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le 9 février 2014
This book should be required reading by every MBA programs on the planet. By deconstructing the biological and neurological mechanic of our emotions, Simon articulate perfectly his conception of true leadership, illustrated by compelling case study, inspiring stories and clear cut examples and metaphors. The next pep talk you hear about "be a leader" and "make the world a better place you found it"... you may reconsider few things after reading this book. And if you want to become a better manager, read the book... you will learn that leading is the best way to manage especially when you operate in a toxic corporate culture, no matter your position, rank or function. If you haven't read Simon's first book "Start With Why", read it first before "Leaders Eat last". It is the perfect introduction to core ideas that are more deeply explored in this second book. "Start With Why" has personally helped me in my line of work (brand design) in ways that few other books as ever done. "Leader Eat Last" has already helped me figure out many things that will have a strong and lasting impact on the way i operate. So a big thank you Simon for your serotonin and our oxytocine.
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le 4 juillet 2014
Les leaders nous subjuguent frequemment et penser qu'ils disposent de moyens supranaturels est alors l'explication ultime pour dire qu'ils sont leaders. Pourtant, et grâce à Simon Sinek, on aborde la question sous un autre angle. La simplicité avec laquelle la plupart des vrais leaders de ce monde mettent en pratique ces principes et comprendre ce qui les anime au travers des analyses de l'auteur permet de démystifier ces mythes que sont parfois nos leaders.
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le 16 avril 2014
This book reads like an autobiography of my life and what I have experienced in the companies I have worked. It really is an eye opener on what drives our behaviour and provokes us to better ourselves. The only criticism I have is that once you start reading you can't stop and sleep time is seriously reduced until you finish the book.
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le 15 juin 2016
Another good book from Simon Sinek.
I love the examples which are always very crisp and easily remembered.
Should be on every leader's bedside table.
Don't hesitate to watch some of his videos around the same theme.
Thanks Simon for sharing this with us.
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