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le 25 août 2004
The book follows the formula established with many "art of" or "making of" books: Lots of pre production drawings ( more than a 100), color illustrations, on set pictures, model making , factual notes and most of all a written script.
Interestingly, the script is not the version you'll see in the actual movie as it also includes some scenes that where latter removed, making it a must have for the movie fan.
The book takes you through all the stages of the production of this superhero based movie from concept to post production while making sure to convey the energy, fan attitude and "savoir faire" of director Guillermo Del Toro.
While many publishing houses wait for a boxoffice sucess before releasing high priced "making of " books ( like "the art of the matrix"), it is refreshing to see that the director though about the public pleasure first.
Recommended for whoever is interested in the following topics:
Sci fi, comic books, superheros, concept drawings, making ofs and moviemaking.
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