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4,2 sur 5 étoiles
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le 27 juillet 2010
Sherman Alexie is a genius. It's as simple as that.

This wonderfully funny, serious and moving book is a roman a clef of Alexie's life. His protagonist, Arnold Jr. is some 25 years younger than his real counterpart. The story is set in the 2006-2007 school year. Alexie's character, Arnold Jr. was born on November 5, 1992, the same day his best friend Rowdy was born. The two couldn't be more different, yet they form a rock solid bond.

Arnold's sister Mary, some several years his senior leaves the reservation to get married. She moves to Flattop Montana where she pursues her dream, which is to write a Native love story. Prior to her marriage, she had been living in the family basement, rarely venturing out.

Arnold, on the other hand ventures far and beyond the "rez," as the reservation is called. He and Rowdy share a love for comics and it is the clever drawings in this book that make it all the more endearing and humorous. Arnold, born with water on the brain (hydrocephalus) suffered from seizures the first 7 years of his life. He also wore Buddy Holly style glasses, which further emphasize the differences he feels in himself when compared to his peers.

Rowdy, however, treats Arnold like an equal. They exact revenge on adult triplets who have bullied and harassed them. They share laughs, tears and even guy bonding over similar interests. That is, until Arnold decides to leave the reservation school of Wellpinit for Reardan, the school in town. His decision is prompted by his anger at the old materials in Wellpinit and by a teacher who steps up to the plate for him after he gets an in-your-face idea of how disaffected Arnold really is.

Rowdy and some of the other rez residents call Arnold an "apple," (red on the outside, white on the inside) and brand him a turncoat for leaving the reservation school. Reardon is some 22 miles away, so Arnold is at the mercy of whoever is able to drive him there. Once there, he discovers a different code of social conduct among his peers and even makes some friends. His father's best friend, a delightful man named Eugene sometimes chauffers him on his "iron pony," a classic 1946 motorcycle. At Reardan Arnold can spread his falcon wings as opposed to beating them in one place. He can soar academically and with the school basketball team. While there, he learns that he can take his heritage wherever he is; he is not a turncoat and that his heritage is part of his identity and his moving beyond the place where he grew up gives him a chance to offer cultural sharing. In turn, people who are unfamiliar with reservation life share in turn. Arnold, the boy born with water on the brain and who once suffered from seizures and whose father drinks too much can stand tall on the reservation and beyond. He has soared like a falcon.

This is an excellent book and I cannot recommend it highly enough.
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le 17 mai 2009
Dès la première phrase Sherman Alexie nous emporte dans son univers. Alexie dépeint avec réalisme la vie des 'Native Americans' sans ménagement mais avec une grande tendresse et un humour décapant. Entre rires et larmes, on ne peut être que touché par l'histoire de Junior qui tente d'avancer, tel un funambule, sur la frontière entre la vie dans la réserve et la vie dans la société blanche américaine.
A lire sans hésitation.
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le 16 février 2011
Gold Star Award Winner!

I'll admit -- I put off reading THE ABSOLUTELY TRUE DIARY OF A PART-TIME INDIAN for well over a year, in favor of more "exciting" books. Boy, what a mistake I made!

Told from the perspective of thirteen-year-old Arnold Spirit, an intelligent, observant, sarcastic Indian born with encephalitis and a love of cartooning, Sherman Alexie takes us along with him as he moves away from a circumscribed, oppressive life on the Spokane reservation towards a more promising future by attending an all-white school thirty miles away.

Never one to get bogged down in sentiment or self-pity, Mr. Alexie refuses to present Arnold's friends and family as one-dimensional stereotypes, nor is the world beyond "rez" borders portrayed as the Great White Hope. Arnold's family has problems, to be sure: an alcoholic father, an enabling, codependent mother; a near shut-in older sister. But their love for each other is evident through their words and actions. And despite the ostracism and ridicule heaped upon him by former friends and other tribe members, Arnold reacts with biting wit rather than total despair.

This has to be one of the best books I've ever read in my life, so I hope everyone gives it a try.

Reviewed by: Cat
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le 3 mars 2011
I really love that book.Funny,easy to read, but in the same time, a serious vision of life in a native reservation and the wonderful lesson:"No matter the color of your skin, just matter the color of your heart.
I highly recommand it!!!
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le 2 novembre 2013
Je le trouve bien écrit et pour toute honnêteté , si ma professeure d'anglais ne nous avait pas demandé de le lire , je n'aurais jamais eue connaissance de cette note ! mais je suis très heureuse de pouvoir le lire
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le 1 février 2014
Arrivée rapide et en bon état.
Tant qu'au produit je l'ai acheté pour le lycée en cours d'anglais, il est d'un niveau tout a fait abordable et l'humour présent fait oublier le travail de traduction
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le 29 mars 2013
Alexie est un auteur vraiment sympathique et intéressant. Sa vision des Indiens contemporains est tout à fait objective et son humour permet d'appréhender des sujets très sérieux.
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le 4 février 2016
Le livre est bien je l'étudie en ce moment dans le cadre de mes études, mais il est arrivé dans un piteux état (pages déchirées et couverture abîmée), c'est dommage.
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le 19 septembre 2012
Le journal retrace des faits très marquants.
je suis très touchée par les histoires racontées.
Et cela me rend triste et j'ai même pleuré.
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le 30 décembre 2015
Pour un livre d'occasion, il est en bon état.
Je dois le lire pour les cours et il a l'air très bien !
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