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The Beginner's Guide to Dream Interpretation
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le 31 août 2010
Another of Clarissa Pinkola Estes' great works.
She explains her psychoanalytical method to analyze dreams:
1. record your dream as precise and as complete as possible
2. underline all the nouns of what you've written
3. make a personal association (feelings, thought, ideas, images) with each noun
4. now go back and read your dream aloud but this time instead of reading the noun you read your association
5. where this is or ought to be happening now in your life
7. then take the adjectives and make personal associations and re-read your dream as above
8. try to understand where these symbols apply or should do in your real life
The CD is about 80minutes length and here are the titles of each audio-caption:
1. Introduction
2. What are your dreams?
3. Three ways to recall your dreams
4. The psychoanalytic method of dream interpretation
5. Three misconceptions about dreams
6. Eight uncommon dreams
7. Subjective and objective dreams
8. Common dreams
9. Unhaunting your dreams
10. The four parts of dreams
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