrets about the past and about Jess that he knows--and that he did NOT take the job just for the money!! He's so sweet and kind and nice, but he does not want Jess to suffer any more than she already has suffered so he hides his feelings--and keeps his secrets quiet. AND OF COURSE Jess falls in love with this sweet boy...

I'm not going to say any more because it's a story of the heart and I don't want to ruin it. Just READ IT. This is one of my favorite books. It's a quiet story about real teens trying to grow up, and falling in love and first kisses. OH THE FIRST KISS IS SO BEAUTIFUL and sweet. You will love this book.
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le 21 mai 2012
I don't know what to say about this book besides READ IT. It's a perfect romance. Sweeps you away, does just what it's supposed to do--takes you on an escape and makes you dream and disappear into a love story.

You fall for the guy Gray Porter so hard... like heart twists and sweentess and just all around amazing romance. I just love how he loves Jess, as she is, and the twisted past that is between them. We all have boys we've known for a long time, that maybe know stuff about us... or that have had crushes on us (OK I WISH) but I know for a fact that I have a couple of boys that I've had crushes on for way too long. So, fine, I hope it's the same with them. That they sometimes think about us and wonder 'what if' I could only talk to that girl... Well, this is why I'm a sap and I read romance I guess.

Jess's situation is also so sad, and she's so strong but also so very vulnerable at the same time, and you get to see that through Gray's eyes and that's where I just fell in love--but you can relate to Jess, too. How she hides behind her mask, how she's just trying to take herself, broken or not, and move on with her life. I think everyone has some heavy stuff they carry around and hide behind a mask of 'I'm OKAY', and they have to keep on walking and living just like she does.

I also love the way the points of view switch between the two of them so you can see what the other is thinking. Makes me wonder so much what guys really think, if they wonder the same stuff that I wonder...?
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