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3,9 sur 5 étoiles
Falling for Mr. Darcy
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I really enjoyed this book.
It has several scenes I always like to read in these P&P books, but that I seldom find. It is very romantic without a lack of propriety, and Elizabeth is in love with Mr Darcy during most part of the book which is also great. Their love is strong, intense and captivating.
There are not many misunderstandings between Lizzie and Darcy in this book as it is a more romantic version, but nonetheless interesting. It even has some very interesting twists, especially those related to Mr. Bennet.
Elizabeth continues to be very teasing and humorous, and even Mr. Bennet and Darcy develop a very delightful sense of humor.
I recommend it to everyone who enjoyed Pride and Prejudice.
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le 8 avril 2015
J'ai trouvé ce livre plutôt bof, il se lit assez facilement certes mais il manque le truc qui fait qu'avec ça il serait meilleur.
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