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le 9 janvier 2013
First disapointment : the chapter 9 about using a kinect for natural body interface has just vanished. Though present in the cover, inside there is just no chapter 9. And there is no erratum about that for now.
Second disapointment : the code in the book is often not up to date with the downloadable code though there was only one modification of the online code until now.

In general, the scientific explanations in this book are really poor, there are rarely justifications about why using this method rather than this other method. Most of the time it is just "do like this", "do like that"; or even worse they tell you to do some method but then you realize that the given code goes another way.

The content of this book may seem appealing but the realisation is really poor.

Seems to me like a book made in a hurry for some reason, and not with time and the will to do good work.

P.S. The first two comments are from an author and supposedly some of his friends, so don't take them into account.
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