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le 26 juillet 2001
I believe the most important thing about this book, is that it does not simply rehash the "brands are evil" sort of anti-corporate dirt that has already received attention in recent publications. 'No Logo' does not, as is suggested in a review below, merely outline how scary and powerful the multinational corporations are. Rather, Klein's 'No Logo' takes this sort of discourse one step further, by outlining the wider democratic implications of globalisation. This also allows Klein to avoid a sense of futility in her descriptions of corporate earth - her humourous and incisive tone inspires the reader to become active, which I feel is particularly important in this critical economic crossroads, rather than pessimistic or suicidal.
'No Logo' is infinitely readable, entertaining and inspiring. It's one of those books that would, I feel, make the world a better place if everyone read it. That's my current mission, anyhow - it will be the default birthday present of the majority of my friends for the next year, at least.
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le 26 juillet 2001
For someone already interested in consumer culture and its potentially corrupting influence, I was naturally entranced by this book. Given that she was preaching to the converted, I found this book spellbinding and a page turner. She offers multiple compelling arguments in a level-headed, structured text which flies in the face of critics of consumer culture as being knee-jerk and unintelligent.
What I particularly liked is the way that she gently pointed out inherent paradoxes in her argument. Doing so by no means served to undermine her thesis. Rather, it demonstrated her grasp of complex consumer issues and her recognition that no one political philosophy can completely air-tight
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le 29 janvier 2003
I enjoyed 'No Logo' very much... first of all because it is very complete...N. Klein starts the book with historical facts that help us understand the developement of the brands ... and then she goes strp by step into the explanation of what is a brand today ... what is behind the brands that we see everyday and that we consider as being part of us...
'No Logo' really shows the power of the brands today .. on us the consumers, but also on everything else (political and social entities)
I really liked the fact that N. Klein always gives references, and examples of what she tries to demonstrate.
I saw 2 little negative points in the book :
- I sometimes had the feeling that Klein tries to show us only one side of the truth
- the book is very much focused (especially the 2 parts) on American market and brands ... it is hard for a non-american to relate to what she is trying to demonstrate (talks about the american campuses, and brands)
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le 12 septembre 2012
Ce livre est l'un des piliers des mouvements altermondialistes tant par les méthodes et les phénomènes exposés que par l'analyse des courants d'idées qui les soutiennent.
L'évolution du monde et le crise de 2008 ne sont que le prolongement des dérives déjà décrites dans cet ouvrage.

Précis et exhaustif, il démontre que dans le monde anglo-saxon l'initiative citoyenne est autrement plus vivace et dynamique qu'en Europe même si les résultats sont relatifs en termes d'efficacité.

Enfin, le niveau de langue anglaise est assez relevé et nécessite un bon niveau baccalauréat ou une première année d'anglais à l'université pour être appréhendé avec aisance.

Ouvrage à lire absolument et à faire connaître.
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le 22 septembre 2012
Fantastic book...too bad that the 10th anniversary is flawed with mistaken references to wrong pages...maybe because this is a new edition that contains a great new introduction from Ms. Klein. But the entire book contains 100% references to wrong pages (appendices, etc.). Too bad.
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le 29 mars 2009
Ce livre a révélé en moi l'altermondialiste dormant! Après l'avoir lu, vous ne serez peut être plus pareil. Mais en aucun cas vous n'aurez perdu votre temps.

If you read this book, you may become an adbuster. Anyway, reading it will not be a waste of time.
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le 26 juillet 2001
In No Logo, Klein tidily dissects her exploration of the abuses of corporations who have foregone products in favor of brands into four sections: no space, no choice, no jobs, and finally--you guessed it--no logo. The first three sections give us ample evidence why we have every right to be sick and tired of being marketed to and what the consequences of it have been for us: instrusive advertising we can't even escape from in public restrooms, branded schools and universities where kids are forced to watch commercials on Channel One and athletes are forced to be moving billboards for Nike, the loss of local businesses as mega-corporations like Blockbuster and Walmart take over, the loss of some of our freedom as corporations begin to dictate what we can and can't view, read or hear, and finally, the loss of jobs as companies abandon US workers in pursuit of sweatshop labor. Make no mistake: this book will make you mad, and by section four, in which Klein proposes solutions, you'll be more than ready to entertain her ideas.
This is a really good introductory text if you're interested in the anti-corporate movement and want a good overview of the causes and conditions as well as what can be done. Klein's book is well researched, organized and presented and she makes her points without being overly pedantic. My only complaint about this book is that certain parts of it are very long-winded and could have easily been clipped from the text without losing anything, particularly Klein's exhaustive examination of sweatshops. Good if you don't mind skimming or skipping long passages.
One final note--her portrayal of Nike's Phil Knight is priceless. Buy the book if for nothing other that that!
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le 30 août 2008
Ce livre vieillit mal, même s'il est intéressant : l'essoufflement du mouvement altermondialiste que l'auteur essaye d'analyser est passé par là.

Autre difficulté, le plan du livre ressemble à thèse puis antithèse, sans synthèse (d'où aussi renforcement de l'âge du livre).
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le 20 novembre 2009
J'ai beaucoup désespéré de la livraison qui est arrivé avec 1 mois de retard mais est arrivé. Arrivé en bon état.
Pour info j'ai acheter le livre en anglais.
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