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le 4 février 2012
I bought this book because I have a few skin problems. On one hand I learned quite a few things which I am going to try out, on the other hand I was a bit disappointed with some of the statements in the book. Although it is quite a recent book I read things like staying away from the sun, going into the sun early in the morning or late in the afternoon, all this has been discarded! We need vit. D badly and that is made by exposing your skin to the sun, unfortunately during the summer and in the middle of the day!

But on a more positive tone I learnt some very important things that will change my habits like not overheating, especially during the night! I am the type of person who is often over dressed because I feel cold easily. Now I understand that this is not a good thing and I am trying to get my body to keep warm with less clothes on! As far as hair goes I am going to try their suggestion of washing my hair with conditioner. Washing the body with moisturizer.... I might give that a try too! Not using deodorant... that is more difficult as I easily smell and also because I use what I think is a good natural deo. Not shaving the hair under the arms.... I would smell too much....

I do agree with the authors that we wash too much so I have scaled down on that a while ago! I am not sure about giving up the sauna.... I do love the sauna but I can imagine that it is not too good for the skin although most people believe otherwise. Lately I was going to the sauna twice a week and I noticed that my face was starting to look very stressed, making me look a lot older and I got very wide pores between my eyes, not a good thing! Too bad, I always believed that it is good for detox as well! Too bad cold and hot showers are not good either.... Exfoliating is also not good.... So at every turn of the road one learns that everything one was doing and believed in is not good after all!

Interesting to hear that lanolin is not good for the skin.... I had actually heard that before so now I know for sure! Sun making your skin look older.... I don't think that this applies to everybody! Advising sunscreens, that I am not sure about as I think that there are doubts that they might cause skin cancer! I for one don't use them, I always use coconut oil and I am happy with it, no burning at all! And applying sunscreens at all times.... Well, no! I was also surprise to read that sunscreens go till SPF 30..... I know for sure that there are a lot higher.... Always wearing sun glasses outside, that is also something not all experts agree with! Check William Bates!

Interesting bit of information on sick buildings but funny enough most buildings being built today are quite sick... wonder when, if ever, that will change.... Interesting that the authors advise people to open the windows at work but then, why have airco? Interesting to hear that your feet can suffer from the fact that you wash your hair with shampoo but it does make sense! The idea that cholesterol always needs to be lowered is a bit dated! Interesting also to hear that tea tee oil, that has been used in Australia for thousands of years as an antiseptic has only recently been proven to have such properties. My.... they didn't rush into anything, did they?

I need to read more about this subject but to begin with I think that I already have a few things I can try out in order to improve my hair and my skin!
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